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新思维综合英语 3. Lesson 1 Arctic Adventure The Arctic (/ ˈɑ rkt ɪ k/ or / ˈɑ rt ɪ k/) is a polar region located at the northernmost part of the Earth. The.

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Presentation on theme: "新思维综合英语 3. Lesson 1 Arctic Adventure The Arctic (/ ˈɑ rkt ɪ k/ or / ˈɑ rt ɪ k/) is a polar region located at the northernmost part of the Earth. The."— Presentation transcript:

1 新思维综合英语 3

2 Lesson 1 Arctic Adventure

3 The Arctic (/ ˈɑ rkt ɪ k/ or / ˈɑ rt ɪ k/) is a polar region located at the northernmost part of the Earth. The Arctic consists of the Arctic Ocean and parts of Canada, Russia, the United States (Alaska), Denmark (Gree nland),Norway, Sweden, Finlan d, and Iceland. The Arctic region consists of a vast,ice- covered ocean, surrounded by treeless permafrost (如极地的) 永久冻土. The Arctic's climate is characterized by cold winters and cool summers. Precipitation mostly comes in the form of snow. The Arctic's annual precipitation is low, with most of the area receiving less than 50 cm (20 in). High winds often stir up snow, creating the illusion of continuous snowfall. Average winter temperatures can be as low as −40 °C (−40 °F), and the coldest recorded temperature is approximately −68 °C (−90 °F).


5 Susan Butcher won the Iditarod Sled Dog Race four times and has beaten death many times. It tells the dangerous experience that Susan and her sled dogs fought with a female moose. It tells how Susan and her sled dogs managed to mush across 40 miles of dangerous sea ice. While-reading It restates that Susan and her sled dogs managed to overcome difficulties and win races.

6 Language points 1.not only…,but also… a. not only 在句首,后接两个并列分句时, “ 前倒后不倒 ” !即: Not only 部倒 装 ( 注意是部分倒装,不是全倒装 ) , but also 部分不倒装。 Eg. 1. Not only is the son fond of watching cartoons, but the parents take great interest in them. 2. Not only did he speak more correctly, but he spoke more easily. b. 连接并列主语(若连接两个成分作主语,其谓语通常与靠近的主语保持一 致。)、并列宾语、并列谓语或并列地点状语时则不用倒装。 Eg. 1. Not only she but also her husband does housework on weekends. 2. Not only you but also he has to leave. 3. Eric not only speaks but also writes well in English. 4. They speak English not only in class but also in the dormitory.

7 2. Call … to a (quick) halt/call a halt to sth. Eg. 1. When they had almost reached the robbers’ camp, the officer called the police patrol to a halt. 2. The government called a halt to the project. halt: n. a stop or pause in one’s progress 暂停,止步 come to a halt vi. 停止 bring something to a halt 使 … 停止 3. A cow moose stood blocking the trail ahead. 现在分词短语作伴随状语。 Eg. 1. He sat in the armchair , reading a newspaper. 2. The girl was left alone in the room, weeping bitterly.

8 4. optimistically (adv. )乐观地 optimistic ( adj. ) 1.Jack thought optimistically that he would win the race easily. 2. He has an optimistic attitude towards their future. 5. deal with = to succeed in solving a problem 处理, 应付 1.How to deal with this difficult question? 2.The problem should be dealt with quickly. 6. be eager to do sth. 渴望做某事 7. set a new time (world) record 创造新的时间 ( 世界 ) 记录 In February 2001, a Frenchman set a new time record of under a hundred days for sailing around the world alone and without help.

9 8. the first leg of the trip: 第一段路 程 The last leg of the journey always seems the longest. 9.Her chances of winning had never been better. 她胜券在握 10. Butcher would give this one all of the time she needed to move. Butcher 要把赶路的时间花在对付驼鹿身上。 11. charge: 猛攻,向前冲 The lion charged at those little animals.

10 12. reach for: 伸手去够 … I reached out for the book, but it was too far. Reach for what is beyond one’s grasp. Reach for your peak, your goal, your prize. 13. without hesitation 毫不犹豫 Write freely without hesitationwithouthesitation He accepted the invitation without hesitation.withouthesitation 好高骛远 要攀登自己的巅峰,实现目标,争取荣誉。 信笔写来

11 14. go after: 追求,追赶 go after big money.goafter go after the fashion.goafter Go after him and apologize.Goafter. 15. Succeed in doing sth. /sth. 成功做某事 / 在什么 方面成功 He succeeded in doing business. Mary succeeded in life. 16. instead of : 替代,顶替 Instead of 与 instead 的区别: instead of +被替代的对象 instead 一般是放在句末 1. I want to buy a new computer ____ the old one. 2. I don't like my old computer now. I want to buy a new one _____.

12 17. grab the ax swing the ax swung with a fury (swung 是 swing 的过去 式和过去分词 ) 18. fight for 为 …… 而战 fight with sb. 与某人并肩作战 fight against sb. 19. in sympathy with 同情 …… We are in sympathy with his misfortune.insympathywith Many people are in sympathy with your views.insympathywith 20. She must be starving to death starve to death 饿死

13 21. And very likely it was starvation that made this moose behave as she did. 意即 The moose probably did what she did because she was very hungry. It is (was) +被强调部分(通常是主语、宾语或状语) + that/ who (当强调主语且主语 指人) + 其他部分。 He met Lily yesterday in this market. It was he that met Lily yesterday in this market. It was Lily that he met yesterday in this market. It was yesterday that he met Lily in this market. It was in this market that he met Lily yesterday. It is/ was... that... 结构不能强调谓语,如果需要强调谓语时,用助动词 do/ does 或 did谓语助动词 Do sit down. 务必请坐。 Do be careful when you cross the street. 过马路时,务必(千万)要小心啊! 22. She may have perceived the dog team to be a pack of wolves. perceive 觉察,认识到 a pack of (wolves, dogs, matches, cards, cigarettes)

14 23. too +形容词/副词+ to do 太 … 而不能 …, 太 … 无法 … He walks too slowly to get there on time. I'm too tired to think of anything now. Too many to mention 不胜枚举 Never too old to learn, never too late to turn.toototooto 亡羊补牢,为时未晚。为 23. drive off 击退,赶走 24. which, of course, were harnessed together and couldn’t run away. harness n. 马具,挽具 vt. 套在一起难以逃走 25.Come up from behind 从后面过来

15 26. She yelled long before her fellow musher got close enough to be in danger. 她大声喊着以免其他的雪撬队靠近陷入危险。 27. in danger ( of )处于危险中 Everyone finds himself in danger.indanger 人人自危。 Your life has been in danger.indanger Pandas are in danger of extinction.indanger 大熊猫正面临灭绝的危险。危险

16 28. on another occasion 还有一次 on occasion 有时,偶尔 I call on my aunt on occasion.on occasion He visits the city on occasion.onoccasion 29. risk one’s life 冒生命危险 risk one’s life to do sth; risk doing sth. 30. but the ice billowed upward, then fell apart as it dropped back down—dumping dogs, sled, and Butcher into 30 feet of water so cold it can be survived for only minutes. billow 翻腾,像巨浪般汹涌 fall apart 破碎,倒塌 dump 把 … 砰的一声抛下

17 31. Unwilling to do sth. He seemed unwilling to answer. Unwilling to face facts.Unwillingto unwilling to take adviceunwillingto 刚愎自用 32. With ease handle with easewithease 应付自如 He writes German with ease.withease 他德文写得很流畅。 33. soaked to the skin—completely wet 34.Like any genuine adventurer, she thoroughly enjoys winning against incredible odds. 像其他所有真正的冒险家一样,她尽情地不屈不挠地享受着与令人难以置信 的命运抗争。 学生用书 \Unit 1-Unit 6\ 学生用书 Unit1-1.mp3

18 Lesson 2 You made it !

19 Lesson 2 The 10-kilometer “Run for your life” marathon, held every year to raise money for heart disease research, is about to begin. cover 报道,覆盖 be covered with A TV reporter is covering the match. interview 采访 The reporter is interviewing Meg harmer. Here comes the last runner to cross the finish line… 终点线

20 It is not everyone who comes in last=I am special because no one else finished the race last, I am the only one. I am so excited I don’t think I will be able to get to sleep for a while. sign up 报名参加 enter a race 参加比赛 You certainly showed them= You certainly showed them that they were wrong. drop out 掉队,放弃

21 He has dropped out of school for three months. It was such a hot day that I started feeling a little tired pretty early. I hadn’t even gone three miles when I got a pain in my side. get a pain in my side 半边身体疼痛 That was a killer. 差点要了我的命 I didn’t know if I had enough energy to get to the top. I managed to do it. Congratulations for hanging in there! 在困境中保持勇敢

22 Language points 1. The 10-kilometer “Run for Your Life” marathon, held every year to raise money for heart disease research, is about to begin. raise : to gather together; collect (money) 筹钱 raise money from the neighbors for a charity. hold a fair to raise moneyraisemoney be about to: be going to immediately; be on the point of doing sth. I was about to leave when the telephone rang.

23 2. You are a reporter covering the event. cover: to be responsible for reporting the details of (an event or situation): 报导 The reporter covered international news.coverednews 这个记者采访国际新闻。新闻 3. You made it! =You finished it! /You have done it! 表示赞赏 4. You look pretty tired. pretty: adv. 很,相当,非常 ; adj. 漂亮的 She is a pretty girl. Tom works pretty hard. Pretty good!

24 5. sign up 报名;签约 Can I sign up through Internet?signup They manage to sign up all the best performers. 他们设法跟所有最佳演员签订合同。 6. too soon to do sth. 7. drop out 脱离;退学 Drop out of society 隐退Dropout Drop out of school 退学Dropout You'd be crazy to drop out. 你要退学真是发疯了。dropout Jack just dropped out of the running race.droppedout 8. get a pain in… He got a pain in the neck.

25 9. have enough (energy,time…) to do sth. We have enough money to spend.haveenoughto We have enough bread to go around.haveenoughto 我们有面包,够大家吃的。够 adj. / adv. + enough + to do sth. enough + n. + to do sth. He doesn’t run fast enough to win. Xiao Li is clever enough to solve the problem. 10. Congratulations for hanging in there! hang in there: to remain brave in difficulty 在困境 中保持勇敢 You will win, so hang in there!

26 Lesson 3 I’d always wanted to be a doctor

27 Language points 1.What made you decide to do sth.? 2.go into business 从事商业 3.go into a profession 就业 4.take up 开始从事,养成,形成 take up a science take up drawing 5. major in 主修 She majors in history. (major 是 v.)majorin I major in English Literature. (major 是 v.)majorin Mary is an English major. (major 是 n.) Ex.1

28 6. 四种时态 Simple past (一般过去时) Present perfect (现在完成时) Past perfect ( 过去完成时 ) Past perfect continuous (过去完成进行 时)

29 Simple past (一般过去时)

30 Present perfect (现在完成时)

31 Past perfect ( 过去完成时 ) P 6 Ex.4

32 Past perfect continuous (过去完成 进行时)

33 exercise 将以下句子译成英文 今天早晨,我跟朱丽亚说了几句话。 I had a word with Julia this morning. 当车来的时候,我在车站已等了 20 分钟。 I had been at the bus stop for 20 minutes when a bus finally came. 他们只等了一会儿车就来了。 They had only been waiting for the bus a few moments when it came. 他过去多次向我提到过你的名字。 He had been mentioning your name to me. 现在我没有钱花了 I have spent all of my money 。 母亲要到她做完作业才让她看电视。 Mother won’t let her watch TV until she has finished her homework.

34 7. lead up to: result in 导致 These circumstances will lead up to war.leadupto 这些事件会导致战争。导致 Be careful when you lead up to this question.leadupto 当你把话题引到这个问题上来时要小心。到 8. register 登记,注册,申报 9. take a placement exam In many countries, including the United States, it is not unusual for students to take a placement exam in a subject such as mathematics upon entering middle or high school to determine what level of classes they should take.United Statesmiddlehigh school

35 10. …so(+ 形容词 / 副词 ) /such(+ 名词 )+that 引导的结果状 语从句 so + adj. /adv. + that 从句 such + n. + that 从句 但当名词前有 many 、 much 、 (a) few 、 (a) little 等词修 饰时,句子中要用 “so...that...” Test : He has ___ much money that he can buy what he wanted. (so) he is ___ young that she can't look after herself. (so) She was ___ a good girl that everyone likes her. (such)

36 11. Come on now! 快,加油 ! 12. No kidding! 13. keep one’s eyes open P7 Ex. 9

37 Lesson 4 Lesson 4 Your turn

38 Proverbs (谚语) about dogs

39 1.Every dog has his day. 大家都有走运的一天。 2.He is a lucky dog. 他是个幸运儿。 3.Love me, love my dog. 爱屋及乌。 4.Lead a dog’s life 过穷困潦倒的日子

40 5. Barking dogs seldom bite. 吠犬不咬人(意指:对于高声发出恐吓,或惯于大声吼叫的 人,勿须当真)。 6. go to the dogs 每况愈下 7. dog days 大热天, 三伏天 8.Be old dog at sth. 对 … 有经验,对 … 内行

41 12. rain cats and dogs 下倾盆大雨 9. a big dog 大款,保镖等 10.a top dog 一个身居要职的人 11. fight dog, fight bear 一决雌雄

42 1. 认真复习本单元重点词汇、语法。 2. 翻译阅读文章中的长难句。 3. Write a composition ( 要求详见练习册 P6)

43 My favorite dish Ma Po tofu is my favorite dish. It's hot, spicy and tender. It is said that it was made by pock-marked but ingenious woman, thus the name MA Po Tofu (pock-marked woman’s bean curd). Just taste a little, you can never forget its taste and can't help falling in love with it! And the most tasty Ma Po tofu is in Sichuan. So if you have a chance to travel there, don't forget to order Ma Po tofu there too.


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