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Unit7 Abilities Comic strip & Welcome to the unit.

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2 Unit7 Abilities Comic strip & Welcome to the unit

3 Yao Ming He can play basketball. Playing basketball is his ability.

4 Liu Xiang He can run. Running is his ability.

5 Jay Chou He can sing. Singing is his ability.

6 He can play basketball very well. What ability does he have?

7 What ability do they have? They can ride bikes.

8 What ability do birds have? Birds can fly.


10 Can dogs fly? Can Eddie fly?

11 Listen and answer

12 1.What does Hobo say when Eddie wants to fly? 2.Why does Hobo say that? Look out, Eddie! Because Eddie can’t fly.

13 I’m Superdog, Hobo! How cool! I can fly! See. You can’t fly, Eddie. Believe it or not! Look out, Eddie! Act out the dialogue

14 Why can’t Eddie be Superdog? Because he has no ability to fly.

15 Can people fly like a superman? What abilities do people have?

16 He can clean the room. He can play football. He can swim. He can play tennis. What ability does he have? 3 4 1 2

17 Different people have different abilities. What can superman do? He fights against the evil, help people and save the city.

18 With great power comes great responsibility. ( 能力越大,责任越大。)

19 Join the Helping Hands Club !

20 What abilities do you have? Do you want to be a volunteer?

21 What are they doing?

22 in the street help an old man to cross the road Helping an old man is very important. It is important to help an old man.

23 If you are free, what can you do to make our world more beautiful? plant trees Planting trees can make our city more beautiful.

24 on the bus give a seat to someone on the bus Did you give seats to others before? Giving a seat to others on the bus is polite. It is polite to give a seat to others on the bus.

25 in the park clean up the park 清理干净 What else can we do for our cities?

26 What can we do for the children in poor areas? donate money, collect things… 收集

27 a home for the elderly the old (people) an old people’s home

28 Did you do these before ? They are from Helping Hands Club

29 b helping an old man a planting trees d give a seat to someone on the bus f visiting an old people’s home e collecting things for Project Hope c cleaning up the park

30 help an old man plant trees give a seat to someone on the bus visit a home for the elderly collect things for Project Hope clean up the park

31 1. 植树 2. 在汽车上让座 3. 打扫公园 4. 为希望工程捐东西 5. 拜访敬老院 plant trees give a seat to someone on the bus clean up the park collect things for Project Hope visit an old people’s home

32 Exercises 1. 他经常在公共汽车上给老年人让座位。 He often _______________ to the __________ on the bus. 2. 我们每年都去访问老年公寓。 We go to ________ the _______________ every year. 3. 张老师每天都将办公室打扫的干干净净。 Miss Zhang ________ the office every day. 4. 人们通常会在春天种树。 People always ________ in spring. 5. 同学们想为 “ 希望工程 ” 做点事。 The students want to _______________________________. gives his seatelderly visit home for the elderly cleans up plant trees do something for Project Hope

33 Discussions: 针对下面这些情况你该 怎么做?


35 What can you do for the children in poor areas?

36 Daniel: What can we do for the children in poor areas? Millie: They need ______and _______most. We can send some _____them. Simon: Some families are not even able to pay for _______and _______. Amy: Yes. We can _____ some ______for them to buy these things. Kitty: We can also collect some ______ for the children. Daniel: Good idea. Listen and complete clothesshoes to pensnotebooks raise books money

37 Our class will do something for our school. Can you give me some good ideas? Discuss What can we do to help others? Say hello to teachers when you meet them Clean the classroom carefully when you are on duty Pick up the garbage around the campus Look after the things in our school Help your classmates with their homework

38 The world needs love! Love makes the world more beautiful! We should try to help others in need!

39 1. 信不信由你 2. 留神、当心 3. 种树 4. 打扫公园 5. 给某人让座 6. 一个敬老院 7. 在贫困地区 8. 为 …. 付款 9. 为 ….. 募捐 10. 能够做某事 believe it or not look out plant trees clean up the park give a seat to someone an old people’s home in poor areas pay for raise money for be able to do sth.

40 Lei Feng He ’ s polite and helpful.

41 Helping Hands Club have different abilities What can we do for others?

42 A short speech Say something about yourself. 1.your name 2. your abilities 3. your personality ( 个性 ) 4. if ( 是否 ) you would like to help others

43 Millie’s speech Hello! My name is Millie. I’m pretty and helpful. I can do many things. I can swim. I can sing. And I can make kites, too. If you need help, I will be happy to help others. Thank you.

44 三月是学习雷锋月。今年三月我校学生积极参加 系列活动,发扬雷锋助人为乐的精神。请根据以下 提示写一篇短文介绍活动情况, ,可适当发挥。 1. 全校学生为希望工程募捐去帮助贫困地区的儿童。 2. 一些学生打扫街道,种树。 3. 一些学生拜访敬老院,帮助老人打扫房间,陪老 人们聊天。 4. 许多学生能够在公交上给人让座。 …………. 5. 我校学生乐于助人,我很幸运能在石榴初级中学学 习。

45 根据提示及句意完成单词 1. Look! The bird is f_____ high in the sky. 2.People ______ trees in spring every year. 3. It’s good to give a s____ to someone on the bus. 4. I like c________ stamps ( 邮票 ) . 5. She has a great _______ ( 能力 ) in maths. 6. We should be polite to the _______( 老年 人 ) . 7. Be c_____ when you cross the road. 8. We’ll raise money for Project H______. lying plant eat ollecting ability elderly areful ope

46 翻译下列句子 1. 你会种树吗?不会。 _____ you ______ _____. ____ I _____. 2. 我们将为希望工程募集东西。 We’ll ______ ______ ____ Project Hope. 3 .他正在给别人让座。 He is ______ ___ ____ ____ someone. 4. 三班的学生昨天探访了老年公寓。 The students of Class 3 _____ ___ _____ ______ ____ ______ yesterday. 5. 运动会后,他们把操场打扫干净. They _______ ____ the playground_____ the sports meeting. Canplant treesNocan’t collect things for giving a seat to visited a Home for the elderly cleaned upafter

47 句型转换 1 . I can fly. ( 改为否定句 ) I _____ ____. 2 . Jack can swim. ( 一般疑问句并否定回答 ) ____ Jack _____? No, ____ _____________. 3 . Tom can draw beautiful pictures. ( 划线 部分提问 ) _____ ____ Tom ____? can’t fly Can swim he can’t / cannot What can do

48 Homework: 1.Review what we learnt today. 2.Preview the reading A Brave Young Man.

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