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1 Unit 5 2 Make a list of what we learned in this unit Unit 5.

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2 1 Unit 5

3 2 Make a list of what we learned in this unit Unit 5

4 3

5 4 重点单词(四会) pocket pocket money health care blindness case treatment operation patient video illness prevention affect cure prevent operate treat repair improve Train mostly indeed international medical grateful proud gentle meaningful fund-raising serious

6 5 Unit 5 Useful expressions 1. 影响全球约四千五百万人 affect about 45 million people around the world 2. 百分之八十的失明病案 80 per cent of the cases of blindness 3. 无钱医治 have no money for treatment 4. 一架飞行的眼科医院 a flying eye hospital 5. 在飞机上 on the plane 6. 志愿者医生 volunteer doctors

7 6 Unit 5 Useful expressions 7. 演示(实施 / 做)手术 perform (do) operations 8. 把它当作教学中心 use it as a teaching center 9. 学习有关眼科手术 learn about eye operations 10. 观看手术录象 watch the operations on video 11. 通过训练当地的医护人员 by training local doctors and nurses 12. 给 150 位病人做手术 operate on 150 patients

8 7 Unit 5 Useful expressions 13. 过去常常一天只做两三例手术 used to do only 2 or 3 operations a day 14. 现在习惯它了 am/ is/ are used to it now 15. 对 …… 真得很感激 be really grateful to … 16. 为此感到骄傲 feel/ be proud that / of/ to … 17. 尽力去帮助别人 try one’s best to help other people

9 8 Unit 5 Useful expressions 18. 继续他们的工作 carry on with their work 19. 全世界的人们 people all over the world 20. 提高儿童们的生活 improve the lives of children 21. 把世界变成予孩子们更好的地方 make the world a better place for children 22. 接受教育 get education 23. 与众不同的生活方式 an / the unusual lifestyle

10 9 Unit 5 Useful expressions 24. 捐赠和做义工 make a donation and do some voluntary work 25. 关心, 在意 care about 26. 由于战争 because of the war 27. 组织其他的基金募捐的活动 organize other fund-raising activities 28. 代替工作去供养他们的家庭 instead of working to support their families 29. 存 / 节省钱 save some money

11 10 Unit 5 Useful expressions 30. 是世界很多地方的一个严重问题 be a very serious problem in many parts of the world 31. 成立 set up 32. 以至,以便 so that 33. 作为一个护士受训 train as a nurse 34. 把零钱花在 …… spend pocket money on sth. …

12 11 Unit 5 Useful expressions 35. 对于 …… 你是怎么想的? What do you think about …? 36. 不能读也不能写 can’t read or write 37. 在某方面取得好成绩 get good grades on 38. 害怕做某事 be afraid of doing sth. 39. 毕业 finish school

13 12 Unit 5 用所给词的正确形式填空: 1. Most cases of SARS were ______(cure) in 2003. 2. My father told me that life is boring ________ (with) studying. 3. You can help the elderly by doing some __________ (volunteer) work for them. 4. Who made the _________(donate) to Project Hope? 5. This _______(ill) is too hard to cure. 6. Helping people is very __________ (meaning) in my life. without cured voluntary donation illness meaningful

14 13 Unit 5 7. Many doctors are trying their best to cure the cases of _________ (blind). 8. Teachers should put their hearts into ___________(educate) because it is very important. 9. The ____________(improve) of English grammar is very important for every student. 10. The doctor is doing an__________ on the patient in the __________ room. (operate) blindness education improvement operation operating

15 14 Unit 5 11. I spend my free time _______ (most) watching TV. 12. You can lose your weight by _______ (take) exercise. 13. UNICEF often organizes many f__________ activities for poor children. 14. Exercising every day can help a person keep h______. 15. Our geography teacher told us that pollution is a very s______ problem in many parts of our country. mostly taking und-raising ealthy erious

16 15 Unit 5 16. When the young man heard the good news, he couldn’t b______ his ears. 17. We all know the United Nations was s___ up in 1945. 18. Aren’t you afraid of _______ (stay) with the man like him? 19. I hope __________ (become) a soldier when I grow up. 20. My mother is used to _______ (get) up early every morning. 21. We should be ________ (grade) to our teachers all our life. elieve et staying to become getting grateful

17 16 Unit 5 22. ORBIS teaches the local doctors by _________ ( 演示,实施 ) eye operations. 23. You will be punished by your parents for your ____________ ( 粗心 ). 24. The old man is receiving free _________ ( 治疗 ) in the hospital. 25. There are always many ________ ( 患者 ) in the big hospital. 26. His father’s death has ________( 影响 ) his study for a year. 27. Look! Your father is _________( 修理 ) the windows of the house. performing carelessness treatment patients affected repairing

18 17 Unit 5 用 used to 和 be used to 的适当形式填空。 1.My uncle __________live in a big city but he __________ living in a village now. 2.I __________ get up late when I was in the middle school. 3.My sister loves her job very much and she __________ the lifestyle of an air hostess. 4. The child _________watch too much TV at night. So he has poor eyesight now. 5. We students __________ doing morning exercises every day. used to is used to used to is used to used to are used to

19 18 Unit 5 用 used to 和 be used to 的适当形式填空。 6. Her father is a teacher now. But he ________ be a worker. 7. I never go to school by bike. I __________ taking a bus to school. 8. We _______ play badminton twice a week. But we are so busy that we haven’t enough time to play it now. 9. ----Are you a teacher now? ----No. But I ________ be. 10. Tina often works till nearly midnight. She _________ working at night now. used to am used to used to is used to

20 19 Unit 5 句子改写: 1.The apple tree is too tall and I can’t catch the apples. The apple tree is ________tall for me _____catch the apples. 2. People will donate money to ORBIS to support its work. People will ________ORBIS’s work by _________money to it. 3.Mr Smith was a teacher in the past. Mr Smith ____ __ ___ a teacher. too to support donating used to be

21 20 Unit 5

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23 22 Unit 5

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