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Lesson 42 mud-rock- flow typhoon volcano seaquake hailstone.

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2 Lesson 42

3 mud-rock- flow typhoon volcano seaquake hailstone

4 As a hurricane moves closer to land, coastal regions begin to feel the effects of heavy rains, strong winds, and tornadoes. A hurricane's rains often result in floods and landslides. A hurricane is a tropical storm with winds that have reached a constant speed of 74 miles per hour or more. Hurricane winds blow in a large spiral around a calm center known the "eye." What is a Hurricane?

5 Sometimes a hurricane is so strong that not much is left - like with this building in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

6 1. Time and place 2. Reasons: a. b. c. a. People b. Trees c. Supplies d. Roads and paths Lucky escapes a. b. 5. Help from the army and workers strong wind raining for two days leaves still on Friday Oct. 16th 1987 England 19 15 million water and electricity cut off a woman a family 3. Damages:

7 ( B) Retell the story: 1.On Oct 16 th,1987, a hurricane. 2.The winds crossed the place at. 3.The strong winds. 4.Nineteen people. 1 Picture 1

8 1.In the morning, people found. 2.Fifteen million. 3.Fallen trees. 4.Falling trees. 5.Water supply. Picture 2

9 1.It took weeks to. 2.The army. 3.The electricity and telephone workers help. 4.They worked for weeks. Picture 3

10 Discussion: 1.If a 12 force typhoon comes to you, where will you go, what should you do? 2.Can we stop hurricane and typhoon? Since we can’t, what should we do to reduce the damage? first aid kits and essential medicine canned food and water protective clothing flashlight and batteries

11 make sure the weather report is correct 2.Can we stop hurricane and typhoon? Since we can’t, what should we do to reduce the damage? make sure of repairing to the houses or buildings that are not good do not live in the dangerous houses and find a safe shelter

12 Language Points: 1.Strike(struck,struck/stricken) 打、击、给很深的印象 / 突然产生(某种想法) He stuck a match and held it to my cigarette. As I watched you,an idea struck me. The clock has just struck 14 o’clock. What struck me was that he was not telling the truth.

13 2. 虚拟语气(与过去事实相反的假设) 条件句谓语( had done ), 而主句谓语动词 (would/should have done) If I had gone to yang town last week, I would have met that famous singer named Mao Amin. 1. 如果你昨晚来了,你就可以见到史密斯先生。 2. 如果他今天早晨早点起床,他就不会错过这趟火车。 If you had come last night, you would have seen Mr. Smith. If he had got up earlier this morning, he would not have missed the train.

14 3.Besides, it was autumn and therefore the trees still had their leaves on. 再说, 又是秋天,树上还有树叶。 have on 意为 “ 穿着,戴着 ” ,句中的 “had their leaves on” 意为 “ 树叶披戴在树 上 ” 。 他离开时,穿着一件深色衬衫。 When he left, he had on a blue shirt.

15 4.For these reasons, the strong winds pushed over the tree very easily. 由于这 些原因,大风很容易把这些树刮倒。 push over 意为 “ 推倒 ”“ 刮倒 ” 。 1.Take care not to push the baby over. 2. I was nearly pushed over by a crowd of boys suddenly pouring out of the school gate.

16 ⑵ blocking roads, paths and railway lines. 现在分词短语作结果状语 eg. His parents died in the same year, leaving him an orphan. 大火持续了三个小时,总共死亡 15 名工人。 The fire lasted for 3 hours, killing 15 workers in all.

17 Electricity lines as well as telephone poles were brought down by falling trees or branches. ⑴ as well as 是连词词组,意为 “ 同 ” 、 “ 和 ” , 当其连接两个并列的主语时,谓语动词 应与前面的主语一致。 ① Air as well as water____(be) matter. ② My sister as well as my parents ______(enjoy)music. is enjoys

18 7.Many towns and villages had their water supply cut off because there was no electricity. 句中的 had their water supply cut off 是 have sth. done 句型,意为 “ 某物遭到 / 受到 …”. ① I had my hand burnt in preparing the meal. ②我的钱包被人偷了。 I had my wallet stolen. ③ 工人们昨晚让机器整晚工作着。 The workers had the machines working all the night. have /get/find/keep sth. doing/done have sb. do sth.

19 8.Many people had lucky escapes.One woman was lying in bed, awake, listening to the rushing winds. 1. The thief hid himself in the corner, afraid of being caught. 2. He did his homework in his bedroom, careful not to make any mistakes. 3. 他躺在草地上, 望着天上的星星. 4 妈妈静静地坐在那儿,想起了她的过去。 He lay on the grass, looking at the stars in the sky. Mother sat there silent, thinking of her past.

20 9. They worked long hours for several weeks before everything returned to normal It was a long time before I got to sleep again. He practised half a year before he was able to teach. 我们在雨中走了两个小时才到达那个村庄。 We walked two hours in the rain before we reached the village.

21 Fast Reading (T or F?) 1. Three famous parks in and around London had over 1,400 trees blown over. 2. Kew Gardens is an old and famous research center for trees in the London area. 3. Kew Gardens has many many old and unusual trees. 4. In the hurricane the center lost over 1,000 trees. 5. The weather report on the evening before the storm was right. Keys : T T T T F

22 Listening and reading Listen to the tape and get further understanding about the Lesson. And then finish Ex.1 on Page125. Keys: B B D C A

23 1. 我们必须在飓风来临之前完成这项工作. We must have the work finished before the hurricane comes. 2. 你不要老让你儿子一直洗衣服. Don’t have your son washing the clothes all the time. 3. 你能帮我寄一下信吗 ? May I have you post the letter for me. have have sb. doing sth. have sb. do sth. Have/get sth. done. 让人一直干某事或处于某种状态 让人干事情, 通常指一次性、一件事的全过程 某事被做, 或遭受 …… Language points Three famous parks in and around London had over 1,400 trees blown over.

24 A : When did you have your hair cut? I am going to have my bike repaired. 让别人为自己做某事, have 是 “ 让、使 ” 的意思。 B : We must have the work finished tomorrow. 为了完成某事,本人既可以参与,也可以不参 与。 C : Her mother had her money stolen while doing shopping yesterday. Mr. Smith had his windows broken in the storm. “ 遭到、遭遇 ” 的意思。往往是使人无法预料的 结果。

25 add to 1.The trees and flowers greatly add to the beauty of the city square. 2. 城市不断在扩建. The building has been added to from to time. 这将增加我的快乐。 That will add to my pleasure. add…to 3.Add 3 to 5,and you will get 8.

26 take the place of 也可以说 take one’s place 或 replace sb./sth. 1. What can take the place of the lost happiness? No one can take the place of your manager. No one can take your manager’s place 2. 没有人能够替你们经理工作. before 1.We walked two hours before we reached the village. 2. It was not long before he had to move on. 3. It will be several months before he is fit for the job. 再过两年, 我的大学生活才开始. 4. It will be two years before my university life begins.. It will be + 一段时间 +before+ 从句 ( 谓语动词用一般 现在时 ) 是个常用句型, 意为 “ 再过多长时间就 ---”

27 on one's way 即将到来;在 …… 的路上 on one's way 后面既可接副词、 to 引导的介词短语 和动词不定式短语作后置定语。如: On my way home, I lost my keys. 在回家的路上, 我把钥匙弄丢了。 Mary told me that her brother was on his way to China. 玛丽告诉我说她的哥哥很快就要到达中国了。 On my way to school in the morning, I met an old friend of mine. 早晨,在上学的路上见到了我的一个老朋友。 On her way to go to school, she was knocked by a bike. 在上学的路上,她被一辆自行车撞倒了。 Now her mother is on her way to see a film. 现在她妈妈正在去看电影的路上。

28 Practice on them: n the earthquake. 1. Most of the electricity lines were in the earthquake. a. blown down b. brought down c. put down d. cut down 2. When someone falls ill, we’d better the doctor as quickly as possible. a. call at b. call for c. call in d. call back 3. He the hospital to see if she was better. a. called for b. called in c. called at d. called back 4. No branches are allowed the trees. a. to be cut down be cut off c. to cut through d. to cut into

29 Homework: 1. 该地区突发了这可怕的疾病。 2. 我们必须在飓风来临之前完成这项工作.. have sth.done 3. 你不要老让你儿子一直洗衣服. 4. 如果以前你对自己要求不严的话,你不会取得如此 大的进步。 5. 要过很长一段时间一切才会恢复正常。 The area was struck by such a terrible disease. We must have the work finished before the hurricane comes. Don’t have your son washing the clothes all the time. If you hadn’t been so strict with yourself, you wouldn’t have made such great progress. It will be a long time before everything returns to normal.

30 Translation: 1. 该地区突发了这可怕的疾病。 2. 钟刚才敲了五下. 3. 父亲昨晚病的很厉害, 我们不得不把医生请来. 4.whenever and wherever floods or earthquake happened, the PLA solders were _______ to help rescue the people. 5. People are calling for freedom and equality of all men and women. 6 车祸造成了多人丧身. 7. 当心, 别把孩子推倒了. The area was struck by such a terrible disease. The clock struck five just now Father was so ill last night that we had to call the doctor in. Car accidents have caused many deaths. Take care not to push the baby over. called in

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