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Module 4 Education Unit 1 How long have you studied English? Unit 1 How long have you studied English?

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1 Module 4 Education Unit 1 How long have you studied English? Unit 1 How long have you studied English?

2 Listen and match the years with the activities. A. be a teacher B. live in China C. know our head teacher D. study Chinese E. teach English F. work at Beijing International School Activity 1 1995 1998 2001 2003 2004 2006 Can you say them in English?

3 I began to teach English in 2001. I have taught English for 10 years. I have taught English since 2001. Activity 2 Free talk How long have you taught English?

4 Jacky Chan began to live in Hong Kong in 1954. He has lived in Hong Kong for 57 years. He has lived in Hong Kong since 1954. How long has Jacky Chan lived in Hong Kong?

5 Yao Ming began to play basketball for Houston Rockets in 2002. He has played basketball for Houston Rockets since 2002. He has played basketball for Houston Rockets for 9 years. How long has Yao Ming played basketball for Houston Rockets ?

6 Zhang Shaohan became a singer in 1999. How long has Zhang Shaohan been a singer? She has been a singer since 1999. She has been a singer for 12 years.

7 Kaka began to play football for Real Madrid in 2009. How long…? He has …since… He has … for…

8 How long have you been a student in this school? ….since 2010. …for one year. How long have you learnt English? …since… …for…

9 Pair work: A: How long has he/she … ? B: He/ She has … for/since…. a quarter 15 minutes 15 years 30 years three hours 20 minuteshalf an hour

10 Complete the sentences. 1.Lingling knows Sally very well, but she _____________. 2.Sally and Lingling get on well because _______________________. 3. Sally hasn’t been to China, so speaking Chinese ____________. hasn’t met her they like the same things is very difficult for her 学案:对话理解 C

11 4. Sally is coming to China because ___________________________ _______. 5. She has heard about the Hope Schools, so ______________________________ ___________. 6. Since 1989 Project Hope __. ___________________________. her school orchestra has some concerts she want to visit a school in Gansu or Qingdao has built schools all over C CC China

12 BettyLinglin g Sally: Lingling’s friend Activity 3 Listen and read.

13 “T” or “F” 1.Sally arrives in Beijing next week. ( ) 2.Lingling has ever met Sally. ( ) 3.Sally has studied Chinese for a year. ( ) 4.Betty wants to visit a Hope school in Sichuan or Qingdao. ( ) 5.Hope School is a school for rich children. ( ) F F F T F next month never Gansu poor Listen and check.

14 1. How long has Lingling known Sally? She has known Sally for two years. 2. Does she still know her? Yes, she does. 3. How long has Sally studied Chinese? She’s studied Chinese for a year. 4. Is she still studying it? Yes, she is. 学案:对话理解 B

15 5. How long has Betty lived in China? Betty has lived in China since 2004. 6. Is she still living here? Yes, she is. 7. How long has Project Hope built schools all over China? Project Hope has built schools all over China since 1989. 8. Are they still building them? Yes, they are.

16 Open your mouth:

17 1 筹钱 2 到达北京 3 下个月 4 多久 5 和某人相处得好 6 相同的东西 7 一点 8 学一门外语很容易 9 自从 2004 年 Phrases: 9. since 2004 1.raise money 2.arrive in Beijing month long 5.get on well with sb. 6.the same things 7.a little 8.It’s easy to learn a foreign language

18 10 学习汉语 11 想要做某事 12 听说 13 希望学校 14 事实上 15 听起来很有趣 16 告诉我更多 17 希望工程 study Chinese want to do sth. hear of/ hear about Hope Schools in fact It sounds interesting tell me more Project Hope

19 1.How long + 现在完成时 … 做 … 多久了 ( 常由 for… 或 since… 引导的时间状语来回 答) 你学习英语多久了? 我学了 15 年了。 How long have you studied English? I have studied it for fifteen years ( since 1996). 他在中国住了多久了? 自从 1990 年以来就 住在这里. How long has she lived in China? She has lived here since 1990 ( for 21 years). Language points:

20 2.for 与 since ( 与现在完成时连用 ) for + 一段时间 since + 过去的时间点 或从句 1. I have known her ______ two years. 2. He has lived here _______ 2004. 3. Project Hope has built schools _____ 1989. 4. My father has worked in this company _____ we came to Shunde. 5. He has slept _____ ten hours. for since for

21 But I get on well with her. 但是我和她相处得很好. 3.get on well with sb/sth 表示 “ 和某人相处愉快 ” 或 “ 某事进展顺利 ” 。 1. 他们彼此一直相处很好。 They have always got on well with each other. 2. 他和父母相处得不好。 He doesn’t get on well with his parents. 3.--- 你的英语学得怎么样了? --- 非常好。 —How are you getting on with your English? —Very well.

22 4. a little ( + 不可数名词) 一点,一些 他会讲一些英文。 He can speak a little English. 你能给我一些牛奶吗? Can you give me a little milk? *** little (+ 不可数名词 ) 很少 ( 几乎没有 ) I can’t give you any water, because I have little.

23 a few ( + 可数名词的复数) 一点,一些 我有一些英语故事书。 I have a few English books. *** few (+ 可数名词单数 ) 很少 ( 几乎没有)

24 5.hear about /of 听说;听到 你有没有听说过 UFO ? Have you ever heard of UFO? hear from: 收到 … 的来信 fact, 事实上 事实上,他们自从去年就一直在帮助我。 In fact, they have always helped me since last year.

25 how long , for , since 与现在完成时 1.--- _________ have you lived in Shunde? --- I have lived here _______ 6 years ______ 2005. 2. The sun has been there ________ millions of years. 3. I have studied English _________ 2002. 4. 你认识 Tony 有多久了? ___________________________________ ? 5. 他们自从 1980 年已发射三颗人造卫星。 ___________________________________________. 6. 我堂姐在这间超市工作了五年。 ___________________________________________. How long forsince for since How long have you known Tony They have sent 3 man-made satellites since 1980. My cousin has worked for five years in this supermarket.

26 Fill in the blanks with “ for ’’ or “ since”: 1.Uncle Wang has worked on the farm ______ three days. 2.I have stayed at home _______ a day. 3.They have lived in GuiLin _______ two years ago. 4.She has known this man ________ ten years. 5.He has studied here ________ last month. 6.We have been here ________ three o’clock. 7.I haven’t seen my grandpa _______ 1989. 8.The boy has learned English _______ he was five. for since for since

27 Complete the sentences so they are true for you. 1. I’ve studied English for ___ since ____. 2. I’ve lived in my hometown for ____ since _____ 3. I’ve been at this school for ___ since ___ ___ 4. I’ve known my best friend for ___ since since ____ Activity 8

28 Homework

29 5.Answer the questions about the wordsand expressions in the box. 1. What do you find _________ in learning English ? 2. How many ________ countries have you visited? 3. Who do you ___________________ in your class? 4. If you are ____, how much money do you have? difficult, foreign, get on well with, poor difficult foreign get on well with poor

30 Do you know these children? Who are they?

31 Have you ever been to this kind of school?

32 How much do you know about Project Hope?

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