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Unit 6 Do you like bananas? Section A Period Two.

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2 Unit 6 Do you like bananas?

3 Section A Period Two

4 Review Words and expressions

5 Read the words and expressions loudly.

6 rice egg carrot chicken so 大米;米饭 蛋;鸡蛋 胡萝卜 鸡肉 ( 引出评论或问题 ) 那么 Words and expressions

7 To learn countable nouns, uncountable nouns, single nouns and plural nouns To learn to use “like” to talk about likes and dislikes To learn to use Yes/No questions and short answers

8 broccoli Do you like broccoli? Yes, I do. / No, I don’t. Review

9 ice cream Do you like ice cream? Yes, I do. / No, I don’t.

10 saladsalad Do you like salad? Yes, I do. / No, I don’t.

11 strawberries Do you like strawberries? Yes, I do. / No, I don’t.

12 Do you like … ? Yes, I do. No, I don ’ t. Free talk

13 Do you like hamburgers? they Tom and Sally Yes, I / they do. No, I / they don’t.

14 What does she like? Does she like…

15 Does she like ice cream? he your sister his father Yes, she / he does. No, she / he doesn’t.

16 Does Bob like ? Does Gina like ? Yes, he does. He likes tomatoes. No, she doesn’t. She doesn’t like … No, he doesn’t. He doesn’t like … Yes, she does. She likes bananas.

17 Pair work Does he \she like…? Yes, he \she does. No, he\she doesn’t. Bob Gina

18 foodlikesdoesn’t like tomatoes hamburger bananas French fries broccoli salad ice cream Food survey

19 A: _____she ____ __________? B: Yes, __________. Look and say Does like hamburgers she does A: _____she ____ ________? B: No, __________. Does like bananas she doesn’t

20 He____________. He______________________. He_____________. likes broccoli likes oranges doesn’t like strawberries

21 She_________________. She__________________. She_________________. likes French fries doesn’t like pears doesn’t like salad

22 Underline the correct words in the brackets. 3a 1.I like fruit, but I (don't/doesn't) like vegetables. 2. She (like/likes) bread, but she (doesn't/don't) like oranges. 3. He (like/likes ) bananas, but he (don't/doesn't) like oranges. 4.We (likes/like) hamburgers, but we don't (like/likes) chicken. 5.They (likes/like) pears, but they (don't/doesn't) like strawberries.

23 Number these sentences [1-4] to make a conversation. 3b 口 So, let's get salad. 口 Yes, I do. 口 Do you like salad? 口 OK. 1 3 2 4

24 3c Food Survey Do You Like…? Ask your classmates about the food in the chart. Find out what they like and don’t like.

25 Like this: A: Hello! Do you like …? B: Yes, I do. I like … / No, I don’t. I don’t like… A: Does Lucy like …? B: Yes, she does. She likes … / No, she doesn’t. She doesn’t like … Do a report: Hello, everyone! I like …, … and … But I don’t like …, …or … Lucy likes …, … and … But she doesn’t like …, … or …


27 请仔细观察下列单词。 1. pear(s), tomato(es), brother(s) 2. water,cream, time 3. fruit(s), salad(s), chicken(s)

28 1. 名词 名词按其所表示的性质可分为可数名词 和不可数名词。 可数名词 (Countable Nouns) 有复数形 式,如 : an apple, two apples, a bag, lots of bags 。 不可数名词没有复数形式,如 : broccoli 还有一些词既可以充当可数名词,也可 以充当不可数名词,如 : ice cream, salad, chicken 。

29 2. 可数名词有单数和复数两种形式。 可数名词的复数形式的部分规则如下 : 1) 一般情况是在名词后面加 -s, 清辅音后 读 /s/, 浊辅音和元音后读 /z/ 。 pencil -- pencils egg -- eggs 2) 以 o 结尾的词,加 -s 或 -es, 读 /z/ 。 tomato – tomatoes photo -- photos 3) 以 s, x, ch, sh 等结尾的名词, 加 -es, 读 /iz/ 。 bus – buses watch – watches

30 4) 以 ce, se, ze, (d) ge 等结尾的词, 加 -s, 读 /iz/ 。 orange – oranges price – prices 5) 以辅音字母+ y 结尾的名词,把 y 变成 i ,再加 –es 。 strawberry -- strawberries 6) 以元音字母+ y 结尾的名词,后面直接 加 -s 。 day—days boy—boys

31 【运用】 根据句意和汉语提示写单词。 1.My sister eats an ___ ( 鸡蛋 ) every morning. 2. My mother likes eating ______ ( 苹果 ). 3. We have some __________( 蔬菜 ) every day. 4. Do you like eating ________( 鸡肉 )? 5. Let’s have some _____ ( 食物 ). egg apples vegetables chicken food

32 3. Does she/he like…? Yes, she/he does. No, she/he doesn’t 2. Do you like…? Yes, I do. No, I don’t 1. Countable nouns and Uncountable nouns ( 可数名词和不可数名词 ) 课时重点回顾

33 注 : 另附 word 文档。 点击此处链接

34 I. 按要求完成句子,每空一词。 1. I like oranges. ( 改为一般疑问句 ) ____ ____ like oranges? 2.Her daughter likes ice-cream. ( 对划线部分提问 ) _____ _____ her daughter ____? 3. — Does your uncle like sports? ( 作肯定回答 ) — _____, ___ _____. Do you Yes he does like What does

35 4. — ______ have some fruit salad. ( 根据答语完成上句 ) — Sounds good. 5. They like playing basketball after school. ( 改为否定句 ) They _____ ____ playing basketball after school. Let’s don’t like

36 II. 在横线上填入合适的单词完成对话, 每空一词。 A: Grace, here are some (1)______. You can eat them. B: Oh, thanks, but I don’t like apples. A: What (2)_____ do you like? B: I like bananas. A: (3)____ you like pears? B: No, I don’t. apples Do fruit

37 A: How (4)______ strawberries? B: Oh, I like strawberries very much. There are some strawberries in my bag. Let’s have them. A: That (5)_______ good. about sounds

38 III. 按要求写出下列单词的正确形式。 1. watch( 复数 )____________ 2. carrot( 复数 )____________ 3. sound( 第三人称单数 )____________ 4. tomato( 复数 )____________ 5. I( 宾格 )____________ 6. it is( 缩写 )____________ watches carrots sounds tomatoes me it’s

39 IV. 根据汉语提示写出正确单词。 1. We have ___________( 蔬菜 )for dinner every day. 2. We have ________ ( 许多 )clubs. Join us soon. 3. Bill doesn’t like _________ ( 西红杮 ). 4. —Let’s eat ice cream. —That ____________( 听起来 )good. 5. I like ____________( 草莓 )very much. vegetables many tomatoes sounds strawberries

40 V. Translate and write them down. 1. - 他喜欢草莓吗? - 不,他不喜欢。 2. 她喜欢西红柿、沙拉和鸡肉。 - Does he like strawberries? - No, he doesn’t. She likes tomatoes, salad and chicken.

41 Homework Talk about your family’s favourite food, write a short passage. 谈论你家人最喜爱的食物, 写一段小短文。 My name is…, I like…, but I don’t like… My father likes…, but he doesn’t like… My mother likes…, but she doesn’t like…

42 To preview the new words and expressions What do you like for breakfast, lunch and dinner?


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