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Warming up. Heavy! Difficult! Hard! Tired! 1. Easy! 2. Fast! 3. Free!

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1 Warming up

2 Heavy! Difficult! Hard! Tired!

3 1. Easy! 2. Fast! 3. Free!

4 CD / DVD-ROM CRT monitor LCD monitor CPUhard disc chips /motherboard

5 keyboard mouse modem scanner printer speaker

6 floppy discUSB flash disc CD/DVD/VCDMP3 player

7 1 2 4 3 5 6 1. monitor 2. screen 3. CD-ROM 4. mouse 5. keyboard 6. hard disk Label each part

8 Look at these pictures. Discuss what they have in common. Predict what it is going to be about.

9 What’s next?

10 Reading: Who am I?

11 Listen to the tape and answer these questions. 2 Who was the first person to invent the earliest computer? 3 Who was the next important person to design computers? Charles Babbage Alan Turing 1 Who am I? A computer.

12 timeline 1642: The computer began as a calculating machine. 1822: the Analytical Machine was built by Charles Babbage. 1936: Alan Turing wrote a book to describe how computer could be made. 1960s: Computer had new transistors and became smaller. 1970s: Computers were brought into people’s homes. Now: Computers connect people all over the world together. Scanning

13 Calculating machine Computer Internet Analytical machine Artificial intelligence Universal machine The development of computers:

14 Useful phrases calculating machine Analytical machine card with holes technological revolution universal machine artificial intelligence go by by internet human race 计算器 分析机 穿孔卡 技术革命 万能机, 通用机器 人工智能 走过,过去 通过网络 人类

15 The development of computers: Calculating machine Analytical machine Universal machine Artificial intelligence Computer Internet

16 Intensive reading: Underline the phrases &sentences that you think are important

17 Star sentences P1 L2 I followed instructions from cards with holes. P1 5 Earlier I was not very big, but then I became huge. P1 L6 However, people thought I was simple-minded until they discovered I had “artificial intelligence.” 我执行穿孔卡的指令 早些时候我并不是很大,但是后来我变得非常大 可是,人们认为我头脑简单, 直到发现我有人工智能时, 他们才不那么想了。

18 P1 L8 As the years have gone by, I have been made smaller and smaller. P2 L1 There were times when my size was totally changed. P2 L3 But I was always so lonely standing there by myself,until in the early 1960s,they gave me a family connected by a network. 随着岁月的流逝, 我被做得越来越小了 有段时期我的体积完全变了 但是我总是孤孤单单地站在那里,直到 60 年代初, 人们才 给了我一个用网络连接的家庭。

19 Summary: what have we learned? 1.some words about computers. 2 the development of computers 3 some scientists relating to computers.

20 Advantages and disadvantages of the computers. Discussion

21 advantages we can communicate with friends listen to the music see films & watch news play games do shopping save a lot of time do a lot of useful things Disadvantages Some people especially the teenagers abandon ( 沉迷于 ) themselves to the computer games and chatting on the Internet. As a result, they have little time to study. Some people use the computer wrongly

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