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蘇世名 台南人 交大運管系 運輸行銷與管理實驗室 興趣: 當志工、攝影 、閱讀、羽球 2016/7/8 國立交通大學 運管系碩一@蘇世名 1.

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Presentation on theme: "蘇世名 台南人 交大運管系 運輸行銷與管理實驗室 興趣: 當志工、攝影 、閱讀、羽球 2016/7/8 國立交通大學 運管系碩一@蘇世名 1."— Presentation transcript:

1 蘇世名 台南人 交大運管系 運輸行銷與管理實驗室 興趣: 當志工、攝影 、閱讀、羽球 2016/7/8 國立交通大學 運管系碩一@蘇世名 1

2 2016/7/8 國立交通大學 運管系碩一@蘇世名 2

3 公司 標誌 Customer Loyalty in the Airline Industry 指導老師:任維廉 2016/7/8 國立交通大學 運管系碩一@蘇世名 3 written by Lee, M.L. and Cunningham, L.F. Transportation Quarterly, 50 (2), p.57-72, 1996 報告學生:蘇世名

4 Angenda Introduction The Service Loyalty Framework The Airline Industry Environment Different Viewpoints and Perspectives of Customer Loyalty Conclusions Discussions 2016/7/8 國立交通大學 運管系碩一@蘇世名 4

5 Introduction Service not only offers business opportunities but also poses competitive threats The airline industry was deregulated in 1978 Little is known about the effectiveness of such short-term incentives on profitability The quality of airline service has continued to decline 2016/7/8 國立交通大學 運管系碩一@蘇世名 5

6 The Service Loyalty Framework 2016/7/8 國立交通大學 運管系碩一@蘇世名 6 Service Quality Economic Cost Transaction Cost Switching Cost Costs ( + ) ( - ) ( + ) Service Value ( + ) Service Loyalty Benefits

7 The Airline Industry Environment After deregulation in 1978 –Allow to set price and enter and exit –Price cutting strategies –Lack of marketing sophistication The recession of 1980 –More fierce among U.S. domestic carriers 2016/7/8 國立交通大學 運管系碩一@蘇世名 7


9 The Econimist Approach Jordan(1970)and Douglas and Miller(1974) –Flight frequency –Load factors –Transit time –Type of aircraft 2016/7/8 國立交通大學 運管系碩一@蘇世名 9

10 The Government Response Air Travel Consumer Report(1987-present) –On-time performance –Mishandle baggage –Overbooking –Consumer complaints many structural and methodological problem –Self-report bias –Only catch some passenger’s complaints 2016/7/8 國立交通大學 運管系碩一@蘇世名 10

11 The Consumer Researcher Perspective Parasuraman, Berry, and Zeithaml(1987-present) –SERVQUAL Tangibles, reliability, responsiveness, assurance, and empathy Bitner, et al(1990) –CIT ( critical incident technique ) Response to “special needs” 2016/7/8 國立交通大學 運管系碩一@蘇世名 11

12 The Industry Specialist Kearney(1986) –Accessibility of delayed flight information –Airline’s response to delayed flights –air fare, seat comfort,availability of pre- assigned seats and non-stop flights Gourdin and Kloppenborg(1991) –Convenient departure/arrival time –Boarding security checks –Prompt flight information 2016/7/8 國立交通大學 運管系碩一@蘇世名 12

13 The Industry Specialist Airline Quality Rating –19 factors Such as : on-time performance, number of accident, flight problem, delayed boarding, mishandled baggage, and etc. Morash and Ozment(1994) –Airline core service flows –Airline peripheral service flows –Airline communication flows –Airline capacity utilization 2016/7/8 國立交通大學 運管系碩一@蘇世名 13

14 The Consulting Company Approach Zagat(1993) –Comfort, service, reliability/timeliness, food quality, and cost J. D. Power and Associates(1993) –Preflight factors –Inflight factors –Postfilght factors 2016/7/8 國立交通大學 運管系碩一@蘇世名 14

15 Conclusions The cost component has been relatively overlooked Airline service quality is a multifaceted phenomenon ( Gourdin emphasize partnership ) The lack of theory has made it difficult to test the validity and reliability of the measures of those variables. 2016/7/8 國立交通大學 運管系碩一@蘇世名 15

16 Conclusions Studies use a cross-sectional approach –Overlook future anticipation Service Quality perception and customer loyalty are dynamic processes 2016/7/8 國立交通大學 運管系碩一@蘇世 名 16

17 Discussion 經濟不景氣使價格因素更影響忠誠度 VIP 的獲利結構 (20/80) 從顧客滿意到愛慕成為信徒 (ex. 品牌忠誠 ) 2016/7/8 國立交通大學 運管系碩一@蘇世名 17

18 2016/7/8 國立交通大學 運管系碩一@蘇世名 18

19 2016/7/8 國立交通大學 運管系碩一@蘇世 名 19 Parasuraman, Zeithaml, and Berry 1991,1988,1985 SERVQUAL Model

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