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Unit 4 A charity show By: Dou Tingyu From Da Feng Middle School.

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1 Unit 4 A charity show By: Dou Tingyu From Da Feng Middle School

2 词汇 charity( 复) donate( 名) introduce( 名) perform( 名) arrange( 名) speak( 名) speech( 复) organize (名) 广告 ( 动, 名) 教育(名, 形) 成功(名, 形, 副) charities donations introduction performer/performance arrangement speaker speeches organizer/organization advertise/advertisement education/educational success/successful/successfully hang( 过分) silence( 形) rise( 过, 过分) duty (复 ) 工作 似乎 企业 在 … 中 目的 hung silent rose/risen duties job seem business among purpose

3 一、按要求写单词 : 1.The mobile is ___________ (做广告) on CCTV now. 2. We want the show to be a _________ (成功). 3. Project Hope is one of the biggest __________( 慈善团体 ) that help poor children go back to school. 4. A m____________ can make your _______ ( 嗓音) sound louder. 5. They __________( 表演) very well during the show last Friday. 6. Ricky’s job was to i___________ each star during the show. 7. There are two ______ (speak) hanging in our classroom. 8. This ____________ (arrange) between Tom and you is exciting. 9. Daniel received a good _________(educate) when he was young. advertising success charities icrophonevoice performed ntroduce speakers arrangement education

4 1. We held a show in a big hall last week. There were a lot of_______ ( 座位) in it. 2. We invited some people to come to watch our charity show. We called them ___________. 3. The host came on the s______ with a ______________ (it can make your voice sound louder) in his hand. 4. His job was to introduce the __________ (perform) in the show. 5. When the show was over, the ________ (it hangs in front of the stage) came down and the people went out of the hall through the e______. 二. 根据首字母,英中文释义,上下文,或所给单词 填出正确的词: seats audience tage microphone performers curtain xit

5 Ricky wrote a letter to his cousin Kitty. He held a _________ show. They wanted to ______ some money for ____________________. He felt very ______ because the organizers chose him to be the _______. But he was also ___________ because of the TV _________. Ricky started to work on the show two months ago. He said his job was to _________ each star. It was hard work so he _________ a lot before the show. He had to remember to look at the right camera at the ______ time. In the _________, it was difficult for him. But slowly everything became a little bit ________. When the night before the show came, Ricky couldn’t ________ at all because he was very _________. “ Will it be a __________?” He kept __________ himself. Fill in the blanks : charity raise Project Green Hope happy host nervouscameras introduce practiced right beginning easier sleep excited success asking

6 Then the _____ day came. Many people came to the show. The ______ of the pop stars made a lot of __________ so Ricky had to speak ___________. Everything seemed to happen fast that day. At last a lot of people ___________ money to Project Green Hope and everyone was very ___________. They had a lot of __________ from local ___________. So Ricky hope they can have more ________ like this to raise money for charities. big fansnoise loudly donated generous support businesses events It helps protect rivers and lakes in China. Which other charities in China do you know ?

7 Project Hope It helps schools and students in poor areas. Save China’s Tigers It protects tigers and other big cats in China. Spring Bud Project It helps poor young girls return to school.

8 1. raise money for… 2. choose me to be the host 3. because of the heavy rain 4. start working on the show 5. introduce each star 6. at the right time 7. in the beginning 8. at the same time 9. be able to /can 1. 为 … 筹款 2. 选我当主持 3. 因为大雨 4. 开始投入表演 5. 介绍每个明星 6. 在恰当的时候 7. 起先 8. 同时 9. 能够

9 10. keep asking oneself 11. speak loudly 12. support from local businesses 13. have a good result 14. seem to happen so fast 15. feel happy to be chosen as the host 10. 不断问自己 11. 大声说话 12. 当地企业的支持 13. 有一个好结果 14. 似乎发生的很快 15. 很高兴被选为主持人

10 16. donate money to people in need 17.have a lot of free time 18. make some decisions 19. set up a stage 20. on a snowy night 21. keep silent 22. thank our teachers for their support and help 23. pay for their education 24. donations are welcome 25. make this show possible 26. an exciting speech 16. 捐钱给需要帮助的人 17. 有许多空余时间 18. 做一些决定 19. 搭建舞台 20. 在一个雪夜 21. 保持安静 22. 感谢我们老师的 帮助和支持 23. 为他们的教育付款 24. 欢迎捐款 25. 使这场演出成为可能 26. 一场令人激动的演讲

11 翻译句子: 1 、我们应该分发传单号召人们为慈善机构捐钱。 We should ______ _______ leaflets to ask people to ______ ________ ___ Project Hope. 2 、我告诉自己,没有时间再紧张了。 I told myself, “ ____ ______ to be nervous ____ ______. 3 、那天晚上我根本不能入睡,因为我是如此激动。 I couldn’t sleep ____ _____ that night because I was so ________. 4 、我们也得到了许多来自于当地企业的支持。 We had a lot of _______ _____ ______ ________ as well. 5 、上星期,他们在一个大剧院里成功地举办了一场 慈善演出。 They _______ the _______ ______ at a big theatre __________ last week. give out donate money to No timeany more at all excited support from local businesses heldcharity show successfully

12 6 、观众们在演出结束时鼓掌,因为他们非常喜欢演出。 The audience clapped ___ _____ _____ ____ the show because they enjoyed it very much. 7 、因为洪水的原因,地面都湿了。 The ground is _____ _______ because of the flood. 8 、他的自行车坏了,因此他不得不步行上班。 His bike was _________ so he ______ ____ go to work ___ ______. 9 、我们班正在举行会议,讨论关于举行慈善表演的事。 Our class is holding a meeting ___ _____ _____ ______ a charity show. 10 、许多同学已经志愿为演出做一些工作。 Many classmate ______ ___________ ___ do some work for the show. at the end of all wet brokenhad to on foot to talk about holding have volunteered to

13 11. 同学们将要搭建舞台、设计一张海报,并邀请他们 的亲朋好友参加。 Our classmates will _______ ____ the stage, ________ a poster and ________ their friends and families to come. 12. Jim 知道怎样成功地组织一次慈善演出,为什么不 请他帮助我们?他现在有许多空闲时间。 Jim knows _____ ___ organize a charity show success- fully. ______ _____ ask him to help us? He has lots of _______ _______ now. 13. 我们认为所有的孩子学会读和写是重要的。 We think it’s __________ that all the children learn ____ _______ and _______. 14. 我们要感谢我们的老师,因为他们的大力支持和帮助。 We want to _______ our teacher ______ their _________ and help. set up design invite how to Why not free time important to read write thank for support

14 动词填空: 1. Something must ________(do) to protect our environment. 2.He ____________ (chose) to be the host of the show last Wednesday. 3. An important conference ________________(arrange) next Tuesday morning. 4.Many trees ______________ (plant) along the railway recently. 5.I like the books ____________ by Hanhan best.(write) 6. The dirty shoes need _____________(clean). 7. What questions ___________ (ask) at tomorrow’s meeting? 8.I think the watches __________ in Japan are expensive. (make) 9.Tea _______________(drink) by people all over the world. 10.It’s great fun __________ (swim) in the water in summer. 11.I _________ (see) you for years. Where _____ you ____(be)? be done was chosen will be arranged have been planted written cleaning will be asked made is drunk to swim haven’t seenhave been

15 时态主动语态被动语态 一般现在时 do /does/be 一般过去时 did/was/were 一般将来时 will/shall +do be going to +do 情态动词 + 动 原 can/may/must+ do 现在完成时 have/has+ done am/is/are +done was/were +done will/shall+ be +done be going to+ be +done can/may/must+ be +done have/has+ been +done

16 被动语态的注意事项: (1) 主语 + 谓语 + 间接宾语 ( 通常指人 )+ 直接宾语 ( 通常指物 ) (习惯上 把间接宾语变为被动语态的主语) 主动: My mother will give me a shirt. 被动 : I will be given a shirt (by my mother). 如果把直接宾语改为主语时,则在间接宾语前加 to 或 for 常见加 to 动词: give/show/send/lend/pass 等 常见加 for 的动词 : make/buy/get/sing 等 (2). 在 let, see, watch, make, hear 等后接不带 to 的不定式时, 在变 为被动时, 一定要把 to 放上去。 主动: The teacher made him stand outside. 被动: He was made to stand outside by the teacher.

17 (4). 没有被动语态的三种情况 ①不及物动词, 如 : happen, take place, appear, disappear, fail, have remain( 剩下, 剩余 ), lie, last, sit, stand, break out( 突然发生, 爆发 ), break down, come true( 实现 ), belong to 等 e.g. 1)What has happened to your brother? 2)The War II broke out in 1939. ② 感官动词, 如 : look, sound, smell, feel, taste 等 e.g. Her voice sounds very soft. ③ 某些及物动词 + 副词表示性能, 如 : wash, write, sell, read 等 e.g. This kind of shirts washes easily and sells well. (3). 但许多不及物动词加介词或副词是一个不可分割的整体, 变 为被动语态时, 不可丢掉构成短语的介词或副词。 e.g. 1) The child has been taken good care of by Grandma Wang all these years. 2) A notice has been put up on the wall.

18 More exercises 1.There is a lot of homework ________ (do) for us. 2.Sandy kept _______ (take) the photos because of the beautiful view. 3. How happy the ____________ (organize) feel! 4. It isn’t easy _______ (be) a host, but it’s exciting. 5. The audience shouted _________ (exciting) because they performed very _______ (good). 6. They held a charity show to ask people ___________ (donate) money. 7. This question is a bit ________________ (difficult) than that one. 8. He is ________ (choose) to be the host of the show. 9. They needed __________ (practise) _________ (dance) before the show. It was hard but they were happy. to do taking organizers to be excitedly well to donate more difficult chosen to practise dancing

19 10. Have you finished ________(read) the passage? 11. I went shopping instead of _________(watch) TV at home. 12. Could you speak _________(loud)? I can’t hear you. 13. Let’s watch these __________(perform) _________ (perform). 14. Please pay attention to _________(write) your names at the right place. 15. They have decided _____________ (not have) the meeting on the rainy days. reading watching loudly performers’ Performances writing not to have

20 name of the show place date time purpose price programme which charity you are raising money for and why If we want a lot of people to come to our show, before the show we can make a to let people know about our show. poster Information to be included in a poster: Donations are welcome. We would like to thank the following people for their help and support.


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