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At p_______, with the development of economy, we live a ______ life. Everyday, we ___________ lots of rubbish, which pollutes the environment. The polluted.

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3 At p_______, with the development of economy, we live a ______ life. Everyday, we ___________ lots of rubbish, which pollutes the environment. The polluted environment _____________________ to the animals. Many animals are in d_______, some even die _____. So we must r________ to this problem. Many scientists have d_______ themselves to protecting the e_________ animals. As students, what can we do? At least, I think, we can throw away less rubbish, that is, reduce ( ) the a________ of rubbish. resent better throw away make a big difference anger out espond evoted ndangered cut down mount

4 Complete the following sentences: 1.On my birthday my sister sent me a nice __________. 2.I’m afraid I can’t help you just _____________ ________________( 目前 ). 3.200 people ______________________ the meeting. 4.They __________________________________ ( 向学校赠送了一笔款项 ) in memory of their son. present/gift for the moment /for the present were present at/attended presented a sum of money to the school

5 present n. /v./ adj. at present=at the present time 现在 be present at + 地点 =attend + 地点 参加 present sb with sth=present sth to sb 赠送某人某东西;向某人显示某事物 for the present=for the moment 暂时,目前 每个出席的人 everybody present be absent from

6 endanger vt. 危及,使遭危险;危害 danger n. dangerous adj. dangerously adv. in danger 处于危险之中 out of danger 脱险 in danger of doing 有 … 的危险 danger

7 ① The oil spill ( 危险成千上万鸟的安全 ) ______________________________. endangered thousands of birds ② The man suddenly realized that he _________________. (处于危险中) ③ How many workers __ _________ ____ ( 有失业的危险 )? ④ Smoking is _____________health ( 对是危害 )?. was in danger are in danger of losing their jobs a danger to

8 2 .地球上的许多植物和动物都已经绝种了。 die out off away down of / from 灭绝= extinct ;(习俗)消失 相继死去= die one after another until there are none left (声音, 风, 光线)渐弱,渐息 become gradually weaker and finally disappear (火/暴风雨/光线)渐弱,渐息= become gradually less strong and loud ;(声音)静下来 die out

9 ① Scientists said that those plants ________a century ago . ② Many old customs are ___________ . died out dying out ③ If the snowstorm does not blow over, the cattle will_________. ④ Open the air hole; the fire is ________. ⑤ Every year many people _______ smoking. ⑥ Nowadays many people ___________ cancer. die off dying down die from die from/of

10 2 .我给在罗马的笔友发了封 e-mail 问他的真实姓 名,他没有回答。 respond vi. respond to response n. in response to,make no response ( 对于 … ) ( 以动作 ) 响应, 回敬 respond to … with sth./ by doing 对于他的侮辱 (insult) 鲍伯回敬以 [ 给他 ] 一拳。 Bob responded to his insult with a blow (by giving him a blow).

11 4. Professor Stevenson 一直致力于麋鹿保护工作, 他给在北京的中国大学生做了一次报告。 devote oneself to sth./doing time /energy to sth. /doing ②我一天只能在这个项目上花两个小时。 The woman scientist has devoted herself to protecting wildlife. ①这位女科学家全身心地投入到野生动物的保护中。 I could only devote two hours a day to the work on the project. be devoted to

12 Word study 我们可以做许多小事来减少环境污染。 There are many small things we can do to ________the pollution of the environment. reduce reduce sth. by / to … sth./sb. to sth. /doing 使陷入(坏的) 境地 The number of employees was reduced ____ 10%. ____ 100. by to reduce

13 cut down cut in on cut down cut off cut up cut …out of ( 指车辆或司机 ) 超车抢道;打断,打搅 … 减少某事物的数额或数量 停止向某人供应某物;使 … 与外界隔绝 切碎 剪下某物,切去

14 Their traveling expenses amount to seven hundred dollars. 3.Reduce the amount of the waste Large amounts of money was wasted. 大量的钱被浪费了。 vi. 总计;等于 amount to =add up to/ total (to)/come to n. the amount of + u. n. an amount of + u. n. a large amount of + u. n. large amounts of + u. n. 他们的花费总共是 700 美元. amount

15 “free” expressions 1. Everyone _______________ express himself. 每个人都可以畅所欲言。 2. The atmosphere in the office is quite______. 办公室的气氛很轻松。 3. The old lady is never ____________ pain. 那位老太太从未摆脱过病痛。 4. Delivery is __ if goods are paid for in advance. 如欲付货款就可免费送货。 5. The birds in the cage should be __________ ( 释放 ). 6. At last he ___________ debt. 他终于还清了债 务。 is free to free and easy free of / from free / free of charge freed himself from debts set free Add:

16 space He was staring into space. The spaceflight traveled through space to other plants. There’s a space here for your signature. You can make use of the spaces between words to take notes. room 太空 空白; 空隙; 空地

17 ① take turns ( at sth./in sth/to do sth ): 轮流做某事 Mary and Henry took turns at looking after their sick mother. ② by turns: ( 指人, 团体 ) 轮流地, 依次地 She went hot and cold by turns. They laughed and cried by turns. take turns

18 ③ in turn: 轮流地 ; 一个接 一个地, 接连地, 依次 They were ordered to see the teacher in turn. ⑤ It’s one’s turn to do sth. 轮到某人做某事 Now it’s your turn to read the text.

19 其它与 turn 有关的词语 turn to 求助于 turn up 把音量调高、出现、找到 turn down 把音量调低、拒绝 turn over 翻转、移交 turn out 结果为、证明为 turn in 上交 turn away 把 …… 打发走

20 用 turn to / in / away / up / down / over / out 填空 ◆ We had to _____________ hundreds of people, as the hall was full. ◆ Please ___________ the television; the baby is sleeping. ◆ Everything _______________ well. ◆ The glass on the table _______________. ◆ The key you lost has ______________. ◆ Who can I ___________ for help? ◆ ___________ your composition after class. turn away turn down turned out turned over turned up turn to Turn in

21 1. ____________ ( 势必;结果必然是) we must do something about pollution. 2.There are few areas _______( 剩下 ). There are many students ______________ ( 出国 ). 3.We must act in ways _________ do not harm other living things. 4.We must take measures before it is too late. We must take measures ___________. It follows that left going abroad in time that/which

22 Translation: 1.Those old photos reminded him of the days in France. Those old photos brought him back to the days when he was in France. 2.The building (which is) being built is a department store. 3.Whatever/No matter what you say, I believe you are honest. 4.They devoted all the time to working in the lab. 5.It is important for me to adapt myself to the new working conditions.

23 6.Some measures have been taken to prevent the forest from being destroyed. We have taken some measures to prevent the forest from being destroyed. 7.These animals are in danger, so we must do what we can to keep them from dying out.

24 Spelling: 1. measures 2. brief 3. organize 4. posters 5. original 6. responded 7. harmful 8. package 9. reduce 10. valuable Phrases: 1. no longer 2. be in danger 3. make sure 4. die out 5. the solution to the problem 6. take turns to do…/doing 7. stop/prevent/keep… from doing 8. do as what sb says 9. take measures 10. for different reasons 11. be used to the environment

25 1.Reading in the dark is h_____ to your eyes. 2.He just gave a b___ introduction to the book, so I still need read the book. 3.The government r___ to the strike at once. 4.It is c___ to see girls with their hair dyed. 5.We should try our best to save e___ animals. 6.Coats can be made from different m______. 7.The t___ of the passage is ‘pollution’. 8.W ___ are cruel animals. 9.I made a coat to my own m_____. 10.I think people with good qualities are more a______ than those with nice appearance.l

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