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演讲者 : 陈旭 编辑者:刘云 撰稿者 : 庄娜. History: Features: Types: Famous dishes:

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1 演讲者 : 陈旭 编辑者:刘云 撰稿者 : 庄娜

2 History: Features: Types: Famous dishes:

3 History Jiangsu, China four dishes of vegetables, referred to as. As a result of Jiangsu and Zhejiang cuisine is similar, and therefore referred to as river developed system developed. Mainly in Nanjing, Yangzhou, Suzhou, Huaian, Xuzhou, Haizhou six local cuisine. More than 2000 years ago, Wu Ren is good broiled fish, steamed fish and fish. One thousand years ago, the duck is Jinling food. When the Southern Song Dynasty, and developed with the " South Jiangsu feed" the big two.

4 Features : stringent election materials, production of fine, medium bodied, four distinct seasons. In the cooking technology at stewed, fried, stewed, fossa, burning, and pay attention to adjust the soup, keep the original flavor, refreshing, wide adaptability, strong but not greasy, thin rather thin, crisp sodden off the bone, tender and crisp. 特点 : 选料严谨,制作精良,口味适中,四季分明。在烹调技术上擅长烧 、焖、烩、窝、炒,又重视调汤,保持 原味汁,风味清鲜,适宜面广 ,浓而不腻,酥烂脱骨,滑嫩爽脆。

5 Types: Xuhai flavor, Wuxi flavor, Huaiyang flavor, Jinling flavor, Southern flavor.

6 Representative dishes 徐州的霸王别姬,地锅鸡;无锡西施宴 ; 扬州的大煮干丝,三套鸭 ; 金陵盐水鸭 ; 常熟叫化鸡 ; 苏州红烧狮子头,松鼠鳜鱼 ; ,高沟捆蹄;蟹粉狮子头 ; 镇江肴肉等 Xuzhou's Farewell to My Concubine, ground chicken pot; Wuxi beauties feast; great cook Gansi Yangzhou, three ducks; Jinling salted duck; Changshu Beggar Chicken; Suzhou braised lion head, squirrel mandarin fish;,High-ditch foot bundle crab meat lion's head; Zhenjiang Cured meat, etc.

7 Ground chicken pot Farewell My Concubine

8 Jinling salted duck Zhenjiang Cured meat crab meat lion's head braised lion head, High-ditch foot bundle


10 The begger’s chicken

11 谢谢观赏

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