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侦探 线索 丢失 谋杀 犯罪嫌疑人 中等的 不整洁的 有罪的 事实,真相 猜,猜测 说谎 detective clue missing murder suspect medium untidy guilty truth guess lie Check your homework--words.

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Presentation on theme: "侦探 线索 丢失 谋杀 犯罪嫌疑人 中等的 不整洁的 有罪的 事实,真相 猜,猜测 说谎 detective clue missing murder suspect medium untidy guilty truth guess lie Check your homework--words."— Presentation transcript:


2 侦探 线索 丢失 谋杀 犯罪嫌疑人 中等的 不整洁的 有罪的 事实,真相 猜,猜测 说谎 detective clue missing murder suspect medium untidy guilty truth guess lie Check your homework--words

3 写出下列短语 1. 寻找线索 2. 失踪 3. 中等个头 4. 说实话 5. 看起来不整洁,紧张 6. 侦探故事 7. 谁是谋杀者 8. 对某人做笔录 make notes on sb look for clues go missing be of medium height tell the truth look untidy and nervous detective stories who is the murderer 导预疑学

4 根据句意和中文提示写出单词 1. He’s a man of _____________( 中等的 )height. 2. Frank looked _____________( 不整洁的 )and nervous yesterday. 3. The four __________( 嫌疑犯 ) all say that they’re not ____________ (有罪的). 4. I think ___________( 侦探 ) stories are very exciting. I like them best. medium untidy suspects guilty detective 导预疑学

5 Do you like reading detective stories? Many people like reading detective stories because they are exciting and full of mysteries.

6 Sherlock Holmes 夏洛克. 福尔摩斯 导问研学 Can you think of some famous detectives ? Sherlock Holmes is a famous detective. He is very clever and has a wide knowledge of different things.

7 Conan Bao Zheng They are all famous detectives,they are good at finding out some clues. According to the clues, they can find out the suspects and see who is guilty. Their job is to catch the murderers and tell people the truth. Di Renjie 导问研学

8 He is dressed like a detective. 导问研学

9 Listen and answer. 2. Is Eddie looking for a murderer? 3. What is Eddie looking for? No, he isn’t. He is looking for his food. 导问研学 1.Why is Eddie dressed like that? Because he thinks he is a detective.

10 Read after the tape and answer. 1,What does a detective do? A detective is someone who looks for clues to something important. 2, Do you think Eddie is a real detective? No, I don’t think so. 导问研学

11 Dear Diary: Sometimes I think Eddie is a really imaginative master. Today, he was _______ a strange uniform and was looking for something at home. I asked him why he was ______ like that. Eddie told me he was a ______. What? I had never heard of that. Eddie explained a detective’s job is to look for ______ to something _________. That’s really ______! I asked him, “ What _____?” I guessed there must be a _________. But Eddie said there was something more ________. He was searching for his food because it had gone________. wearing dressed detective cluesimportant cool happened murderer serious missing

12 While watching, please pay attention to the details and think about what qualities a real detective should have?


14 what qualities should a real detective have?. He should be _________. 导问研学 clever careful brave patient calm imaginative organized talented…

15 Play a game: To be a detective Last Saturday night at 8 p.m., a young man was murdered in Sun Town. The police found four suspects. 导问研学

16 Jimmy White James. Brown Emily Smith Frank Johnson Who is the murderer?

17 Now you can read something about each suspect. Please try your best to remember as much information as you can and then finish the tasks without looking at your books. Wish you good luck!

18 Suspect 1 Job: Lives in: Last Saturday: Appearance : Personality: Suspects James Brown Doctor Moon Town working in a hospital in Sun Town tall and slim serious 导问研学

19 Questions 1. What’s James Brown’s job? 2. Where was he when the murder happened? 3. What is he like? A doctor. He was working in a hospital in Sun Town He is tall, slim and serious. Task 1: 导问研学

20 Suspect 2 Job: Lives in: Last Saturday: Appearance: Personality: Jimmy White shopkeeper Sun Town in New City tall and strong helpful 导问研学

21 Fill in the blanks. This man is ______________. He is a _____________. He lives in _____________. He is _______, __________________. Last Saturday, he was in __________. Jimmy White shopkeeper Sun Town tall strong and helpful New City Task 2: 导问研学

22 Suspect 3 Job: Lives in: Last Saturday: Appearance: Personality: Emily Smith Cook Star Town working at a restaurant in Sun Town small and fat quiet 导问研学

23 1.Emily Smith works in a restaurant. 2.She lives in Moon Town. 3.Last Sunday she was shopping in Sun Town. 4.She is small, fat and quiet. True or false T F F T Test 3: 导问研学

24 Suspect 4 Job: Lives in: Last Saturday: Appearance: Personality: Frank Johnson office worker Sky Town was at home alone of medium height and untidy nervous 导问研学

25 ( ) 1. What does Frank Johnson do? A. A cook. B. An office worker. C. A shopkeeper. ( ) 2.Where was he last night? A. At school. B. In the shop. C. At home. ( ) 3. What's his personality? A. Helpful. B. Friendly. C. Nervous. B C C Multiple choice Task 4: 导问研学

26 I think (James Brown/Jimmy White/ Emily Smith/Frank Johnson)is the murderer because… 导问研学 Who is the murderer? What’s your opinion?

27 Listen and answer. 1. Who does Sandy think is most likely to be the murderer? Why? 2. Who does Daniel think is most likely to be the murderer? Jimmy White. Because he lives in Sun Town. Frank Johnson. Daniel and Sandy are also talking about the murder in Sun Town. 导问研学

28 Work in pairs and discuss who you think is most likely to be the murder. Pair work 导问研学 Sample conversation S1: Who do you think may be the murderer? S2: I think …… is most likely to be the murderer. S1: Why? S2: Because …… S1: I don’t think …… is the murderer. He\She is …… S2: Then who do you think is the murderer? S1: I think …… is the murderer because……

29 Idiom( 成语 ) : Nobody escapes the judgement of Heaven. 天网恢恢,疏而不漏. 导问研学

30 【学海拾贝】 1. Why are you dressed like that, Eddie? 你为何打扮成那样? dress 在这里是动词, “ 穿着衣服 ” 。常用于被 动语态, be dressed in 表示某人在某个场合 穿着什么衣服。 她今天穿了件红衣服。 She__________________today. 给某人 / 自己穿衣服 ________________ 她大了能自己穿衣服了。 She is old enough to_____________. 穿成那样 ____________________ is dressed in red dress sb/ oneself dress herself be dressed like that 导问研学

31 2. My food has gone missing. 我的食物不见了。 go 在这里做连系动词, 意为 “ 变成, 处于 … 状 态 ” (go 表变化时一般指事情向消极、不好的方 面转化 ) 。如: gone bad 这个食物已经变质。 The food has_________________. 我认为她听到那个消息后会发疯的。 I think she ____________when she hears the news. will go mad go missing =be lost 丢失,不见 我的自行车已经丢了。 My bike has gone missing My bike has been lost. 导问研学

32 3. Who do you think is not telling the truth ? 你认为谁没有说出真相。 句中 tell the truth 是 “ 说出真相 ” ,其 中 —— 是名词, —— 是形容词,副词 是 —— e.g. 他没有说出真相。 He didn’t tell the truth. truth true truly 导问研学

33 4. I guess Jimmy White is lying. lying 为 lie 的现在分词, 这里表示 “ 说谎 ” lie____ _____ lie( 现分 )_____ 他经常向他父母撒谎。 He always ______________his parents. 他又在撒谎。 He_______________ again. lies to is lying lied lying lie 还可作名词 tell a lie 说谎 导问研学

34 一、词汇运用 1. Why_____ you __________ (dress) like that? 2. Eddie’s food has gone__________ (miss) 3. The coats with blood were those __________ (murder). 4. His bedroom is too_________ (tidy). Let’s__________ (help) to clean it. 5. That person you saw yesterday is of _________ (middle) height. 6. That night, an old woman______________ (murder). 7. The murder_________ (happen) on a cloudy night. missing murderers’ untidy help medium was murdered happened are dressed

35 二. 完成句子 1. 你为什么打扮成一个侦探? Why_____________________________? 2. 我们数学老师中等身高。 Our maths teacher__________________ 3. 事故发生后,警察给每个人做了笔录。 The police______________________ after the accident. 4. 他有可能是罪犯,因为他正在撒谎。 He might ______________________________. are you dressed like a detective is of medium height. made notes on everyone be the murderer because he is lying 导评促学

36 I have learnt 1.New words and phrases 2.Comic strip 3. Read notes on the four suspects 4. Talk about who will be guilty self-assessment 导法慧学 A. Perfect B. Good C. Not bad

37 Homework 1. Recite comic strip and Part B. 2.Finish off the exercises in the workbook. 3. Preview the Reading.

38 侦探小说是通俗文学中最受欢迎的体裁之 一,是以案件发生和推理侦破过程为主要描 写对象的小说类型,又称侦探推理小说。 侦探小说是通俗文学中最受欢迎的体裁之 一,是以案件发生和推理侦破过程为主要描 写对象的小说类型,又称侦探推理小说。 本单元主要涉及一些谋杀案,这类文章常 见诸报端或影视剧。根据刑法,谋杀属于故 意杀人。 本单元主要涉及一些谋杀案,这类文章常 见诸报端或影视剧。根据刑法,谋杀属于故 意杀人。 英语小说中最著名的侦探包括柯南.道尔 塑造的夏洛克. 福尔摩斯和阿加莎.克里斯 蒂塑造的马普尔小姐和大侦探波罗等。 英语小说中最著名的侦探包括柯南.道尔 塑造的夏洛克. 福尔摩斯和阿加莎.克里斯 蒂塑造的马普尔小姐和大侦探波罗等。 导预疑学

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