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广州市教育局教学研究室英语科 Module 5 Unit 4 Language Points Making the news.

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1 广州市教育局教学研究室英语科 Module 5 Unit 4 Language Points Making the news

2 广州市教育局教学研究室英语科 1) 工作, 职业 Please state your name, address, and ~. 2) 业余活动, 消遣 Fishing is a peaceful ~. 3) 占领,占有 She was born in France during the German ~. occupant n. 占有人, 占有者 occupational adj. 职业的, 职业引起的 occupy v. 占领, 占有, 使从事, 使忙于 occupation n.

3 广州市教育局教学研究室英语科 Now discuss in pairs how you would feel if you were offered a job on a famous newspaper. 这里 if 引导虚拟条件句, 表示与将来的事实 相反。 假设、愿望、建议、命令、可能 虚拟语气是一种特殊的谓语动词形式 ; 用来 表示一种假设、愿望、建议、命令、可能 等。注意主句与从句时态。

4 广州市教育局教学研究室英语科 与现在事实相反 If + 主 + did / were …, If + 主 + did / were …, 主 + should / would / could / might do 主 + should / would / could / might do与过去事实相反 If + 主 + had done …, If + 主 + had done …, 主 + should / would / could / might have done 主 + should / would / could / might have done与将来事实相反 If + 主 + did / were / were to do / should do, If + 主 + did / were / were to do / should do, 主 + should / would / might / could do 主 + should / would / might / could do 虚拟语气

5 广州市教育局教学研究室英语科 If you had come earlier, you would have met him. If I were you, I would go there at once. If it were to rain tomorrow, they would not go out.

6 广州市教育局教学研究室英语科 was to strongly influence his life as a journalist be to do… 这里表示将来的时态, 有注定的意味。 His continuous effort is to make him a successful man. be to do… 可以表示一种责任, 需要, 警告或命令的 语气。 You are to be back before 10pm. be to do… 也可以表示一种不会改变的安排或意向。 The conference is to be held on March 25th. 否定形式 be (not) to do… 表示一种可能性。 He was not to come on time.

7 广州市教育局教学研究室英语科 5. influence n. 影响力 ; 有影响力的人或事 v. 影响 ( 某人 ) 对 … 起作用 The ~ of parents is very important. It’s very clear that her painting has been ~d by Picasso. I don’t want to ~ you, so I don’t want to tell you my opinion. influential adj. 有影响力的

8 广州市教育局教学研究室英语科 delighted: very pleased and happy be delighted to do sth Sandy will be delighted to see you. be delighted (that) I'm delighted that we have settled the matter. be delighted with/by/at She was delighted with her new home. I am delighted by the result. Andrew was delighted at the chance to go to the ballet ball. delight n. / v.

9 广州市教育局教学研究室英语科 assistant adj. 助理的;副的 ~ manager / director / cook / professor / journalist assistant n. ( C ) : someone who helps someone else in their work, especially by doing the less important jobs e.g. a sales / shop ~ assist vt. 1) 帮助, 辅助 2) 搀扶 assist sb. with a task 帮助某人做某事 assist sb. to his feet 搀扶某人站起来

10 广州市教育局教学研究室英语科 experienced adj. 有经验的, 熟练的, 有见识经验丰富的常与介 词 in 或 at 连用 He is experienced in/at bargaining. experience v. 经历, 体验 Our country has experienced great changes. n. c.n. 经历, 经历的事情 u.c.n. 经验, 体验 That was an unpleasant experience. He hadn ’ t enough experience for the job.

11 广州市教育局教学研究室英语科 cover v. 采访, 报道 Journalists are soon sent to cover the terrible attack / cover the local election. v. 覆盖, 遮掩 2/3 of the earth is covered with water. v. 包括, 涉及 His lecture covered the subject thoroughly. He made a research that covers a wide field. n. 盖子, 避难所, 书刊封面 I bought the book only for its cover.

12 广州市教育局教学研究室英语科 No need for a camera. 省略句, 原句为 :There is no need for a camera. There is no need (for sb.) to do sth. 没有必要做某事情 没有必要担心钱。 There is no need to worry about money.

13 广州市教育局教学研究室英语科 eager adj. full of strong desire to do sth. Students are ~ for new knowledge. He is ~ in his studies. I am ~ about progress. be ~ to do sth He is ~ to please his boss. eagerness n. 热切, 渴望

14 广州市教育局教学研究室英语科 concentrate v. concentrate on (doing) sth. 专心致志,全神贯注  We should concentrate all our efforts on improving education.  I can’t concentrate on my studies with all that noise going on. 聚集, 集中  The troops concentrated near the station.  The crowds concentrated in the centre of the city.

15 广州市教育局教学研究室英语科 skill n. (C/U): an ability to do sth well, especially because you have learned and practised it skilled adj. : good at sth because you have experience or training 有能力的 ; 有经验的 ; 训 练过的 ( 反 ) unskilled The company is fortunate to have such highly skilled workers. skillful adj. having or showing skill 有技巧的; 熟练的 We give him instruction in safe and skillful driving.

16 广州市教育局教学研究室英语科 acquire v. gain or get by one’s effort 获得 acquisition n. 获得, 习得, 获得物 We must work hard to ~ a good knowledge of English. 注意 : acquire( 获得, 学到 ) inquire ( 询问, 问明, 查究 ) 混淆 ~ about prices require ( 要求,需要 ) Most plants ~ sunlight.

17 广州市教育局教学研究室英语科 inform V. formally or officially tell someone about sth or give them information ~ sb about/of sth Please ~ us of any change of address as soon as possible. ~ somebody (that) We regret to ~ you that your application has been rejected.

18 广州市教育局教学研究室英语科 accuse…of 控告 ; 控诉 to accuse sb of murder/theft. 控告某人谋杀 / 盗窃 n. accusation charge sb with sth The police charged him with car theft.

19 广州市教育局教学研究室英语科 demand v to ask for sth very firmly, especially because you think you have a right to do this ~ sth. of sb. Some children ~ too much of their parents. Synonyms: require; need This sorts of work ~s great patience. ~ that sb (should) do sth They demanded that the military government free all political prisoners. ~ to know / see / have sth. He kept ~ing to know how it got there.

20 广州市教育局教学研究室英语科 Homework Ex. 1 & Ex. 2 on P63

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