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课标人教实验版 高一 Module 1 Unit 2. Using language and reading in workbook.

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1 课标人教实验版 高一 Module 1 Unit 2

2 Using language and reading in workbook

3 汉语方言分布图

4 1. China is a very big country where different dialects are spoken. Can you list some of them? 2. Is there anybody who can speak a dialect from other place? Pre-reading

5 standard 标准, 规格 dialect 方言 southern 南部的 midwestern 中西部的 Spanish 西班牙的 New words

6 play a part 扮演一个角色 eastern 东部的 northwestern 西北方的 recognize 辨认出, 认出

7 1.Why are there so many dialects in the US? Because people have come from all over the world. Geography also plays a part in making dialects. It’s believed to be the English spoken on TV and the radio. 2.What’s the standard English?

8 3.Can you tell an interesting or funny story that shows great difference between dialects in Chinese/English?

9 Example: keys or kiss One friend of mine was giving an English lesson to a class of adults who had recently come to live in the United States. After placing quite a number of everyday objects on a table he asked various members of the class to give him the ruler, the book, the pen

10 and so on. The class went very smoothly, and the students seemed interested and serious about the work that they were engaged in until my friend turned to an Italian and said, “Give me the keys.”The man looked surprised and somewhat at a loss( 有点手足无措 ). Seeing this, my friend thought that

11 the student hadn’t heard him clearly, so he repeated, “Give me the keys.” The Italian shrugged( 耸肩 ) his shoulders. Then, he threw his arms around the teacher’s neck and kissed him on both cheeks.

12 1.What is standard English? 什么是标准英语 ? standard (n.) 标准, 规格 (adj.) 标准的 meet standard 符合标准 standard of living 生活水平 on a standard 根据某一标准 Language points

13 The mountains are not high____ world standard. A. by B. at C. to D. on

14 2. Believe it or not, there’s no such a thing as standard English. 信不信由你, 世界上没有所谓的标准英 语 。 believe it or not 信不信由你 Believe it or not, all the people present have agreed to the plan.

15 3. However, on TV and the radio you will hear differences in the way people speak. 然而, 甚至在电视上或收音机里都会 听到人们在说话时的差异。 the way 后面接定语从句时, 关系代词 用 that/in which 或不用关系代词。 I did it in the way that/in which you taught me.

16 I don’t like___ you speak to her. A. the way B. the way in that C. the way which D. the way of which

17 4. America English has many dialects, especially the midwestern, southern, African American and Spanish dialects. 美国英语有很多方言, 尤其是在中西 部, 南部, 黑人和西班牙方言。

18 especially 尤其, 表达事物不寻常或 特别重要 specially 专门 ( 指专为某一目的 ) Our garden is beautiful, especially in autumn. I came here specially to see you.

19 African a. 非洲的 In the new African countries the governments are trying to provide education for adults. n. 非洲人 Fish is a staple in the diet of many Africans. Spanish a. 西班牙的 a Spanish dance n. 西班牙语 Do you speak Spanish?

20 5. Geography also plays a part in making dialects. 地理位置对方言的产生也有影响。 play a (adj.) part 扮演 … 角色, 起 … 作用 She play a leading part in the play.

21 6.Although many America move a lot, they still recognize each other’s dialects. 虽然许多美国人经常搬家, 但他们 仍然能够辨认彼此的方言。 recognize 辨认, 认出 (pick out) recognize sth./sb. as sth./sb. 把 … 认作 … Drugs were not recognized as a problem then.

22 Activity 1 不同学生用家乡方言说出同 一句话,体会不同地区的方言; Activity 2 学生说出他们知道或者听过 的方言; Activity 3 学生讨论以下问题: Why does the government encourage us to speak Putonghua?

23 The Oxford English Dictionary Reading task on P51

24 How it began 1857: The Philological Society of London calls for a new English Dictionary More work than they thought 1884: Five years into a proposed ten- year project The Oxford English Dictionary 的历史

25 One step at a time 1884-1928: The Dictionary is published in fascicles Keeping it current 1933-1986: Supplements to the OED Making it modern 1980s: The Supplements are integrated with the OED to produce its Second Edition

26 Into the electronic age 1992: The first CD-ROM version of the OED is published The future has begun The present: The OED is now being fully revised, with new material published in parts online

27 Do you know who is the writer of The Oxford English Dictionary? James Murray, Samuel Johnson, and Noah Webster.

28 Samuel Johnson (1709-84) Noah Webster

29 James A. H. Murray hard working, intelligent, determined, etc

30 Note on James Murray’s life Country Education Job Scotland No formal education,taught himself while working Worked in a bank before beginning to compile the OED

31 Note on James Murray’s life Most important task compiling the first edition of the OED Its difficulties: 1 worded in a shed in his garden and behind his house 2 very cold as it was one metre underground

32 Note on James Murray’s life Most important task 3 no heating; he had to wear a coat and put his feet in a box to keep warm 4 no electric light; he worked at night with candles

33 Note on James Murray’s life Most important task Qualities needed: 1 commitment 2 perseverance 3 accuracy

34 Who worked on the dictionary Date of completion Other information At first just James Murray; later his two daughters; finished by others editors after his death 1928 First edition took forty- four years to compile

35 1.Review the words and language points we have learnt in this unit. 2.Translation (1) 他们已经请求国际援助。 (2) 带着有礼貌的微笑, 她走了出去。 (3) 他出去工作了半年, 因为有病没能结束 工作就回来了。 (4) 他喜欢发号施令, 但没有人愿意听他的。 Homework

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