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They want to know what Dr. Ma’s life was like in the past. Work Feeling Hope.

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2 They want to know what Dr. Ma’s life was like in the past. Work Feeling Hope

3 LivingA big flat WorkIn a hospital in Beijing Operations2 or 3 patients WeekendsGo out with friends MoneySpend a lot eating and relaxing Where did Dr. Ma live in the past? He used to live in a big flat. Something about Mr. Ma in the past

4 Help Amy describe what Dr Ma’s life was like using‘used to’ BeforeNow I worked in a hospital in BeijingI work on the ORBIS plane. I lived in a big flatI live in a small flat.I spend a lot of time on the ORBIS plane. I operated on two or three patients a day. I treat a lot of patients every day for their eye problems. I went out with my friends at weekends.I work most weekends. I spent a lot of money on going out to restaurants and cinemas. I do not have as much money as before,but my life is more meaningful. 1.Dr Ma used to work in a hospital in Beijing. 2.__________________________________________________________ 3.__________________________________________________________ 4.__________________________________________________________ 5.__________________________________________________________ Dr Ma used to live in a big flat. Dr Ma used to operate on two or three patients a day. Dr Ma used to go out with his friends at weekends. Dr Ma used to spend a lot of money on going out to restaurants or cinemas..

5 完成句子,一空一词: 1. 我父亲过去住在一个大楼里。 My father ____ ____ _____ in a tall building. 2. 我八岁时常常哭 (cry) 。 At the age of eight, I ____ ____ ____. 3. 过去我妈妈一天给两个病人动手术。 My mother _____ _____ _____ _____ two patients. 4. 这儿过去有个医院. There ____ ____ ___ a hospital before. used to live used to cry used to operate on used to be

6 LivingIn a smaller flat WorkOn the ORBIS plane OperationsTreat a lot of patients WeekendsWork most weekends Dr. Ma is used to living in a smaller flat now. Something about Mr. Ma at present

7 Help Amy form sentences using’be used to’ 1.working far away from home _______________________________________ 2.operating on the plane _______________________________________ 3.the long working hours _______________________________________ 4.the unusual lifestyle ________________________________________ Dr Ma is used to working far away from home. Dr Ma is used to operating on the plane. Dr Ma is used to the long working hours. Dr Ma is used to the unusual lifestyle.

8 Help Shirley complete her diary entry using the correct forms of ‘used to’ and ‘be used to’ I _______think that all doctors worked in hospitals.We _________seeing them in hospitals and on TV programmes,but not on the planes. Dr Ma__________work in a hospital,but now he works for ORBIS.At First,he____not__________travelling by plane.He_________feel Sick a lot.Now,he loves his job and he___________the lifestyle of A flying doctor. I________think working as a doctor was boring,but now,he loves his job,I want to be a volunteer doctor too when I grow up. used to are used to used to is used toused to is used to used to ‘used to’ is followed by an____________(infinitive,’-ing’ form) ‘be used to’ is followed by an_________(infinitive,’-ing’ form) or a noun or a __________(noun phrase,conjection). infinitive -ing form noun phrase

9 用 used to 和 be used to 的适当形式填空。 1.My uncle __________live in a big city but he __________ living in a village now. 2.I __________ get up late when I was in the middle school. 3.My sister loves her job very much and she __________ the lifestyle of an air hostess. 4. The child _________watch too much TV at night. So he has poor eyesight now. 5. We students __________ doing morning exercises every day. used to is used to used to is used to used to are used to

10 用 used to 和 be used to 的适当形式填空。 6. Her father is a teacher now. But he ________ be a worker. 7. I never go to school by bike. I __________ taking a bus to school. 8. We _______ play badminton twice a week. But we are so busy that we haven’t enough time to play it now. 9. ----Are you a teacher now? ----No. But I ________ be. 10. Tina often works till nearly midnight. She _________ working at night now. used to am used to used to is used to

11 11. There ________ be a school here but now we can’t find it. 12. ---- ____ you _______ getting up early every morning? ---- Yes, I am. used to Are used to

12 be used to do/be used for doing sth 被用来做某事 1. 杯子是用来喝水的. ___________________________________ 2. 椅子是用来坐的. ___________________________________ 3.MP3 是用来听音乐的. ___________________________________ A glass is used to drink/for drinking. A chair is used to sit on/for sitting on. An MP3 is used to listen/for listening to music.

13 翻译句子 1 .董先生过去住在香港。 Mr Dong used to live in HongKong. 2 .他过去常和朋友们在公园里下棋、打扑克。 He used to play chess or cards in the park with his friends. 3 .那时大家都习惯了这种噪音。 At that time,everyone was used to this kind of noise. 4 .现在董先生已习惯了新的居住地。 Now Mr. Dong is used to his new living area. 5 .你们以前曾经常吃零食吗? Used you to eat snacks. 6. 现在我们已经习惯了早起. Now we are used to getting up early.


15 Kitty’s house is so beautiful that I want to live in it. so + ________+ that clauseadjective

16 Hello Kitty danced so beautifully that everyone screamed. so + ______ + that clauseadverb

17 so + _______________+ that clauseadjective/adverb The rain is very heavy. I don’t want to go out. The rain is ____________ I don’t want to go out. It rains _____________ I don’t want to go out. so heavy that so heavily that

18 ____ + so + adjective + that clause ____ + so + adverb + that clause be do

19 1. She sings very well. Everyone likes her songs. 2. The coat is too dear. I can’t buy it. 3. He spoke very quickly. We couldn’t understand him. She sings so well that everyone likes her songs. The coat is so dear that I can’t buy it. He spoke so quickly that we couldn’t understand him. Join the sentences with ‘so…that’

20 4. The boy is very short. He can’t reach the table. 5. Millie worked very hard. She got the most scores in the test. The boy is so short that he can’t reach the table. Millie worked so hard that she got the most scores in the test.

21 beautiful interesting tired slowly big hot happily 1.The airport was __________ I got lost. 2.I felt ___________I slept on the sofa. 3.Mount Fuji was _______________ I could not stop taking photos. Choose and fill with ‘so…that’ so big that so tired that so beautiful that

22 4. My friends were walking ______________ I began to feel bored. 5. Thailand is __________ people like to go swimming every day. 6. In the park, children played ____________ they forgot to go back. 7. Disneyland in the USA is _____________ _____ no one feels bored there. beautiful interesting tired slowly big hot happily so slowly that so hot that so happily that so interesting that

23 Help shirley complete her combine what she is saying with’so..that’ or ‘such…that’.(P85) 1.Curing sick people is very important.Doctors must be careful enough. _________________________________________________ 2.Modern medicine is developing very quickly.It is necessary for doctors to keep learning. ___________________________________________________ 3.An operation can be a long process.Doctors often feel very tired after one. ___________________________________________________ 4.It is a meaningful job.Many doctors enjoy their work. ___________________________________________________ We can use an_________or an__________between’so’ and ‘that’ We can use a_______or a____________between’such’ and ‘that’ adjectiveadverb noun Curing sick people is so important that doctors must be careful enough. Modern medicine is developing so quickly that it is necessary for doctors to keep learning. An operation can be such a long process.that doctors often feel very tired after one. It is such a meaningful job that Many doctors enjoy their work. noun phrase

24 1 . The boy is young that he can't go to school . 2 . He told us a funny story that we all laughed . 3 . He has few books to read that he has to borrow some books from the library . 4 . It is a tall building that I can't see its top . 5 . The girls had high a fever that she nearly died last week . 6 . They are clever children that all the teachers love them . 7 . It is delicious orange juice that we all would love to drink it . 8 . It is a little dog that Lucy likes it very much . 9 . There is little water that it is not enough for many people . 根据句意,用 so 或 such 填空。 so such so such so such so

25 翻译句子 1. 他是如此聪明的一个男孩,我很喜欢他。 He is such a clever boy that I like him very much. 2 .这朵花非常美丽,我很喜欢。 This flower is so beautiful that I like it very much. 3 .那是一场很乏味的比赛, 以致我很早就离开了。 It was such a boring match that I left early. 4 .他出发得如此之早,结果准时赶到了那儿。 He started so early that he got there on time. 5 .他讲得如此之快,以致于我听不懂他的话。 He spoke so fast that I couldn’t understand him 6. 那是一道如此难的题目, 以致没有人能把他算出来。 It was such a difficult problem that no one could work it out.

26 so ... that 和 such ... that 的意思均为 “ 如 此 …… 以致 ……” ,都用来引导结果状语从句。但 二者用法不尽相同,现归纳如下: 1 . so ... that 结构中的 so 为副词,后面跟形容词 或副词; such ... that 中的 such 为形容词,后 面接名词(名词前可以有形容词或副词修饰)。 例如: He became so angry that he couldn't speak .他 变得很生气,以致说不出话来。 It was such a fine day that we went out for a walk .那是一个很晴朗的日子,我们出去散步。

27 2 .当 that 前的名词有表示数量多少的 many , much , few , little 等修饰时,只能用 so ,不能用 such 。例 如: There was so much noise outside that we couldn't hear the teacher .外面嘈杂声很大,以致我们不 能听到老师的话。 He had so many falls that he was black and blue all over .他跌了这么多的跤,以致全身青一块、紫 一块的。 注意:若名词前的 little 解释为 “ 小(的) ” 意思时,则 仍用 such ,而不能用 so 。例如: It is such a little sheep that it can't run fast .它是一 只小绵羊,它不能够跑得快。

28 3 .当 that 前是单数可数名词且该名词前面有形容词修饰时, so 与 such 可以互换, 即: so + adj .+ a / an + n .= such + a / an + adj .+ n .。 例如: She is so good a teacher that we all love her .= She is such a good teacher that we all love her .她是一位好老 师,我们都爱她。 4 .当 that 前是不可数名词或复数可数名词时,则必须用 such ,不能用 so 来代替。例如: It was such fine weather that they all went swimming .那 是个好天气,他们都去游泳了。 They are such nice apples that we would like to eat them .它们是如此好的苹果,以致我们想吃它们。

29 so… that/so that 注意 so…that… 句型与 so that 句型的区别 so…that… 可引导结果状语从句,而 so that 句型可以引导 结果状语从句,也可以引导目的状语从句。请比较: He studied very hard so that he could pass the exam. 他学习很努力以便能够通过这次考试。( so that 引导目的 状语从句) He studied very hard,so that he passed the exam. 他学习很努力,结果通过了这次考试。( so that 引导结果 状语从句)

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