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Unit 1 Here’s to our friendship!. If you have a school leavers’ party, what is your feeling and what will you do for the party? Let’s sing a song.

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1 Unit 1 Here’s to our friendship!

2 If you have a school leavers’ party, what is your feeling and what will you do for the party? Let’s sing a song.

3 Best Years Of Our Lives

4 school leavers's party

5 Look at the picture. Answer the questions.  What’s the special event?  What is everybody doing? It is the school-leavers’ party. They are dancing and talking.

6 ① Where is Betty going tonight? ② What are Betty and Tony going to do? ③ Why does Betty refuse to eat before she leaves? Betty is going to the school-leavers’ party. She is going to help Tony put up the pictures, balloons and flags. Betty refuses to eat because she is going to eat at the party. Listen and answer the questions.

7 What are they talking about in this conversation? School leaver’s party. Listen and answer the question.

8 Their feelings The hall The music enjoyed the party; a bit sad has international flags; looks wonderful a great beat; a bit noisy Read carefully and make notes.

9 Their plans The food and drink Tony: stay in China, or come back and visit Betty: finish high school, but go back to hometown Daming: become an English teacher hot dogs, pancakes, apple juice

10 1. Why is Lingling sad? 2. What makes the hall look wonderful? 3. What do they think of the music? Lingling is sad because she’s going to miss her friends. They think the music has got a good beat. Read again and answer the questions. The international flags make the hall look wonderful.

11 4. What are Tony’s plans? 5. What is on the menu? 6. What do they wish for when they raise their glasses? There are hot dogs, pancakes and apple juice on the menu. They wish for their friendship and their future. He hopes to stay in China for a long time. and even if he goes back to the UK, he’ll come back and visit his friends.

12 What are your plans for the future? Share them with your friends.

13 1.If you say ________, does it mean “Please say that again” or “I’m sorry”? 2. Do you think a(n) _________ is something to eat or something to drink? 3. If you ________ to do something, do you want to do it or not? 4. Do you think the _________ will be better than the past? future intend pancake pardon Complete the questions with the words in the box. pardon pancake intend future

14 Make a sentence with each of the following word. future intend pancake pardon 1.I wish you a very happy future. 2.He intends to go abroad next year. 3.I ate a pancake this morning. 4.--- Will you let me open it? --- Pardon? --- Can I open it?

15 Pardon? I hope so. Good for you! Here’s to … Cheers! Read and make a dialogue with each one.

16 1)A: Excuse me. Is this your book? B: Pardon? A: Is this your book? B: Oh, yes. Thank you very much. 2)A: Can you come over tomorrow night? B: I hope so! But I must finish my work first.

17 3) A: Mom, I sent Jack to the hospital. He had a terrible headache on the way home. B: Good for you, my dear! I'm very glad you can help others. 4) A: Here's to Tom for his new job! B: Cheers! 5) A: (Raising the glass) Now to the success of our business and to our further cooperation. Cheers! B & C: Cheers!

18 Listen and mark the pauses. I’ll finish my high school education here, but I want to go back to my home town one day. What are your plans, Daming? Now listen again and repeat.

19 Read and mark the pauses. Let’s raise our glasses. Here’s to our friendship, everyone … and the future! Now listen and check.

20 What are your plans and hopes for the future? Are you going to have a school leavers’ party? What will you do on your holiday? Will you miss your friends and classmates? Why or why not?

21 A little faith brightens are rainy day Life is difficult you can go away Don't hide yourselves in a corner You have my place to stay Sorrow is gonna say goodbye Opens up you see the happy sunshine Keep going on with your dream Chasing tomorrow sunrise The spirit can never die Enjoy a song, Shining Friends

22 Sun will shine my friend Won't let you cry my dear Seeing you'll she'd the tear Makes my world disappear You'll never be alone in darkness See my smile my friend We are with you holding hands You have got to believe You are my destiny We're meant to be your friends That's what a friend should be

23 1. I’m going to miss you all. be going to 可以表示打算、意图,也可 以表示有某种迹象,比如: It’s going to rain. Language points

24 miss 在这里做动词,是 “ 想念, 惦记 ” 的意思 I do miss the children. The house seems so silent without them. I will miss you terribly when you go away. I miss living in the country.

25 miss 做动词还可以有 “ 错过;漏掉 ” 的意思 He missed the 9:30 train. I don't want to miss seeing that film on TV tonight. It seems that we have missed our chance. The post office is just round the corner. You can't miss it. miss n. 小姐 ( 用于姓名或姓之前,对未婚女 子的称呼 ) 知识拓展

26 根据句意及首字母提示,在空白处填入适当 的单词。 1)Every time I have salty coffee, I always think of your mother. I m__________ her so much. 2) I’m sure we’ll ______ each other after we leave school. 3) A: By the way where’s the bus stop? B: It's at the end of this street. You can't ______ it. miss

27 【 2013 浙江湖州】 21. --- Would you mind speaking more slowly? I can hardly _______ you. --- Of course not. A. read B. follow C. miss D. match B

28 2. It’s got a great beat! 这里 beat 指 ( 音乐、诗歌等的 ) 主节奏、节 拍。如: Rock roll has a strong beat. Painting, that my beat forever in my life! Try to follow the beat.

29 in beat 合拍 He tried to set the clock in beat. off one's beat 超出某人熟悉的范围 Doing that is rather off my beat. 知识拓展

30 3. Do you intend to stay in China for long? 这里 intend to do sth 表示 “ 打算做某事 ” 。 intend 指在心中已有确定的目标或计划, 作 “ 盘 算, 意想 ” 解, 比 plan 的语气强。如: Finny intends to go to Australia next year if all goes well. She intended to save money to buy a car. I intend him to do it at once.

31 He's the only student that intends _______ (go) abroad in our school. 今天你打算干什么? (intend) to go What do you intend to do today?

32 “ 打算做 … / 计划做 …” 句型 intend / plan to do 打算做 … be going to do 打算 / 计划做 … decide to do 决定做 … be determined to do 决定做 … make up one’s mind to do 下定决心做 … 知识拓展

33 这里 for long 相当于 for a long time, 表示 “ 很 长时间 ” 。如: --- Have you been waiting for long? --- No, not for long, only a few minutes. She went out into the garden but she didn’t stay there for long. I can't wait here for long. I have a meeting in 20 minutes.

34 4. Let's fetch something to eat. fetch 作动词,意为 “( 去 ) 拿来 ” 。如: Dad asked me to fetch him an evening paper. Let's go and fetch some water. Please fetch me a clean handkerchief from my bedroom.

35 fetch, take, bring 与 carry 这组词都可以表示 “ 拿 ”“ 带 ” 。其区别是: 1. bring 表示 “ 拿来;带来 ”, 指从别处拿过来, 有时还可指由说话者随身带着 ( 去某处 ), 可以 包括 “ 带走 ”; take 表示 “ 拿走;带走 ”, 指从此处 拿出去。例如 : Please take the umbrella with you. It’s going to rain. He brought us some good news. 知识链接

36 fetch 表示 “ 去拿来 ”; carry 则指 “ 随身带着 ”, 不 强调方向,表示 “ 携带、背着、运送、搬扛 ” 等意思。例如 : The mother carries her baby in her arms. bring 和 take 都表示单程,只是方向相反, 而 fetch 则表示一往一返。

37 (2009· 宁夏中考 ) Could you ______ these books to the classroom? A. put B. take C. bring D. make (2013 浙江绍兴 ) — I’ve left my keys in the meeting room. Please ______ them for me. — All right. A. buy B. paint C. wash D. fetch B D

38 选用 bring 、 fetch 、 take 或 carry 填空。 1. Will you please ______ the child to his mother? 2. Next time don’t forget to ______ me a copy of your work. 3. Please ______ the letter to the post office. 4. The box is too heavy for Joe to ______. 5. Please _______ me the newspapers in that room. fetch carry take bring take

39 5. Let's raise our glasses. raise 在这里是动词,意为 “ 举起 ” 。如: If anyone knows the answer, please raise your hand. Raise your hand if you like junk food. Milton raised the glass to his lips. He raised his hand to wave.

40 raise 还有 “ 提起,使升高,引起,扬起,提 高,增加,筹款,召集,提出,养育 ” 之意。 如: raise crops 种庄稼 raise a building 造起一座房子 raise a cloud of dust 扬起一片尘土 raise one's voice 提高嗓音 raise funds 筹集资金 raise a question 提出问题 raise the flag 升旗 知识拓展

41 What should we do to raise money for them? Don't raise your voice to me! Why did they raise prices? Nowadays it's not easy to raise a child.

42 (1) raise 说明主语发出的动作是要作用于 其它事物的,往往有使物体达到其应有的高 度的含义。可用于被动语态。如: Heavy rain raised the river stage. 暴雨使河水水位升高。 The boss promised to raise her salary. 老板答应要给她加薪水。 raise 是及物动词,后面一定要加宾语;而 rise 是不及物动词,后面不能加宾语。 raise, rise 知识链接

43 (2) rise ( rose, risen )说明主语自身移向 较高位置,常用于日、月、云、雾、烟、蒸 汽、河水、温度、物价以及人的职位等,无 被动语态。 如: The moon has risen above the hills. 月亮已经从山上升起。 The river has risen by several meters. 河水上涨了好几米。

44 用 raise, rise 的正确形式完成下列句子。 1. He __________ and walked to the window. 2. He ______ his hat to me as a sign of respect. 3. The people’s living standard has greatly been ______. 4. Her temperature is still ______. rose raised rising

45 (2011 东营 ) Many people complain that some of KFCs in China ________ the price of a hamburger by one yuan. A. rose B. raised C. dropped D. controlled B 此处的 raise 为及物动词 , 指价格的 上涨 。

46 6. Here’s to our friendship, everyone. Here’s to … 是祝酒的常用语,意思 是 “ 为 …… 干杯 ” 。 Here's to our friendly cooperation. Here's to your health! Here's to our friendship and to your health. Cheers!

47 1.He intends abroad next year. A. studied B. studies C. study D. to study 2. I go, the dog follows me. A. Whenever B. Wherever C. Whatever D. Where 3.He a speech on peace yesterday. A. made B. spoke C. got D. did D B A

48 4. Please make a report after you finish ______ the book. A. reading B. to read C. read D. reads 5. Let’s raise our glasses. Here’s _____ our friendship. A. to B. for C. in D. at A A

49 6. The prices are ______ fast these days. Nobody can get the prices ______. A. going down; to bring down B. rising; bring down C. raising; bring down D. rising; brought down D

50 7. They’ve ______ up to 20,000 yuan for the Hope Project. A. rose B. raise C. raised D. risen C

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