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Module 12 Traditional life Unit 1 You must wait and open it later.

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1 Module 12 Traditional life Unit 1 You must wait and open it later.

2 教 学 设 计 思 路教 学 设 计 思 路 Warming up: 看图片学习新单词,做听力训练完成活动 1 和 2 。 Lead_in and Presentation: 通过提问: What do you want to have for your birthday? 引出本课对话。 Drilling and practice: 学生做听及朗读练习,了解在中国和英国 送别人礼物时的不同习惯。掌握 must/mustn’t,can/can’t 句型。 Consolidation: 从听,说,读,写四个方面加强学生对本课新知 识的学习,能运用 must/mustn’t,can/can’t 句型。

3 Activity 2 Match the words with pictures Baseball cap Chess set chocolate

4 chopsticks dictionary purse

5 soap DVD

6 Activity 3 listen and read Pre-listening questions: What present do they buy for Lingling ? An English dictionary.

7 Everyday English Stop chatting. Oh, you remembered! Get a move on! Hang on! That’s right. You can’t be serious! It’s bad luck. Just wait and see. 别聊了. 呀, 你们记着呢 ! 快点呀 ! 等等. 错不了. 不会吧 ? 这不吉利. 到时候你就知道了

8 Aitivity4.check what you must and mustn’t/can’t do in China. mustmustn’t/ Can’t 1.Open a present when you receive it. 2.Use both hands when you accept a present. 3.Wrap hongbao in red paper. 4.Wrap hongbao in white,blue or black. 5.Do cleaning on the first day of the Chinese New Year. 6.Cut your hair at Spring Festival. 7.Break something at Spring Festival. 8.Eat lots of dumplings at Spring Festival. √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √

9 Activity 5.Complete the sentences with the words in the box. accept immediately lucky remember strange tradition wrap 1.When you do something______________,you do it now, not later. 2.Before you give someone a present, you___________it in paper. 3.When someone gives you a present and you take it, you_______________it. 4.It’s important to_____________the birthdays of family and friends. 5.Visitors to China often find our customs very __________________. 6.Red is a_______________colour in China. 7.It’s a ________________in China to give presents at Spring Festival. immediately wrap accept remember Strange. lucky tradition

10 Activity 7.Make a list of things you must and mustn’t/can’t do in the situations. At home: You must wash your hands when you enter your home. At the dining table: You mustn’t talk with food in your mouth. At school:…………

11 Activity 8.Work in groups. In turn,say the things you wrote in Activity 7. Who has the longest list?

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