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1.Your suggestion has greatly c__________ to the accomplishment of our work 2. D _____ advanced years, she is learning to drive. 3. In c________ with other.

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1 1.Your suggestion has greatly c__________ to the accomplishment of our work 2. D _____ advanced years, she is learning to drive. 3. In c________ with other young men, Bill also enjoys both pop music and football. 4. When you look into a mirror, you will see the r________ image of yourself. 5. The book explores the relationship between religion and __________ (文明). ontributed espite ommon eflected civilization

2 6.They found the buried c__________ by chance when they climbed the mountain. 7. I think health is more important than w_____-. 8. To avoid c__________, please write the children’s names clearly on all their school clothes. 9. There is some s_________in the way they sing. 10. An a________ on the formation of the union was reached on May 1. ivilization ealth onfusion imilarity greement

3 6. G_________, he realized how his parents loved him. 7. According to the Constitution( 宪法 ) of the country all the young men do a year's _________ service. ( 兵役 ) 8. There have been two wars within the __________ ( 记忆 ) of my grandfather. 9. She's too poor to satisfy her family's __________ ( 物 质 ) need. 10. _____________ ( 不幸得很 ), the show was one of the dullest we have ever seen. 11. These two countries have different ________( 文化 ). 12. A _____________ ( 商业的 ) college teaches things that would be useful in business. radually military memory material Unfortunately cultures commercial

4 16. It p________ to be fine tomorrow 17. Many ancient c _______ are only known through archaeology.( 考古 ) 18. Who is the student that r___________ your class and made the speech at the graduation ceremony ? 19. You can attach( 附上 ) any d__________ to an email and send them to your friends. 20. In the busy season, like the May Day Holiday, you should ensure that you p________ your train ticket in advance. romises ultures epresented ocument urchase

5 1.With the d_____________ of modern agriculture and industry, more and more waste is produced. 2.Scientists have made many important _______________( 发现 ) 3.In c__________ with other students, Li Ming likes folk music. 4.His interest in this subject ____________( 渐渐 ) increases. 5.A method was developed to combine one part of the character i___________ ( 表示 / 象征) meaning and the other showing sound. discoveries gradually evelopment ommon ndicating

6 reflect / reflection The cat felt curious when she saw her own reflection in the mirror. 小猫看到自己在镜子中的倒影,感到很好奇。 On further reflection, I saw that she might be right, after all. 我再一考虑,反倒觉得可能还是她对。 Your clothes are a reflection of your personality. 一个人的衣著可反映出其个性.

7 Promise 1. 允诺, 答应 [+to-v][+that] He promised me the book. 他答应给我这本书。 He promised to help us. 他答应要帮助我们。 2. 给人以... 的指望 ; 有... 的可能 [+to-v] It promises to be fine tomorrow. 明天有希望是个好天气。 3. 【口】向... 保证, 向... 断言 vi. 允诺, 作出保证 That project promises well.

8 名词性从句 在历年地高考中几乎都有所涉及,并且每年地 命题各有变化。近年来地高考试题更侧重于在 一定地语言环境下考查熟练使用英语语序和关 联词地能力。因此,在平时地备考复习中我们 除了牢固掌握基础知识外,还要多注意一定语 境下基础知识地运用。

9 在名词性从句中得用法: 1. It is time that you got up. ( 虚拟语气 ) 2. It is the first time that I have traveled abroad. (现 在完成时) 3. It is necessary (important) that…should do…( 虚 拟语气 ) 4. It is likely(possible, obvious, clear, natural, certain) that he will come … =He is likely to come to my wedding party.

10 5. It is a pity(a fact, good news, no wonder, an honour, a shame, common sense, a common practice…) that… 6.It turned out that…; It happened that…; It occurred to sb. that…; 7. It is said(reported, believed, estimated, announced, expected…) that…; 8. It is suggested (required, ordered) that sb should do… ( 虚拟语气 )

11 What 与 that 在名词性从句中用法比较: That Tom fell off his chair by accident got the classmates laughing. What Tom learned in university helps him a lot in his job. 注: that 在从句中不作任何成分, what 在从句 中必须担当主语或宾语。 We have reached what is called XinJie kou.

12 宾语从句 1. 一个动词后跟多个宾语从句时,第二个开 始的连词 that 不能省略。 He said (that) he didn’t attend the party and that he didn’t want to. 2. 否定转移 I don’t think he is fit for the job, is he? I never thought that he would come for the dinner party.

13 有些不可直接跟宾语从句的动词 1.I hate it when someone speaks to me with food in his mouth. 2. I dislike it when… 3. I’d appreciate it if… 4. I will see to it that…

14 与定语从句的转换 Jerry told us _______ he had seen abroad. A. what B. all that C. all what D. all 注:本题四个答案都正确。答案 C 可以 看作 all 是前面的 us 的同位语。

15 主语从句 a. 主语从句于定语从句的转换 What is needed has been bought. All that is needed has been bought. b. 几个特殊句型之间的转换 It is known to all that China has joined the WTO. As is known to all, China has joined the WTO. What is known to all is that China has joined...

16 表语从句 a. 表语从句中的虚拟语气 My suggestion/order/request/requirement is that we should carry out the plan as soon as possible. b. 几个表语从句的切换 The reason why I came late is that my car broke down on the half way. He came late. That’s because his car broke down. His car broke down on the half way. That’s why he came late.

17 同位语从句 a. 与定语从句的区别 It is a fact that he has done his best. It is a fact that you can’t deny. b. 同位语从句中的虚拟语气 The proposal that he put forward is to be discussed at the meeting. The proposal that we should import more equipment is to be discussed. c. have no idea 后面跟同位语从句 I have no idea where Green Park lies.

18 1. He always did well at school ____ having to do part-time jobs every now and then. A. in spite of B. instead of C. in case of D. in favor of 2. _____ other young men, Bill also enjoys both pop music and football. A. Compared with B. In common with C. Except for D. Speaking of _________

19 3._______surprised us very much that our teacher left without a word. A. That B. What C. It D. He 4. It was _____ he said______ disappointed me. A. what ; that B. that ;what C. what; what D. that; what ___ _________

20 5. Eat_______ cake you like and leave the others for _______comes in late. A. any ; who B. every; whoever C. whichever; whoever D. either; whoever 6. The French pianist who had been highly praised _____to be a great disappointment. A. turned up B. turned in C. turned out D. turned down ______________ _________

21 7. —Can we get everything ready by the weekend? —It all depends on _______ we can get Mr. Green’s cooperation. A.thatB. what C. whetherD. if 8. _____ is our belief that improvements in health care will lead to a stronger, more prosperous economy. ( 2006 年浙江省高考 题) A. As B. That C. This D. It _________ ____

22 Please remind me _______ he said he was going. I may be in time to see him off. ( 2006 年全国 I 高考题) A.where B. when C. how D. what We haven’t settled the question of _______ it is necessary for him to study abroad. ( 2006 年江苏省高考题) A. if B. where C. whether D. that _________

23 Great changes have taken place in that school. It is no longer _______ it was 20 years ago, _______ it was so poorly equipped. ( 2005 年安徽省高考题) A.what; whenB. that; which C. what; whichD. which; that 8. The way he did it was different ________ we were used to. ( 2005 年江西省高考题) A. in whichB. in what C. from whatD. from which _________

24 9. Mum is coming. What present _______ for your birthday? ( 2005 年福建省高考题) A. you expect she has got B. you expect has she got C. do you expect she has got D. do you expect has she got 10. Our plan certainly ______; it was a great idea. A. paid off B. paid back C. carried out D. paid for Two years of business school really paid off. 在商业学校就读两年真是很合算。 ___________________ _________ 清偿债务 / 付清工资后解雇 / 取得成功 ; 得到好结果

25 A warm thought suddenly came to me _______I might use the pocket money to buy some flowers for my mother’s birthday. ( 2006 年安徽省高考题) A. if B. when C. that D. which 3. There is much chance _______ Bill will recover from his injury in time for the race. ( 2006 年天津高考题) A. that B. which C. until D. if _________

26 The newly-built theatre is ____ the old one. A. as twice big as B. twice more bigger than C. twice the size of D. twice so big as Many a professor _____ looking forward to visiting Germany now. Many scientists _____ studied animals and plants in the last two years. A. is; have B. is; has C. are; have D. is; are 9. A knife and a fork _____ on the table. A knife and fork _____ on the table. A. is; is B. are; are C. are; is D. is; are He didn't keep on asking me the time any longer as he had had his watch ______ . A . to repair B . repaired C . repairing D . repair

27 _______ makes this shop different is that it offers more personal services. ( 2006 年辽宁省高考题) A. What B. WhoC. WhateverD. Whoever 2. —It’s thirty years since we last met. —But I still remember the story, believe it or not, _______ we got lost on a rainy night. ( 2006 年四川省 高考题) A. which B. that C. what D. when 3. See the flags on top of the building? That was _______ we did this morning. ( 2006 年全国 I 高考题) A. when B. which C. where D. What

28 Do you have any idea _______ is actually going on in the classroom? ( 2005 年辽宁省高考题) A. thatB. what C. asD. which 9. —Why does she always ask you for help? —There is no one else _______, is there? ( 2005 年北京高考题) A. who to turn to B. she can turn to C. for whom to turnD. for her to turn I just wonder that makes him so excited. ( 2006 年山东省高考题) A. why it does B. what he does C. how it is D. what it is

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