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Language points (project). 1…. There will be great sufferings and burdens for people to bear. ( P.57) She is bearing the burden of raising three children.

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1 Language points (project)

2 1…. There will be great sufferings and burdens for people to bear. ( P.57) She is bearing the burden of raising three children. They don’t want to add to the government’s burden. He is always a burden to his parents. A horse can easily carry a burden of several hundred pounds burden n. 负担;担子

3 The company is burdened with/ by heavy debt. = The company has a heavy burden of debt. burden vt. 承受 … 负担;被 … 所困 The man, ________ _____ grocery bags, had trouble walking up the steps. burdened with Hope is like the sun, when you march towards it, the shadow you _____ will be left behind. A. burden with B. were burdened with C. are burdened with D. burdened with

4 1)The ice is too thin to bear your weight. 支撑,承受 负起 ( 责任等 ), 肩负 3) He can't bear to be laughed at/ being laughed at. 忍受 ; 忍耐 ; 承受 bear doing/to do sth ( 常常和 can, could 连用,常用语否定句和疑问句 2)He’s a carefree fellow who bears his responsibilities lightly. 2. There will be great suffering and burdens for people to bear. bear : (bore, borne)

5 写有, 印有, 带有 Bear in mind (that) the performance begins in two minutes. 7) bear in mind (that)... 记住...: bear/keep sb/sth in mind 6) The document bore his signature. 生(孩子) 不毛之地 5) bear fruit land which bears no crops 4) She has borne five children. 结(果)

6 Mr. and Mrs. Stanford traveled to California where they founded the University that bears their name, a memorial to a son that Harvard no longer care about.( 福建完形) Every sound was louder, every game was grander, every pain unbearable. (安徽阅读 )

7 3.He also has twelve reindeer that help him deliver presents on Christmas Eve. (P.58) deliver vt. 1) 把 ( 货物、信件等 ) 送往某处 deliver milk / newspapers / a letter /a message He arranged to _____ the package _______ to her apartment. have delivered 2) 作讲演 The king delivered a televised speech to the nation on Nov 5. deliver a speech/lecture/address etc

8 Traditionally, the local midwives would deliver all the babies in the area. 3 )接生 delivery n.

9 ①嘱咐,命令,指示 instruct sb to do sth 命令 / 指示某人做某事 instruct that sb (should) do 命令某人做 …… The teacher instructed that all the papers _____ ______ _____before class is over. be handed in 4. Then the emperor instructed a group of officials to go on his behalf …( L10, P62) 老师命令在下课前把所有的试卷都交上来。

10 vt. ②教,指导,训练 史密斯先生教我们数学。 Mr.Smith instructs us in maths. 她指导他怎样弹钢琴。 She instructed him (in) how to play the piano. instruct sb. in sth. 在某方面指导 / 教某人 We returned the questionnaire as __________. instructed

11 instruction n. Under Kate’s instruction, the boy slowly mastered the art of glass blowing. Follow the instructions printed on the back of the box. instructive adj. 有教育意义的,指示性的 an instructive and interesting lecture 在 …… 的指导 / 教导下 按说明去做

12 Always read the________on the bottle carefully and take the right amount of medicine. A. explanations B. instructions C. descriptions D. introductions B Children must _____ road safety before they are allowed to ride a bike on the road. A. instruct in B. instruct C. be instructed in D. be instructed C

13 on one’s behalf=on behalf of… 代表,为 …… 我将代表你跟他讲话。 I’ll speak to him on your behalf. 我正在为我母亲写信,感谢你给她的礼物。 I am writing on behalf of my mother to express her thanks for your gift.

14 5. However, the most recent addition was not a result of such terrible circumstances.(P.50) circumstance n. 情况,境况,形势(常用复数) under/in …circumstances 在 …… 情况下 under/in the circumstances 在目前情况下, 在这 / 那种情况下 在这种情况下,不告诉他有关这次事故的 情况似乎更好。 Under the circumstances, it seemed better not to tell him the accident.

15 under/in no circumstances 决不,无论如何不 Under no circumstances can we give up the plan. 思考:还学过哪些表示 “ 绝不 ” 的短语?

16 6. The proverb ‘don’t count your chickens until they are hatched’ means ‘don’t count on something going well until it happens.’ count on 依靠; 指望 不要总是依靠别人的帮助, 你已经到了独立做事 的年龄了。 Don’t always count on others for help, you are old enough to do the work by yourself. 不要指望他人能帮你摆脱困境。 Don’t count on other people to help you out of trouble.

17 Knowledge without common sense count for little. I'm sorry, you'll have to count me out tonight. We are counting down the days to the end of this tour. When the game gets started, you can count me in. Now count up the points you've scored. A few lines of rhyming doggerel don't count as poetry. 几行押韵的蹩脚诗算不上是诗.

18 7. Today the White Horse Temple complex is Centered around a south-facing courtyard that is shaped like a rectangle. center on/around center…around 以 … 为中心 Public interest centres on the outcome of next week's election. 全家都以孙子为中心。 The whole family is centred around the grandson. 讨论围绕着发展中国家的发展进行。 Discussions were centred around the food issue.

19 Important sentences (project)

20 1. The emperor dreamt of a golden man ________(fly) over the palace. (line 5) 2. There were rays of light _______(come) from his head that lit the entire palace hall. (line 7) 3. The emperor instructed a group of officials _____(go) on his behalf as agents to India ______(find) more information about Buddha. (line 10) flying coming to go to find

21 4. They travelled on a white horse, ______ (carry) their few possessions, some Buddhist readings and images of Buddha. (Line 15) 5. 今日整座寺庙以一个朝南的长方形庭院为中心。 The temple complex today ______________ a ____________ courtyard that _________ ______ a rectangle. (line 33) carrying is centered around is shaped like south-facing

22 5. It is said that if you stand about 20 metres away from the pagoda and clap your hands, you will hear the sounds ________(repeat) and _________(multiply) from the roof just like frogs _______(croak) (line 39) repeated multiplied croaking 6.It has been repaired and has had extensions _____ (add) many times, most often ______ (follow) times of war and disaster. added following

23 7. 这座新塔提醒人们 2000 多年前佛教是从印度传到 了中国。 (Line 54) The new temple reminds people that it was from India that Buddhism came to China two thousand years ago. 8. 它也是洛阳最著名的旅游胜地之一,向来很受 欢迎,以后也将如此。 (L. 58) It is also one of the most famous tourist attractions in Luoyang, and will remain a popular sightseeing destination as it has always been.

24 梦到 dream of 教导 / 命令 / 指示 / 通知某人做某事 instruct sb to do sth 代表,为 …… on one’s behalf: on behalf of sb 西行去 … travel westwards to 给某人讲学 / 作讲座 give sb lectures on… 骑马走 travel on a horse Important phrases

25 查阅, 参考;提到, 谈到 refer to 以 … 为中心,围绕 center around 形同,形似 be shaped like 接待 / 接见客人 receive guests 一座 13 层的宝塔 a 13-storey(ed) pagoda 使用中 / 不被使用, 废弃 in use/ out of use 佛教圣地 a holy Buddhist site

26 扩建 have extensions added 无论如何不;决不 under no circumstances at no time/by no means/in no case/in no way 这些情况下;情况既然如此 under/in the circumstances 正因为如此;照这样(说来);就其本身而论 ; as such 旅游景点、胜地 tourist attractions / sightseeing destinations


28 Complicated sentences Islam was started about 1400 years ago by a man called Muhammad. Long simple sentence 长简单句 There are many idioms used in English and quite a few of them come from the Bible. Compound sentence 并列复合句 _____________________________ ____________________________

29 There are lots of examples of idioms where animals are used to create an image. Complex sentences 主从复合句 People who follow this religion study Buddhist sutras and they follow the teachings of Buddha. Complex-compound sentences 主从并列复合句

30 1)Long simple sentences 长简单句 2) Compound sentences 并列复合句 3) Complex sentences 主从复合句 4) Complex-compound sentences 主从并列复合句 Complicated sentences

31 1. Idioms often use a number of words to represent a single object, person or concept, among other things, and unless you recognize when an idiom is being used, it is easy to misunderstand what you read or hear spoken. (line 40 ) Complex-compound sentence 主从并列复合句 and unless when __________________________________ ____________ 主句

32 among other things 除了别的之外 除了别的话, 他还谈了当前的形势。 He, among other things, talked about the present situation. 我同房间的人,除了其他活动外, 还喜欢玩桥牌。 My roommates are very keen on bridge cards among other things.

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