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For your next vacation, why not consider___( 访问 ) Paris? Paris is the __( 首都 ) of France, and is one of the ___( 最有活力 的 ) __ ( 城市 ) in Europe. It doesn’t.

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Presentation on theme: "For your next vacation, why not consider___( 访问 ) Paris? Paris is the __( 首都 ) of France, and is one of the ___( 最有活力 的 ) __ ( 城市 ) in Europe. It doesn’t."— Presentation transcript:


2 For your next vacation, why not consider___( 访问 ) Paris? Paris is the __( 首都 ) of France, and is one of the ___( 最有活力 的 ) __ ( 城市 ) in Europe. It doesn’t have any ___( 沙滩 ) or mountains, but there are still many things to do there. For example, it has some fantastic sights,__( 包括 ) the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame Cathedral, one of the most famous churches in the world.__( 旅行 ) around Paris by taxi can cost a lot of money, but it’s usually quite convenient___( 乘坐 ) the underground train to most places. ____( 一般来说 ), though, France is quite an expensive place. One thing that is not expensive in France, however, is the wine. Most people in France have learned English. But many people don’t like to speak English, especially in Paris. So unless you speak French yourself, it’s best__( 和 …… 旅行 ) someone who can translate things for you.

3 The writer and his family want to ______( 度假) somewhere ______( 在中国的东部).He hopes the travel agency can _____( 提供) them ____ some information about the ______( 一系列的旅游服务) that their firm can offer. They would like to travel to somewhere _____( 令人 激动). They don’t mind ______( 有多远).It has to be a place _______( 他们可以做很多户外运动), _____( 特别) hiking and swimming.They also want to stay _______( 便宜 的宾馆) and get a room______( 带有厨房). The room should be ______( 足够 3 个人住). They also would like to stay in a place ____( 有大池子或在海边). Could you give them some ____( 建议) for _______( 假期游览地点)? Also they want to know if it’s best ____(travel) by plane or by bus. They would like ____ ( 离开) for three weeks.

4 Translate these phrases 跋涉穿越丛林 去度假 有一天 休闲的地方 考虑做某事 … 的首都 奇异的景观 一般来说 相当昂贵的地方 最好做 … 应该 …/ 被期望 trek through the jungle go on vacation some day/someday/one day somewhere relaxing consider doing sth. the capital of… fantastic sights in general quite an expensive place it’s best to do sth. be supposed to do/be…

5 Translate these phrases 去旅行 为某人提供 相关信息 做很多户外运动 需要做某事 住个不贵的旅馆 带厨房的房间 足够大 靠海的地方 旅游地点 离开三周 take a trip/go on a trip provide sb. with… information about… do lots of outdoor activities need to do sth. stay in an inexpensive hotel a room with a kitchen big enough somewhere near the ocean vacation spots be away for three weeks

6 1 、我们学十一门学科,包括体育。 We learn eleven, PE. 2 、珠海是最有生机的城市之一。 Zhuhai is. 3 、我们家乡是个相当安静的地方。 Our hometown is. 4 、我希望你们能提供一些有关奥运的信息。 I hope you can me some the Olympic Games. subjects including one of the liveliest cities provide with information about quite a quiet place

7 Talk about Talk about hopes and dreams hopes and dreams

8 Before you read Think of an example of a hope and a dream. Do you think hope and dream are the same? A hope A hope A dream Go to college Have lots of money like Bill Gates

9 Learning strategy: READING WITH FOCUS 1.Adjust the speed you read according to the amount of detail you need to take in. 2.Underline key points as you read, to remember what you read. 3.Read faster the second time you read. 学习策略:重点阅读 1. 按照你需要了解的细节数量调整你 阅读的速度。 2. 阅读时要在关键点下划线,以便记 住你阅读的内容。 3. 读第二遍时要读快一些。

10 v. 航行, 驾驶 n. 太平洋 n. 发现, 发现物 v.( 使 ) 继续,( 使 ) 连续 n. 编程, 规划, 设计 n. 翻译员 n. 运动员 n. 结论 v. 报道,报告 n. 态度 sail Pacific finding continue programming translator sportspeople conclusion report attitude

11 1.Why do some students want to start work as soon as possible? 2.What is important to students about the work they do ? 3.What example is given of an impossible dream? Because they can help provide better lives for their parents. Do the jobs they enjoy. Three students said they’d like to be able to fly.

12 Discuss the following questions in small groups with reference to the reading. 1.Is there anyone in the world who does not hope or dream? 2.Might the dreams of Chinese teenagers be different from western teenagers? 3.Can dreams come true?

13 Go for it ! I’d love to have my own company one day I’d love to study abroad after leaving school I can achieve that by …

14 My dream I wish I could be a cook, Turning the pages of my recipe (烹饪) book. Thinking and making food, And eating half of it according to my mood( 情绪). I wish I could be a toy maker, Making different toys for others. And as far as I’m concerned ( 有关的 ). I shall make a rabbit for myself.

15 Writing Think about the questions and make a list of your dreams on a piece of paper. 1.Do you have hopes and dreams? What are they? Why do you have it? 2. How can you achieve your dreams?

16 Useful expressions: dream about = dream of take part in as soon as possible according to quite a few be willing to hold on to come true 梦到 参加 尽快 根据 相当多 乐意做某事 抓住 … 不放 实现

17 Choose the right answers to the questions. 1.The young sailor wants to _____ the Taiwan Channel. A. walk across B. go cross C. sail across D. sail cross 2.Many _____the students took part in the survey. A. thousands of B. thousands C. thousand D. thousand of 3.It___that some students like playing better than studying. A. seemed B. seems C. is seemed D. is seeming 4.____their answers, the most popular choice of job is computer programming. A. According that B. Accorded to C. According to 5. Many students hope to ______ after ______ school. A. continue studying ; finish B. continue to study; finish C. continue study; finished D. continue studying; finishing 6.My dream of ___ Singapore will ____.A. visit; come true B. visiting; come true C. visiting; be come true C A B C D B

18 1.I ’ d love to sail across the Pacific. 2.Here are some of the findings of a survey about hopes and dreams, in which thousands of students across China took part. 3.It seems some students would like to start work as soon as possible, so that they can help provide better lives for their parents. 4.It was clear from the survey that teenagers have similar hopes. 5.One day they might just come true. 6.Might the dreams of Chinese teenagers be different from others? 7.I can achieve that by finding out how successful people did it.


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