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Unit 3 Let’s celebrate. let 让 Let’s celebrate. =Let us celebrate. 让我们一起练习讲英语吧 ! Let’s practise speaking English together. 让我们去读书俱乐部吧! Let’s go to the.

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Presentation on theme: "Unit 3 Let’s celebrate. let 让 Let’s celebrate. =Let us celebrate. 让我们一起练习讲英语吧 ! Let’s practise speaking English together. 让我们去读书俱乐部吧! Let’s go to the."— Presentation transcript:

1 Unit 3 Let’s celebrate

2 let 让 Let’s celebrate. =Let us celebrate. 让我们一起练习讲英语吧 ! Let’s practise speaking English together. 让我们去读书俱乐部吧! Let’s go to the Reading Club. Let ___(she) learn more about the world.

3 interest be interesting 有趣的 be interested in 对某事感兴趣 The game is ____(interest). So I am ____ (interest) in it. My little brother is very _____ (interest) and he is _____ (interest) in football game.

4 as dress dress up dress up as As a teacher, I should love my students. My cousin can dress himself. We often dress up at Halloween. I’m dressing up as an old man.

5 mooncake a mooncake eat mooncakes Mid –Autumn Festival enjoy the moon

6 十月 October 在十月份 in October 在 10 月 31 日 on October 31st

7 把什么命名 call 被命名 called The girl called Lucy is my best friend. (划提) Which girl is your best friend? This game is called “trict or treat” We are looking forward to a meeting called “SanHui”.

8 敲,击打 knock on/at 喊, shout at sb. 我们敲着人们的门,并且喊着 “ 不招待就使 坏 ” We knock at the people’s door and shout “trict or treat”

9 特别的 ,特殊的 special 我们在 10 月 31 日举行了特殊的晚会 We have a special party on October 31st

10 巧克力, 糖果 chocolate candy 我们吃了许多特殊的万圣节巧克力和糖果 We eat a lot of special Halloween chocolates and candies

11 招待 treat 招待我们( 2 种) treat us ==== give us a treat 用。。。招待某人 give sb sth as a treat 他们用糖果招待我们. They treat us with candies. They give us some candy as a treat.

12 捉弄某人 play a trick on sb 如果他们不招待我们,我们将捉弄他们。 If they don’t give us a treat,we can play a trick on them

13 服装,戏服。 costume 面具 mask 我们穿着带有面具的特殊服装 We wear special costumes with masks. with : 1,跟,和 She goes home with me. 2,有...特征. I like a girl with big eyes. 3,用 we can open the door with a key. I draw a picture with a pencil.

14 给什么涂色 paint 有时侯我们涂自己的脸 Sometimes we paint our faces. Look ! My father is painting our house.

15 南瓜 pumpkin 灯笼 lantern 我们为万圣节制作南瓜灯笼 We make pumpkin lanterns for Halloween. I make a lantern out of a pumpkin.

16 挖出,刻出 cut out 我们刻出眼睛,鼻子和锋利的牙齿 We cut out eyes, nose and sharp teeth. We should cut them out.( 只中不后)

17 热的 hot 饮料 drink (可数名词) 我们喝热的饮料,吃熟食 We drink hot drinks and eat hot food

18 tooth teeth I clean my teeth twice a day.( 提问) The rabbit has sharp teeth. foot feet

19 trick n. 恶作剧, 诡计, 欺诈手段(可数名词 ) play a trick/tricks on sb. 捉弄某人, 开某人玩笑 Don’t play a trick on old men. On April Fool’s Day we often play tricks on others.

20 tell vt. 告诉 tell sb. about sth. 告诉某人关于某事 My grandfather tells me about the story. Can you tell me something about your family?

21 重点句型: ( 1 ).thank sb. for 译为 “ 因为 … 而感谢某人 ” Thank you for the beautiful flowers. Thank you for your birthday present. (2) Thank sb./ Thanks for doing sth. Thanks for your help. Thanks for helping me.

22 2. give sb. sth. = give sth to sb. 意思是 “ 给某人某物 ” H e gives us a big pumpkin. = He gives a big pumpkin to us. Can you give me some candies? =Can you give some candies to us ? They give a present to each other.

23 语法;书上P45 at: at: we use ‘at’ before:_________, _________, _______, _____. on:on: we use ‘on’ before:_____, ______. in: in: we use ‘in’ before _______________, _______, _______, ______.

24 特殊疑问句 what----activity or thing I am reading. which----thing or person I’d like this red one. who----person He is our teacher. whose----possession ( 所有关系 ) The bag is mine. when----time My birthday is on 2nd May. where----place My pen is in the pencil case. why-----reason I like dancing because it is fun.

25 时间介词 Lucy was born____ 1992. She will finish school ____ next year. I’m going to be on holiday ____ this week. They’ll have a party ____ this day. I wake up late ___ this morning. Everyone cleans teeth ____ every morning and evening. Teachers in China usually have a week meeting ______ Monday evening.

26 You must clean your _____ (tooth) twice a day. Is this ____ (you) ruler? Look! Simon _____ (make) rice dumplings. I’m busy ____ (get) ready for Christmas. I like ____ (China) food very much. It is my ____ (one) time to see it. We celebrate Christmas by ____ (have) a party. There are many ______ (celebrate) at festivals.

27 用词的适当形式填空 The TV is _____ (interest). we all like it. Jim likes fish ____ (well). Thank you for _____ (make) a kite for us. We _____ (not go) to school on Sunday. Please give the little boy some ____ (candy.) I want ____ (finish) a picture. There ____ (be) a match this evening. will be

28 I like swimming ____ autumn. My father likes fishing____ December. ____ Halloween, we give candies to each other. There are twelve months ____ a year. I will go out ____ July,2007. Fathers’ Day is ____ June. ____ the age of 24, I meet my good friend. Usually,I go to sleep _____ midnight. Our classes begin ___ about 8:24 ____ the morning. Simon and Daniel play badminton ____ the afternoon ____ October 31st.

29 Don’t speak and laugh ____ meals. We do after-school activities ____ the afternoon. They dress up ____ Children’s day. My birthday is ____ a winter afternoon. We win _____ a cold spring morning. They had a party ____ last Sunday evening. on

30 用介词填空 Thank you ____ telling me ____ the Mid- autumn We have a special party _____ October 31 st What do we do _____ Halloween? We knock _____ people’s door We can play a trick _____ them

31 I always dress up _____ Halloween We wear special costume _____ masks We family always have a party _____ the evening of October 31 st. It usually starts at _____ 8 p.m.

32 用所给词的适当形式填空 Look,Sandy’s father is ______(paint) their new house Listen! Someone is ____ (knock) on the door. We enjoy ______(make) a lantern out of a pumpkin We must clean out _____ (tooth) twice a day Thank you for ______(tell) me about the school

33 Children often play a game _____ (call)”trick or treat” Usually,children can get many _____(candy) If they ______(not give) us a treat,we can ______(play) a trick on them He often _____(dress) up at Halloween This year,I will wear a ______(tiger) costume

34 We play a game. It is called”trick or treat”( 合 并一句话 ) We play a _____ _____ ”trick or treat” People do not know …who are we?( 合并一 句话 ) People do not know_____ ____ ____. We have a special party in the evening on October 31 st.( 同意句 ) We have a special party _____ _____ evening ______ October 31st

35 They treat us with candies.( 同意句 ) They _____ ____ candies ____ a _____ We play a game for Halloween.( 提问 ) _____ do ____ ____ for Halloween? The party starts at 7:00 a.m.( 一般疑问句 ) _____ the party _____ at 7:00 a.m.

36 The price of the ticket____ (be) fifteen yuan. She thinks each of us ___ (be) clever. She thinks each of us can ___ (be) cleaver. We each ___(have) our own birthday. My mother tells me ____ (do) some cleaning. We are looking forward to ____ (have) a party.

37 一. 翻译短语. 1. 我最喜爱的节日 ______ 2. 庆祝万圣节 _____ 3. 捉弄某人 _______ 4. 挖去 _______ 5. 敲门 ________ 6. 锋利的牙 ________ 7. 穿着有面具的特殊服饰 ___________ 8. 涂我们的脸 ________ 9. 喝热饮料 ________ 10. 给我们糖果作为招待 ___________ 11. 许多特殊的万圣节巧克力 __________ 12. 穿一件老虎的服装 _________

38 二. 用所给词的适当形式填空. 1.The boy often plays ______ (trick) on his classmates. 2. We have hot _____ (drink) at the party. 4. A tiger has s____ t ____.( 牙齿) 5. He often _____ (dress) up at Halloween. 6. Don’t ____ ( 喊叫 ) in class. The students are doing their homework. 7.We celebrate the festival by singing and ____ (dance). 8.( 作为 )____ a teacher, I should love my students.

39 7. Children play a game c____ “ trick or treat” at Halloween. 8. The tenth month in a year is O____. 9. Usually, children can get many ____ ( candy ) and _____ (chocolate). 10. It’s _____( 极好的 ) to win the football match. 11.Wendy wears a s____ costume at Halloween.

40 三.句型转换. 1.We play a game. It is called “trick or treat”. We play a ____ ____ “trick or treat”. ( 合并) 2. They treat us with candies. (同意句) They ____ ____ candies ____ a _____. 3.We play a game for Halloween. (提问) ____ do ____ ____ for Halloween. 4. We have a special party on October 31st. ____ ____ ____ ____ a special party. 5. We will wear a tiger costume this year. (一般疑问句) ____ ____ ____ a tiger costume this year?

41 I like candies very much. ________________________. We usually have a party for Christmas. What ____ you usually ___ for Christmas? = How do you usually spend your Christmas?

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