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必修三 Unit 3 The Million Pound Bank Note (1). Ⅰ. 写出下列必考单词 1 .(戏剧)一场;场面;景色 n. _____________ 2. 小说, 新颖的 n.&adj. _____________ 3 .人行道 n. _____________ 4. 作者.

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Presentation on theme: "必修三 Unit 3 The Million Pound Bank Note (1). Ⅰ. 写出下列必考单词 1 .(戏剧)一场;场面;景色 n. _____________ 2. 小说, 新颖的 n.&adj. _____________ 3 .人行道 n. _____________ 4. 作者."— Presentation transcript:

1 必修三 Unit 3 The Million Pound Bank Note (1)

2 Ⅰ. 写出下列必考单词 1 .(戏剧)一场;场面;景色 n. _____________ 2. 小说, 新颖的 n.&adj. _____________ 3 .人行道 n. _____________ 4. 作者 n. _____________ 5. 通道;(一)段 n. _____________ 6. 冒险家 n. _____________ 7 .信封 n. _____________ 8. 过错, 缺点, 故障 n. _____________ 9 .妒忌的 adj. _____________ 10. 短语 n. _____________ scene novel pavement author passage adventurer envelope fault jealous phrase

3 11 .出生地 n. _______________ 12. 剧作家 n. _______________ 13 .真的 adj. _______________ 14. 鞠躬 v. & n. _______________ birthplace playwright genuine bow

4 Ⅱ. 写出下列单词的变化形式 1. 许可 (v.)_____________ ;通行证 (n.) _____________ ;许可 (n.)_____________ 2. 耐心 (n.)_____________ ;有耐心的 (adj.) _____________ ;不耐烦的 (adj.)_____________ 3. 粗鲁的 (adj.)_____________ ;粗鲁地 (adv.) _____________ ;粗蛮 (n.)_____________ 4. 出现,外貌 (n.)_____________ ;出现 (v.) _____________ ;消失 (v.)_____________ 5. 冒险 (n.v.)_____________ ;冒险家 (n.) _____________ adventurer permit permission patience patientimpatient rude rudely rudeness appearance appeardisappear adventure

5 6. 便士( n. ) _____________ ;身无分文的( adj. ) _____________ 7. 相信( v. ) _____________ ;可以相信的( adj. ) _____________ ;难以置信的( adj. ) ____________ penny penniless believe believableunbelievable

6 ◆活学活用 用所给单词的适当形式填空。 1.Why are you so _____________ to your students ? You must learn to treat them ____________ because teaching is a job that requires both skills and ____________.(patient) 2.Circumstances do not _____________me to help you, so if you can , t gain _____________,you can , t go into the lab. (permit) 3.When the kid said “Go away!” ____________,the young mother patiently told him not to be ____________ to others, and ___________ will make him looked down upon by people. (rude) 4.Her exciting ____________ in the Himalayas attracted all the students. (adventurer)

7 5.Do you _____________ his_____________ ? Do you think it is _____________?(believe) 6.Sandy , s _____________ at the party was a hint that she would leave because whenever she _____________ on such an occasion, she would _____________ for some time. (appear) 答案: 1.impatient ; patiently ; patience2.permit ; permission3.rudely ; rude ; rudeness4.adventures 5.believe ; belief ; believable6.appearance ; appeared ; disappear

8 bring bet wander permit stare account seek scream issue bow Ⅳ. 单元重点动词

9 ◆活学活用 用上述动词的适当形式填空。 1.When I was taking a walk along the path, I heard a lady _____________in the distance. 2.It , s impolite _____________ at strangers. 3.Remember never _____________ to any difficulties, and you , ll become more and more capable 4.Parking _____________here, so please park your car in some other place. 5.A person _____________ innocent until he is proved guilty.

10 6._____________ up by his uncle, Tom always said he was lucky to have a happy childhood after his parents died. 7.A joint statement _____________,the presidents of the two countries held a press conference together. 答案: 1.screaming stare bow not permitted accounted 6.Brought 7.having been issued

11 Ⅵ. 语篇领悟 根据课文 Act One 和 Act Four 完成下列短文 1 (sail) home, Henry, a San Francisco businessman, found himself 2 (carry) out to sea by a strong wind. When he had just 3 given himself up for lost, he 4 (spot) by a ship and 5 he landed in London 6 accident. Hungry and alone, he walked the streets of the city 7 he was 8 (expect) called into a mansion, 9 two rich brothers, Oliver and Roderick, gave him a letter and told him not to open it till two o , clock of the day. 10 knowing it was a million pound bank-note, Henry left the mansion and went into a cheap restaurant to stuff his stomach. Everybody was rude to him 11 he was in

12 12 and looked depressed. Then, to the 13 of everybody, he handed the owner a million-pound bank note to pay for the meal. 14 (see) the note, all the people in the restaurant became polite and tried their best to please Henry. Don , t you think it , s 15 most incredible tale in the world? 答案: 1.Sailing2.carried3.about4.was spotted 5.therefore/so6.by7.when8.unexpectedly9.where 10.Not11.because/as12.rags13.surprise 14.Seeing 15.the

13 1 . Bob earned his________( 船费 ) on an English boat when he traveled to China. 2 . Usain Bolt set an________( 难以置信的 ) world record in the 100­meter race at the Beijing Olympics. 3 . We missed the first few________( 场景 ) of the play because we were caught in a traffic jam. 4 . It wasn’t your______( 过错 ) . You needn’t apologize to him. 5 . The job is not tiring at all.On the________( 相反 ) , it’s very relaxing. 6 . By law , youth under eighteen are not________( 允许 ) to enter Net bars. 7 . These children are very naughty , so you need________( 耐心 ) to deal with them. 8 . Good________( 态度,举止 ) are a very important key to your social success. 9 . I don’t like to talk with him ; he has a very________( 粗鲁 的 ) manner. 10 . Recent pressure at work may________( 解释 ) for his strange behavior. passage unbelievable scenes fault contrary permitted patience manners rude account 重点单词聚焦

14 振民高级中学 2012 高考一轮复习 必修三 Unit 3 The Million Pound Bank Note (2) 高三英语组

15 I. 翻译下列必背短语 1. 抚养 _______________ 2. 冒险, 碰运气 _______________ 3. 衣衫褴褛 _______________ 4. 打赌 _______________ 5. 前进, 说吧, 可以 _______________ 6. 导致, 解释 _______________ 7. 至于 _______________ 8. 偶然, 碰巧 ________________ 9. 与此相反 ________________ 10. 坦诚地说 ________________ bring up take a chance in rags make a bet go ahead account for as for by accident on the contrary to be honest

16 ◆活学活用 根据括号中的解释,用适当的短语完成句子。 1. The poor weather may___________ the small crowd. (give the cause of) 2.You , re ___________ to spend so much money buying such an old house. (take a risk) 3.When he entered the tailor , s, he was looked down upon because he ____________.(was wearing very old and torn clothes) 4.The young man appeared to be rich, but __________ he earned no more than 500 dollars a month. (opposite) 5.__________,I , m not a millionaire. I can only earn enough to feed and clothe my family. (to tell the truth, to be frank, frankly)

17 6.I didn , t mean to overhear anything. In fact, I just passed your office quite ____________.(by chance) 答案: 1.have accounted for 2.taking a chance 3.was in rags 4.on the contrary 5.To be honest accident

18 1 . The next morning I’d just about given myself up for lost when I was spotted by a ship. 第二天早上,我正感到绝望的时候,一艘船 发现了我。 仿写 ( 1 )他刚上床睡觉,这时电话响了。 ____________________________________________________. ( 2 )我正要出门,一位不速之客来访了。 ____________________________________________________. He had just gone to bed when the telephone rang I had just gone out when an unexpected visitor came

19 2 . Well , towards nightfall I found myself carried out to sea by a strong wind. 哦,快到黄昏的时候,我发现自己被一阵大风刮到了大海上。 仿写 (1) 天亮时,我们发现自己来到了那座山脚下的一个小村子里。 When day broke , we found ourselves in a small village at the foot of the mountain. (2) 当他醒来时,发现自己躺在医院里。 When he came to himself , he found himself lying in hospital.

20 3 . The fact is that I earned my passage by working as an unpaid hand , which accounts for my appearance. 事实上,我 是靠做义工来顶替船费,这正是我为什么衣冠不整的原因。 仿写 ( 1 )事实上, 青霉素是非常偶然发现的。 __________________________________________ ( 2 )他显得很健康,但事实上,他的心脏不太好。 _________________________________________________ ______________ As a matter of fact, penicillin was found quite by accident. He appears to be in good health, but in fact, he suffers from a weak heart.

21 4 . Indeed , sir , I hope you’ll come here whenever you like. 真的, 先生,我希望您想来的时候,您就来。 仿写 (1) 每当我们遇到困难的时候,他们都会帮助我们。 Whenever we met with difficulties , they came to help us. (2) 不管困难有多大,我们都必须及时完成任务。 However great the difficulties are , we must complete the task in time.

22 5 . As for the bill , sir , please forget it. 至于账单嘛,先生,请把 它忘了吧。 仿写 (1) 尼克可以留下来,至于你,你可以从我眼前消失。 Nick can stay, but as for you, you can get out of my sight. (2) 大多数人喜欢夏天,但至于我嘛,我比较喜欢冬天。 Most people like summer, but as for me,I like winter much better.

23 6.I wonder, Mr. Adams, if you , d mind us asking a few questions. 亚当斯先生,我们问几个问题不知道你是否介意。 仿写 (1) 不知道你能否愿意借些钱给我。 _________________________________________________. (2) 不知道你能否允许我们下午去游泳。 __________________________________________________. I am wondering if you would like to lend me some money I wonder if you will allow us to go swimming this afternoon

24 A possible version: What will life be like without animals Animals are close friends of human beings. Their existence, especially the existence of rare animals makes the whole world lively and colorful. Unfortunately, we heard such news recently that rare animals, even kept in the zoo, couldn't escape being hurt and killed, at which we can feel nothing but shocked. The reason why it happened is that some people lack understanding about these animals and caring for them. Therefore, we should study and publicize the information about rare animals, and keep it in mind that protecting animals is the duty of everyone. At the same time, we should take active and effective measures. After all, protecting animals is protecting ourselves.

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