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Book Two Unit One  Knowledge understand the theme: Culture shock understand the life philosophy in USA and in China—— time awareness and value Skill.

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2 Book Two Unit One

3  Knowledge understand the theme: Culture shock understand the life philosophy in USA and in China—— time awareness and value Skill Reading strategies Writing skills Awareness Critical literacy Cultural awareness Awareness of autonomous learning IIII nnnn ssss tttt rrrr uuuu cccc tttt iiii oooo nnnn aaaa llll o o o o bbbb jjjj eeee cccc tttt iiii vvvv eeee ssss


5 OBJECTIVES Talk about Time-conscious Americans 1 2 Enlarge Vocabulary 3 Learn to read for main ideas 4 Learn about cultural differences


7 Proverbs of time Read the following proverbs. Have you ever learnt them? What are the Chinese versions for them? 1. Time works wonders. 时间创造奇迹。

8 2. Time tries truth. 时间检验真理。 3. Time is the best healer. 4. Time and tide wait for no man. 时间是治愈创伤的良药。 时间不等人。(时不我待。) 5. All time is no time when it is past. 机不可失,时不再来。

9 Situation 1 Situation 1 – an appointment How to Manage the Following Situations? Situation 2 Situation 2 – home visit Situation 3 Situation 3 – to a party Situation 4 Situation 4 – being invited to dinner Situation 5 Situation 5 – an interview

10 Situation 1: Dr. Tom McDivern from NY is practicing medicine in a rural area in Saudi Arabia. His opening day was booked fully a week ago. But half an hour passed, neither of his first two patients arrived. Why?

11 Americans tend to be _________. To the Arabians, _________ ________________ is acceptable. To the Arabians, _________ ________________ is acceptable. punctual half an hour or 40 minutes late

12 Situation 2: On your way home, it occurred to you that your American friend Mary had invited you to visit her when you were free. Then you dropped in on her house. But when you knocked at the door …

13 In China, it’s OK to visit friends without calling ahead of time. While in the U.S., it’s impolite to do so. Mary felt surprised. Why? What is the polite way in the U.S.? Calling ahead of time.

14 Situation 3: Your American friend invited you to her party tonight at 7:30. When are you supposed to get there? Why? A. Before 7:00, to help her to prepare. B. 5’ - 10’ late, not to be the first guest. C. After 8:00, I’m the VIP. D. 5’ - 10’ earlier, it’s a polite way to show my respect for her.

15 In the U.S., people tend to be _____________. In China, close friends tend to arrive _______________ , but acquaintances tend to arrive _______________. 5’ - 10’ late (B) before 7:00 (A) 5’ - 10’ earlier (D)

16 Situation 4: Your American friend invited you to her house for dinner at 6:30. When are you supposed to get there? A. Right on time. B. Be fashionably late. C. Half an hour late. D. About 5’ - 10’ earlier. The Americans The Chinese

17 Before you go, it’s always best to 1. ________________ 2. ________________ 3. ________________ When you go to a party, you’d be ______________. When you go to somebody’s house for dinner, you’d be _________, i.e. not to be ______, not to be _____, just ____________. To Visit Friends in the U.S. late earl y give them a phone. send them a letter. send them an e- mail. fashionably late punctual right on time

18 During an interview, the American boss asks about your idea on salary as a secretary, which answer will be good for you? Guess Situation 5:

19 1. Any sum of money is OK for me. 2. At least $2500, I’m the best. 3. $1,000 a month. I can make it. 4. Oh, money is not important to me. I don’t come here simply for money.

20 In America, a person’s success is based on how much money he makes. And Americans are not afraid of showing their confidence. To most Chinese, it’d be the responsibility of the company to decide the salary according to the employee’s performance. Tips THIS MAY BE DUE TO CULTURAL DIFFERENCES

21 1. greetings 2. thinking 3. expressing ideas 4. educating 5. parenting Cultural differences exist in the ways of … 6. responding to compliments & praise …

22 Learning a foreign Learning a foreign language well means more than mastering the pronunciation, grammar and expressions. It also means learning its culture. Suggestions


24 Americans save time carefully. (Para. 1) Americans ’ attitude towards time and how they try to save time in daily life and in business (Paras. 2-7) Time is a precious source. (Para. 2) Americans save time in their daily life. (Para.3) Americans save time in doing business. (Para.4) Americans produce labor-saving devices in order to save time. (Paras.5-7) It is taken as a sign of skillfulness or being competent to solve a problem or fulfill a job successfully with speed in the US. (Para.8)

25 Structure Analysis WHAT? How? What does the writer want to tell us? How does he support his idea? By giving specific details, then telling the reasons. Americans are time conscious. Click for details

26 A general point: Americans are people Reasons (R): 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. … Specific Details (SD): Topic of Para.1 Topic of Para.2 Topic of Para.3 Topic of Para.4 Topic of Para.5 - 7

27 If you’re not moving ahead, you’re falling behind. SD: R: Para.1 Americans believe no one stands still. Para.2 SD: R: Time is treated as if it were something almost real. Time is a precious resource.

28 Para.3 SD: Everyone in the U.S. is in a rush. R: They are often under pressure. Para.4 SD: Americans quickly start talking business. R: Time is always ticking in their inner ear.

29 Para.5 - 7 SD: We work hard to save time. How? We produce a steady flow of labor-saving devices. R: These devices can save the feet and endless amounts of time. Para. 8 Americans take it as a sign of skillfulness to do things quickly. The foreigners have different ideas from those of Americans. SD: R:


31 1.How is time treated in America? And why? (Para. 2) Time was treated as if it were something real. Because they regard time as a precious resource.

32 2. What is the first impression of the U.S. likely to be? (Para. 3) Everyone is in a rush——often under pressure.

33 3. What examples do the writer give to show that Americans work hard at the task of saving time? (Para. 5) Americans produce a steady flow of labor-saving devices: they communicate rapidly through faxes, phone calls or emails rather than through personal contacts.


35 Key Words and Phrases:  fall behind  result in  account for  count  convention  much less  Given (that)  be worthy of

36 1.fall behind sb./sth.(L1) :落在 …… 后面 ① become bit by bit further behind Typical sentence: To fall behind others. 落后于别人 To fall behind sb. in study. 在学习方面落后 Selected example: Like boating up the river, if you’re not moving ahead, you’re falling behind. 逆水行舟,不进则退。

37 1.fall behind with sth. :在某方面滞后; 拖欠。 ② fail to produce sth. at the proper time e.g. fall behind with the rent 拖欠租金 Use it: Fall behind with the wages of peasant workers. 拖欠民工工资。 Fall behind with one’s work. 拉下工作

38 (L2) 2. result in (L2) = cause, lead to, bring about. 用法点拨: 用法点拨: 前因+ result in + 后果. Typical example: Learning without thinking always results in perplexity. 学而不思则惘。 比来比去: 比来比去: *result from —be caused by, because of.  前果+ result from + 后因 Nothing has resulted from his efforts. 他的努力终成泡影。

39 (L6) 3. account for (L6) ① give a satisfactory explanation for… 说明 用法点拨: Account for: 解释或说明原因。因此不必再 加上 reason ,以免出现内涵上的重复。 The man couldn’t account for the fact that the money was found in his house. 用法延伸: Account to sb. for sth. 向某人解释某事。 Jenny had to account to her father for every penny she spent.

40 3. account for: ② be a proportion of sth. 占某个数额或 比例。 Typical example: Girls account for half of our class. 女生占我们班一半人数。 phrases: * * * * * on account of 由于 ; on no account 绝不; take account of = take … into account 考 虑到

41 (L9) 4. count (L9) vi. If sth. counts, it’s important or valuable; 有价值,重要。 vt. Calculate 计数 Typical examples: Every minute counts. / Every penny counts. Nothing counts, money counts. Every minute counts before the exam. phrases: phrases: count in 把 …… 算入; count on/upon = rely on 指望; count out 逐一数出; count up 总计

42 5. take sth. personally ( l.18): 认为某事是针 对自己的 You must not take my remarks about your plan personally. 你不得把我对你们的计划的意见认为是针对你个人 的。 Misunderstanding may result from taking such a comment personally. 将这种评论视为针对个人的意见可能导致误解。

43 (L24) 6. convention (L24) n. customary practice 习俗,惯例 比来比去: Convention :指为社会团体所认可的习惯做法,或双方 所接受的协定。 Military convention 军事协定 Tradition: 指一个民族世代沿袭的传统。 e.g. The Chinese traditions. 中华民族传统。 Custom: 指地方性风俗,或一个人的习惯做法。 Local ~ Practice: 指约定俗成的做法或惯例。 e.g. International practice. 国际惯例

44 7. much less (L28) still less, let alone , not to mention. 更不用说 用法点拨: 该短语用于连接两种对比情况。前句一般为否定, 后句则为肯定。所接成分与前句对称。 Examples: The old man can hardly walk, much less run. She is not a pretty lady, much less a man-killer.

45 (L35) 8. given + noun (L35) = (given that clause) prep. taking into account 考虑到 …… 用法点拨:这是一种退而论之的表达法。 Given + n. = Given + that 从句。 examples: Given their inexperience, they’ve done a good job. Given that they’re inexperienced, they’ve done a good job.

46 (L50) 9. be worthy of (L50) deserving 值得 Example. A responsible and caring teacher is always worthy of students’ respect. Typical sentence: Such a trifle is not worthy of mentioning. 区区小事,何足挂齿?

47 worth, worthy 句型搭配: be worth + n. = be worthy of +n. be worth doing = be worthy of being done cf. : of being done. sth. is worthy to be done. The exhibition is well __________ a visit.

48 Match Game stand still 投入 have an acute sense of 推桑着你走过去 restlessly 增进信任 seek attention in a store push past you small exchanges 焦躁不安地 安排社交约会 停止不前 ritual interaction develop a sense of trust make social appointments save the feet pour sth. into 指望店员的服务 礼节性交往 深深感到 随意的闲聊 免去走路之劳


50 1. Much less (Still less)… 的用法 (L.28)  Much less (Still less) 用以连接两个具有落 差的情况。前者为低,后者为高。表示 “ 前 者都不成立,更不用说后者 ” 。前句一般为 否定,后者形式上为肯定,而意义上则为否 定。相似用法为 let alone, not to mention.  Much less 可参照前句的结构连接名词短语 或动作行为,与前句相同的成分则可以省略 ,构成平行结构。

51 Let’s practice it! 1. The company can hardly make ends meet, _____________________________ ( 更不用说扩大业务了 ). 2. I cannot afford to buy a motorcycle, _________________________( 更甭提买小车了 ). 3. It’s impossible for the 80-year-old man to walk, _____________________________ ( 更别言跑步了 ). 4. I have never seen the man, _______________________( 更谈不上跟他谈过话 ). much less expand its business. much less a car. much less to run. much less spoken to him.

52 2. Whereas 引导的并列句 (L.47)  Whereas 引导的并列句表示转折,引出与前句 相反或有出入的情况,以形成鲜明的对照。  Whereas 的用法相当于 while, but 或 in contrast ,只是 whereas 多用于文书等正式文体中。 e.g. We thought she did not like us, whereas in fact she was just very shy. They want a house, whereas/while we would rather live in a flat.

53 1. Americans believe no one stands still. If you are not moving ahead, you are falling behind. (L1) 此处的 stand still 属于 “ 谓语动词+形容词(作主语的补语) ” 此处的 stand still 属于 “ 谓语动词+形容词(作主语的补语) ” 不进则退

54 2. This attitude results in a nation of people committed to researching, experimenting and exploring. (L2) 后置定语 Practice

55 Decide your choice and tell why: 1. The gardens ________ with beautiful flowers sparkled in the heavy dew. A. crowding B. crowded 2. He didn’t wish it ___________. A. mentioned B. mentioning B A

56 What do I experience again? The deep felt wish. What is the wish? To be part of a … To sit by the fire… Structure Paraphrase They will be sad because they will not have the usual exchanges that go with a welcoming cup of tea or coffee. These usual exchanges may be a common and regular practice on similar occasions in their own country. 3. They will miss the ritual interaction that goes with a welcoming cup of tea or coffee that may be a convention in their own country. (L23) 他们也许还会想念那种喝着茶或咖啡招待客人 的礼节性交往,这也许是他们自己国家的一种 习俗。 Translation refers to ritual interaction refers to the previous sentence

57 4. Unless a certain amount of time is allowed to elapse, it seems in their eyes as if the task being considered were insignificant, not worthy of proper respect. (L49) Normal order: This wish is so intense that … so…that… 太 …… 以致于 …… Structure Paraphrase If a certain amount of time is not allowed to pass, it will give the impression, in their opinion, that the task being considered is not important or not properly respected. 在他们看来,如果不是花一定时间来处理某件 事的话,则这件事就好象是无足轻重的,不值 得给予适当的重视。 Translation “ 此时被处理的 ”

58 5. In the U.S., however, it’s taken as a sign of skillfulness or being competent to solve a problem, or fulfill a job successfully, with speed. (L.51) be able to do Be competent for sth.


60 How to organize a good paragraph Normally, a paragraph consists of three parts:  one or two topic sentences ---to indicate the main idea of the paragraph;  several development sentences ---- to explain or support the main idea;  a concluding sentence --- to draw a conclusion.

61 Computers will play an increasingly important role in our daily life. Computers could measure brain activity to determine the quality of our work. Doctors will use computers to evaluate and identify motor problems, figure out repair costs and locate repair shops. Home computers will take care of regular duties at home, help with homework and order food. This is because computers can work more efficiently for us. Sample 1

62 Topic sentence : Computers will play an increasingly important role in our daily life. Development sentences: 1. Computers measure brain activity. 2. Computers evaluate and treat sickness. 3. Computers in car show us routes, take money from our bank. 4. Home computers take care of regular duties at home. Conclusion: Computers are working efficiently.

63 Tips for Writing: 1.Decide the topic. 2.Write the topic sentence. 3.Turn the topic sentence into HOW & WHY question. 4.Before writing, outline details & reasons of the questions. 5. Give an appropriate conclusion.

64 Sample 2 Topic: “Protection of the environment has become a major concern of society. ” Outline: Specific details: *teachers & pupils, specific meeting, discuss the protection of environment *city planners, environment problems, take … into consideration *factories, reduce pollution, at a high cost Reasons: bad air & water pollution affect everyone, cities to survive, businesses to make a profit

65 Your Task : Try to write your own paragraph supported by a topic sentence, development sentences and a conclusion. Topics : 1. Computers are of great use to our daily life 2. English is Becoming More Important ( You can choose one of the two topics.)

66 Translation: 1. As he missed his last class, he had to__________ _____________________( 向老师说明缺席的原因 ). 2. The president is the only person______________ ( 真正管事的 ) at the university. 3. _______( 期末考试在即 ), so if you don’t work hard enough, ________________( 你可能会落后于别人 ). 4. _________( 看她对孩子们的兴趣 ), teaching should be the right career for her. 5. she wouldn’t take a drink, _________( 更别说留下吃 饭了 ).

67 Translation: 6. Some people have more money than they can spend, ____________________( 而我却没有钱花 ). 7. A happy marriage___________( 未必就与金钱相随 相伴 ),for people may sometimes __________( 成为 金钱的奴隶 ). 8. Because of ___________( 天气的突变 ), we had to _________( 消磨周末时光 )by playing cards indoors. 9. A man who is generous, considerate, responsible and caring_________________( 是值得你去爱的 ). 10. When the police burst into the room, they found _________________________( 罪犯躺着死去了 ).

68 Reference Key to translation : 1. account to his teacher for his absence. 2. that really counts. 3. Final exam is at hand./ you are likely to fall behind others. 4. Given her interest in children. 5. much less stay for dinner. 6. whereas I have no money to spend. 7. does not necessarily go with money./ become slaves to money. 8. the abrupt change of weather./ kill our weekend hours. 9. is worthy of your love. 10. the criminal lay dead.


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