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形容词比较级与最高级 Jim is tall. Liu Xiang is taller than Jim. Yao Ming is the tallest of them.

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2 形容词比较级与最高级

3 Jim is tall. Liu Xiang is taller than Jim. Yao Ming is the tallest of them.

4 Zhou Xun has long hair. Liu Yifei’s hair is longer than Zhou Xu’s. Isabel ‘s hair is the longest of all.

5 Zeng Zhiwei is short. Tom is shorter than Zen Zhiwei. Xiao xin is the shortest of them.

6 Liu Yifei is thin. Pedro is thinner than Liu Yifei. Mike is the thinnest

7 The green oranges are big. The orange ones are bigger. The red ones are the biggest of all.

8 Li Yong is funny. Pan Changjiang is funnier than Li Yong. Ted is the funniest.

9 Vince is heavy. Da Li is heavier than Vince. Mr Lin is the heaviest of them.

10 250,000 RMB. 50,000 RMB. The green car is the most expensive. The red cat is more expensive than the bike. The bike is expensive. 500 RMB

11 JimTom Stallone is the most athletic of three.athletic of three. Tom is more athletic than Jim. Jim is athletic.

12 一、规则变化: 1 、一般直接在词尾加 er; est tall—taller--tallest light—lighter--lightest 2 、以字母 e 结尾的直接加 r; st nice—nicer—nicest fine—finer—finest 3 、以辅音字母加 y 结尾的形容词,要变 y 为 i 再加 er; est heavy—heavier—heaviest busy—busier--busiest 4 、以重读闭音节结尾且末尾只有一个辅音字母的形容词,要双写 末尾的辅音字母再加 er; est thin—thinner--thinnest hot—hotter—hottest big—bigger—biggest (注:双写必须同时符合以下条件 a. 以辅音字母 + 元音字母 + 辅音 字母 结尾; b. 中间的元音字母发单元音; c. 重读闭音。一般满足前 两个条件多为双写的词) 5 、多音节形容词或部分双音节形容词变比较级在前面加 more, 最 高级在前加 most beautiful—more beautiful—most beautiful important—more important—most beautiful

13 二、不规则形容词的比较级最高级 原 级比 较 级比 较 级最 高 级最 高 级 good / wellbetterbest many / muchmoremost littlelessleast ill / bad / badlyworseworst farfarther / furtherfarthest / further oldolder / elderoldest / eldest 注: older 一般指年龄大小; My father is older than my mother. elder 指长幼关系 ( 一般修饰名词作定语 ); My elder brother is a driver. farther 指距离更远; further 指抽像的. I want to study English further. further reading

14 形容词比较级的用法 1 、两者之间的比较,句中有明显的标志词 than Tom is taller than John 2 、 Which/Who is + 比较级, A or B ? Which is easier, math or English? 3 、能修饰比较级的副词及短语: much(… 的 多 ) 、 a lot(… 的多 ) 、 even( 更 …) 、 still (更 … )、 a bit(… 一点儿 ) This city is much more beautiful than that one Today is even hotter than yesterday. 4 、 … is the + 比较级 + of the two. Tom is the taller of the two boys. 汤姆是这两个男孩中 最高的。

15 5 、 … 数量 + 比较级 than … My father is three years older than my mother. 6 、比较级 + and + 比较级, “ 越来越 …” Now it is hotter and hotter. 现在越来越热 7 、 The + 比较级 … , the + 比较级 … “ 越 … ,就越 …” The more, the better. 越多越好。 The more you eat, the fatter you will become. 你吃得 越多,你就越容易变胖 注: Tom is the tallest boy in his class. =Tom is taller than any other boy in his class. =Tom is taller than the other boys in his class.

16 形容词原级的用法 1 、 very 、 so 、 quite 、 too 等词后用原级 2 、 too … to ; so … that ;as … as 中间用原级 A + be + not as/so + 原级 + as B A 不及 B…

17 形容词最高级的用法 1 、 the+ 最高级 + of/in ( 三者及以上范围的 ) My mother is the busiest in my family. The boy is the tallest of the three. 2 、 one of the + 最高级 + 名词复数 + in/of Shenzhen is one of the biggest cities in China. 3 、 the + 序数词 + 最高级 + 名词 + in/of The Yellow River is the second longest river in China. 4 、 Which/Who is the + 最高级,A,B or C ? Which is the biggest, the moon, the earth or the sun ? 5 、 This is the + 最高级 + 名词 (that) I have ever seen / listened. This is the most beautiful city that I have ever visited.

18 用所给词的正确形式填空: 1. My sister is two years _______ (old ) than I. 2. John’s parents have four daughters, and she is the ___________(young) child. 3. The boy is not so __________ (interesting) as his brother. 4. Dick sings _____ (well), she sings ______(well) than John, but Mary sings______(well) in her class. 5. She will be much ________ (happy) in her mew house. 6.The red coat is as_______(long) as the blue one. 7.My sister is not so______(tall) as me/I. older youngest interesting best happier long tall well better

19 8.Which is _________ (big),the sun,the moon or the earth? 9.Which is ______________ (beautiful),the black coat or the blue one? 10.This mooncake is _____________ (cheap) of all. 4.He is ____________ (strong) in his class. 11.English is _______________ (popular)language in the world. 12.Mike does his homework as________(carefully) as Mark. 13.They don't get up as____________(early) as We. 14.He runs as ________(fast) as she. the biggest more beautiful the cheapest the strongest the most popular carefully early fast

20 1. I feel __ better than yesterday. A. more B. very C. the D. much 2. China has a larger population than __ in the world. A. all the countries B. every country C. any country D. any other country 3.Hainan is a very large island. It’s the second__ island in China. A. large B. larger C. largest 4.This necklace looks __ and__ sells__. A. well, well B. good, nice C. nice, good D. nice, well 5.A horse is __ than a dog. A. more heavy B. more heavier C. much heavier 6.Which is __ season in Beijing? I think it’s spring. A. good B. well C. best D. the best 7.Usually Xiao Li spends __ time doing homework than XiaoChen does. A. little B less C. few D. fewer

21 Written Practice Choose the right answer. 1. We all know that the sun is ____ than the earth. A big B very big C bigger D the biggest 2 I think “My Heart Will Go On” is one of ____ songs in 1998. A good B better C best D the best 3 The film is ___ interesting than that one. A more B much C very D the most C D A

22 4.Which do you like ___, tea or coffee? A well B better C best D most 5.David is taller than in his class. A.any student B.the students C.any other student 6.I’m not sure whether Kate dances Jane. good as well as better as 7.The baby cried. A.harder and harder B.hardest and hardest C.more and more hard 8. trees we plant, our country will be. A.More,more beautiful B.More,the most beautiful C.The more,the more beautiful C B A C B


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