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Write the correct words according to the given meanings. 1.A chemical that kills pests such as insects or rats (?????????) 2.A substance from nature,

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2 Write the correct words according to the given meanings. 1.A chemical that kills pests such as insects or rats (?????????) 2.A substance from nature, for example, salt (???????) 3.A substance in food necessary for good health (???????) 4.To hold inside or have as a part of (???????)

3 5.A person ’ s hunger or desire for food (????????) 6.Cows and bulls raised for milk or meat (??????) 7.Rather than; in the place of (??????? ??) 8.A person who travels into space (?????????) 9.To gather together (?????) 10.A person who does not eat meat (??????????)

4 牡蛎,鹅,大排,火腿,海蜇,火鸡, 海参,田螺 菠菜,青椒,莴苣,蒜苗,洋葱,南 瓜,花菜,藕, Write down the English word for the following things

5 New words and Expressions----Reading 1 Sound good to you? = Does it sound good to you? Sounds horrible to me? = It sounds horrible to me. His voice sounded hoarse. His explanation sounds reasonable. look, feel, smell, taste 等系动词有类似用法 这主意听起来不错但不实际。 The idea sounds good but is not practical. Horrible adj. Horror n. Horrify v. A horrible experience // horror film She was horrified to discover that he was a gay.

6 New words and Expressions----Reading 2 、 influence v. affect influence somebody to do e.g. I was influenced by my mum to become a nurse. e.g. What influenced you to do it? influence n. effect have an influence on (upon) e.g. Environment has a great influence on character. under the influence of influential adj. e.g. an influential politician

7 New words and Expressions----Reading 指点迷津: effect, impact, influence. Effect 是个比较常用的词,可指各种影响。 Impact 是指有重大历史性的影响。 Influence 指言语、行为和权力等对于人们在思想 上的影响。 e.g. The medicine has no effect on me. The invention of computer has great impact on people ’ s life. TV and newspapers greatly influence people ’ s way of thinking.

8 New words and Expressions----Reading 3 、 crowded adj. e.g. a crowded city / train / bus crowd n. ( a large number of people gathered together) e.g. There were large crowds of people in the streets on New Year’s Eve. crowd v. e.g. Don’t all crowd together. crowd through//crowd into//crowd around e.g. They crowded through the gates into the stadium.

9 4 contain v. 1) 含有 2) 容纳 3) 抑制 e.g. The jar contains sugar. e.g. This book contains a lot of illustrations. e.g. The auditorium will contain 3000 people. e.g. contain one’s passion / anger / laughter container n. 容器 ( 比较) include

10 contain 是完整含有某物, 或指所含物质是 不可分割的成分之一. e.g. The atlas contains forty pictures. Whisky contains a large percentage of alcohol. 而 include 表示部分的含有某物,或表示列 举某物 e.g. The price includes postage charges. Your duties include distributing letters. There are six people, including three women.

11 New words and Expressions----Reading 5 cattle 总称,无复数形式 Cattle feed on grass. 类似的集合名词: people the police poultry 一群牛 一头牛 三头牛 A herd of cattle a head of cattle three head of cattle 6 appetite n. have a good/healthy/bad/poor appetite stimulate one ’ s appetite lose one ’ s appetite for sth.

12 New words and Expressions----Reading 7. no more & no longer 不再 E.g. There is no more bread. He will come no more. No more 表示数量和程度,用来表示不再重复 以前发生过的动作,常用行为动词之后 no longer 用来表示一种持续状态的终止,常置 于行为动词之前或 BE 动词之后

13 New words and Expressions----Reading no more … than … // no more than E.g. I can no more play the violin than you can. 我同你一样不会拉小提琴。 He is no more hardworking than her. 他和她一样都不用功。 There are no more than three books on the table. 桌子上只有三本书。

14 New words and Expressions----Reading 8.a (little) bit of a (good) bit of 一点点 A (good) bit of luck/time/music The glass broke into bits. 玻璃碎成了碎块。 Not a bit 一点也不 I ’ m not a bit hungry tonight.

15 New words and Expressions----Reading 9. instead & instead of E.g. Nowadays many tool are not made of metals, but plastics instead. Our teacher often teaches us how to learn English instead of just knowledge. I ’ d rather stay here and have a cup of tea instead of going out. As a result, money began to flow out of, instead of into the country.

16 practice 1. Her voice _____ so nice that the whole audience was attracted by it. A. sounded B. heard C. listened D. listened to 2. _____ by the TV program, she decided to enter for the quiz. A. Influenced B. Being influenced C. Influencing D. Having influenced 3. In the past because of the poor living conditions, most people in the big cities had to spend their lives _______ together in tiny spaces. A. crowded B. crowd C. crowding D. being crowded

17 practice 4. I knew he collected stamps and coins and asked him whether his collection _______. A.was growing B. was grown C. grew D. had been grown 5. My grandfather used to raise a lot of ______, including two _______. A.cattles … cows B. cows … cattle C. cattle … cows D. cow … cattle 6. Thirty percent of the cattle ______ thin, but the rest _____ fat. A.are, are B. is, are C. is, is D. are, is

18 7. Having fallen ill for quite a long time, the little girl doesn ’ t _____ for any food. A touch B. desire C. an appetite D. a wish 8. The world famous novel Harry Potter ______ seven episodes. A. Includes B. adds C. changes D. contains

19 9. ---Would you like another cup of coffee? ---Thank you, I couldn ’ t drink ______. any longer B. any more C. no longer D. no more 10. We won ’ t hold the meeting in the hall. _____, we will hold it in the garden. Instead B. Instead of C. While D. But

20 practice 11. The policeman let the driver go ______ making him pay a fine. Rather than B. in spite of C. instead of D. contrary to 12. The book _____ twenty short passages, _____ the one you read just now. includes, containing B. contains, including C. contains, containing D. includes, included 13. Being a sailor _____ long periods away from home. A. Includes B. involves C. contains D. expects

21 translation 1. 我想要一份有咸肉、鸡肉和羊肉的什锦烤肉。 2. 我很少吃牛排、猪排。 3. 去海南度假听起来很有趣。 4. 我们必须给她做些不同的食物因为她是个素食 者。 5. 许多人都受到了大众传媒的负面影响。 6. 神州六号宇宙飞船将两名航天员带上了太空。 7. 购物中心开业的那天,人们蜂拥而至。 8. 那个瓶子上有个极小的小洞。 9. 这个退休教师在他的花园里种植了各种各样的 花。 10. 农民在农场里养牛。

22 11. 我看着那什锦烤肉,一点食欲都没有。 12. 他的演说包含了大量有关该项技术进展的有用 信息。 13. 维生素能让我们保持健康。 14. 我们需要矿物质来强身健体。 15. 农民在种蔬菜时常常使用杀虫剂。 16. 他的解释听起来合情合理。 17. 我们阅读的东西直接影响我们的思想。 18. 宗教对人的行为有巨大的影响。 19. 家长的行为会极大地影响孩子的成长。 20. 书架上堆满了书。 21. 饭前不要吃糖以免影响食欲。 22. 看到动物被杀死,许多人一定会失去吃肉的胃 口。

23 23. 让我们打扑克吧,不看电视了。 24. 你已经花了 2 个小时做作业了,我认为你该换 看小说。 25. 尽管他跑了 2000 米,他一点也不觉得疲劳。 26. 当今的日本很大程度上受到了西方生活方式的 影响。 27. 食品公司花大量的钱做广告。

24 Keys 1.i’d like to have a mixed grill of bacon, chicken and mutton. 2.I seldom have steak and pork chop for meals. 3.It sounds interesting to go to Hainan on holiday. 4.We must cook her something different because she is a vegetarian. 5.Many people are negatively influenced by the mass media. 6.The Shenzhou 6 spacecraft carried 2 astronauts to space.

25 Keys 7.People crowded into the shopping mall on its opening day. 8.There is a tiny hole in the bottle. 9.The retired teacher grows a variety of flowers in her garden. 10.Farmers raise cattle on their farms. 11.I have no appetite for the mixed grill. 12.His speech contained a lot of useful information on the development of this technology. 13.Vitamins can keep us healthy. 14.We need minerals to build up our body.

26 Keys 15.Farmers often use pesticides on their vegetables. 16.His explanation sounds reasonable. 17.What we read influences our thinking directly. 18.Religion has a great influence on man’s behavior. 19.Books crowded the shelves. 20.don’t spoil your appetite by eating sweets before meals. 21.Seeing the animals killed, many people will certainly lose appetite for meat.

27 Keys 22.let’s play cards instead of watching TV. 23.You have spent 2 hours doing your homework, so I think you should read a novel instead. 24.Even though he ran 2,000 metres, he didn’t feel a bit tired. 25.Today’s Japan is very much influenced by the western style of life. 26.Food companies spend a lot of money on advertisements.

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