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Keep Your Brain Healthy L8, Far East Reader for VHS Chris C., SLHS.

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2 Keep Your Brain Healthy L8, Far East Reader for VHS Chris C., SLHS

3 句子 (Sentence) 與子句 (Clause) 同:有主詞 & 動詞 異: 句子 可獨立存在 & 子句不可獨立存在


5 III. 名詞子句結構及功用 直述名詞子句 ( 完整子句 ) : 1. (that + S + V) + V 當主詞 2. S + V + (that + S + V) 當受詞 3. S + be + (that + S + V) 當補詞 4. S + (that + S + V) + V 當同位語 疑問名詞子句 ( 不完整子句 ): 1. (Wh- 片 + S + V)+ V 當主詞 2. S + V+ (Wh- 片 + S + V) 當受詞 3. S + be + (Wh- 片 + S + V) 當補語 4. S + (Wh- 片 + S + V)+ V 當同位語

6 Grammar Focus 「間接問句」 = 含疑問的名詞子句 當句子裡的主詞、受詞、補語 Wh- + S + ( 助動詞 ) + V

7 1. 直接問句 vs. 間接問句 2. 功能: 主詞、受詞、補語 a. Who is he? b. I don't know who he is. a. What do you want? b. Tell me what you want. a. What do I care? b. Who wants the book? c. What I care is who wants the book? (直接問句) (間接問句) (直接問句) (間接問句) (直接問句) (間接問句) 受詞 (間接問句) 補語主詞 (直接問句)

8 Underline 間接問句(名詞子句) 1.Do you find out how it could happen? 2.Are you not sure who is his favorite singer? 3.Who knows how Jolin went to school this morning? 4.I don’t know whether he will come here tomorrow (or not). 5.She didn’t know what she should do. 6.Tell me whether you have a special way to learn English (or not). 7.What Mr. Wang told us is that he is not sure to come tomorrow. 8.That girl didn’t tell her mother who taught her English.

9 Reorder the words given to make correct and complete sentences, making changes to words when necessary. The first one has been done for you. 1. Susan/was a lie/What/said → What Susan said was a lie. 2. is up to us/the race/When/ends →______________________________________ 3. How/does not matter/my friends/think of me →______________________________________ Grammar Focus I 練習 When the race ends is up to us. How my friends think of me does not matter.

10 4. will be held/her birthday party/is a secret/Where →______________________________________ 5. moved to Taipei/Henry/remains an unanswered question/Why →______________________________________ ______________________________________ 6. song/attracted their attention/Which/would be played next →______________________________________ ______________________________________ Grammar Focus I 練習 Where her birthday party will be held is a secret. Why Henry moved to Taipei remains an unanswered question. Which song would be played next attracted their attention.

11 1. 傑瑞米最大的問題就是他上課不專心。 Jeremy’s biggest problem ______ ______ he doesn’t pay careful attention in class. 2. 她所完成的事情值得( deserve )好好稱讚一番。 ______ she has achieved _________ a lot of praise. 3. 忌妒就是他對你如此無禮的原因。 Envy is the ______ ________ he behaves so rudely to you is that What deserves reason that/why Quiz

12 1. ( ) Is _________ funny that my PE teacher forgot my name? (  that  he  it  what ) 2. ( ) The most wonderful thing during the past three years was ____ we took a trip to Kenting together. (  where  that  what  whether ) 3. ( ) Sam does not understood ______there are usually 28 days in February. (  that  what  it  whether ) 4. ( ) I’m sorry_____ I can’t help you with the math problems. (  to  for  when  that ) 5. ( ) Mrs. Brown was worried _____ her daughter didn’t get home at 12:00PM. (  about  that  to  while) 3 2 3, 4 4 2

13 Grammar Focus II ( 受詞補語有現在分詞、過去分詞、 形容詞等 ) 受詞+受詞補語 與 keep 相同用法的字尚有 consider 、 find 等。

14 Practice 少說話,多觀察。 Keep your mouth shut and your eyes open. 過去分詞形容詞

15 keep 的用法 1 )保留、保存 e.g. We‘d better keep a seat for him. He kept all the money in the bank. 2 )遵守 e.g. One should keep one's promise. 3 )贍養,飼養 e.g. He has a large family to keep. He kept many pets. 4 )使 …… 處于某種狀態(情況)  keep +受詞+受詞補語 ( 受詞補語有現在分詞、過去分詞、形容詞等 ) e.g. He kept me waiting for half an hour.

16 1. How do you keep yourself so thin (you/so thin)? 2. I ______________by jogging every morning (I/fit). 3. Frank felt sorry for ______________________(his friends/wait) so long. 4. The model______________________ so that she looks younger (her hair/short). 5. Don’t make noise in class. Please____________ ___________________ (your cell phones/turn off). 6. To live healthier, Mary tried hard to __________ _______________(life/simple). Grammar Focus II 練習 keep myself fit keeping his friends waiting 健康的 ; 強健 “keep + O + adj.” keep your cell phones turned off keeps her hair short keep her life simple

17 ( ) 1. I’m sorry to keep you _____ for so long. (A) wait (B) waiting (C) waited (D) to wait ( ) 2. When we moved here, we found the local people _____. (A) friendly (B) friend (C) was friendly (D) be friendly ( ) 3. I promised you I would clean the kitchen today, so consider it _____. (A) be doing (B) doing (C) to do (D) done BB A D D Quiz

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