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( Revision U3.U5) 人民路小学 宾莉. ( Revision U3&U5) 宜兴市善卷实验小学 马志萍.

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Presentation on theme: "( Revision U3.U5) 人民路小学 宾莉. ( Revision U3&U5) 宜兴市善卷实验小学 马志萍."— Presentation transcript:

1 ( Revision U3.U5) 人民路小学 宾莉


3 ( Revision U3&U5) 宜兴市善卷实验小学 马志萍

4 I am Miss Ma. My English name’s Linda. I like shooting and reading jokes. My friend is Mr Black. I am in the classroom now. I was in the office just now. shoot 射击 joke 玩笑

5 You are Miss Ma. Your English name’s Linda. You like shooting and reading jokes. Your friend is Mr Black. You’re in the classroom now. You were in the office just now.

6 Age 45 Job farmer Hobbies shooting, working Birthday Feb. 25th

7 Where is/are …? It’s/They’re… 记忆大比拼: 在两分钟内快速记忆礼物的位置,小组讨论。

8 Where was/were … just now? It was/They were… Where is/are … now ? It’s/They’re…

9 start to love shooting40 plant fruit trees on his farm30 visit China20 cook delicious food for his parents13 finish ( 完成 ) his primary school 12 Mr Black ’ s experience in the pastAge When Mr Black was 12 years old, he finished his primary school. … … finished cooked visited planted started

10 Sunday 14 th December Sunny Last week, I _1_ very busy. I __2__ hard on my farm. On Monday I __3___ trees and __4__ up carrots. On Tuesday and Wednesday. I __5__ cows and __6_ eggs. There __7__ many apple trees, orange trees and pear trees. On Thursday, I ___8___ a lot of oranges and ___9___ them. I ___10___ my house on Friday. I was busy, but I was very happy there.

11 I AM NOT A BEAR Old Mr Black loves shooting bears. But now, his eyes are not good. Once, he nearly( 几乎,差点 ) shot one of his friends. One day, Mr Black and his friends out shooting again. One of his friends had a joke( 笑话 ). He wrote “I AM NOT A BEAR” on a piece of paper and put it on his back. At last, Mr Black shot at John’s hat. John was very angry. “Can’t you see this piece of paper?” he asked. “Yes, I can.” Mr Black answered. “Oh, I’m very sorry. I cannot see the word ‘NOT’ ”. Read and judge. (“T” or “F”) ( ) 1. Mr Black’s eyes are good. ( ) 2. Once, he shot one of his friends. ( ) 3. At last, Mr Black didn’t shoot at John’s hat. ( ) 4. John wrote “I am a bear” on the paper. ( ) 5. Mr Black can see all of the words on Jack’s back. Learning tip: (学习小贴士) 在阅读时,如果需要寻找细节信息,应该放慢阅读 速度,在找到关键的信息处画线或做标记。

12 A saying: Jokes make us happily. We shoud be happy everyday.

13 (stay, visit, climb, be, cook, like, walk, play, watch, want) Last week, my friend Mr Black came to China with his wife and his children. They ___with my family for two days. They __Shanjuan Hole( 善卷洞 ). Then they ___ the hill near Shanjuan Hole. It ___ fun.In the evening,I ___ nice food for them.Children ___ Chinese food very much. We ___after dinner.This is good for our health. His children ____ basketball in Shanjuan Primary School. They can play very well. My five-year-old daughter ____ the game, and she ___very excited. She ___to join them. But she is too young. We __ all very happy last week.

14 Writing: Last weekend, I 拜访了我的爷爷奶奶。 They 非常的高兴。他们 had 一个漂亮的花园。 In the morning 我打扫了房子 for them. 我奶奶做了丰盛的午餐 for me.I 非常喜欢 the food. And ate a lot. After lunch, 我 给花园的花浇水, and 种下了一棵树. 这真是件有趣的事. I had a good time with my grandparents.

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