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广州市教育局教学研究室英语科 Module 4 Unit 1 Using language Sharing 广雅中学李方提供.

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1 广州市教育局教学研究室英语科 Module 4 Unit 1 Using language Sharing 广雅中学李方提供

2 广州市教育局教学研究室英语科 Check the answers to ex.1-2 on Page72 EX.1 1.Alice had a marriage which was arranged for her. 2.The other day the baby who was crying gave me a headache. 3.The angle of light on that photograph which was fascinating led to it winning first prize in a competition.

3 广州市教育局教学研究室英语科 4. The number of animals which are endangered increases year by year. 5. People who are in need of a big loan should come to our bank. EX.2 (that) I go swimming in the new swimming pool (that) I have brought with me (that) she could do (that) you provided for us

4 广州市教育局教学研究室英语科 5. (that) her boyfriend did 6. (that) you don’t want anymore 7. (that) I have ever done 8. (that) I have ever had 9. (that) I have looked at this picture

5 广州市教育局教学研究室英语科 Have you ever tried to send a gift or something to the children in poor areas or countries? Pre-reading

6 广州市教育局教学研究室英语科 Today, we can have access to a website to send gifts to those who are in need.

7 广州市教育局教学研究室英语科 1. What does the page show you? The page shows a gift catalogue/ how to send gifts to those who need it. 2. In what kind of order are the gifts listed? How much are cheapest and dearest gift? The gifts are listed in order of the prices. The cheapest gift (A: 20 tree seedlings) costs 5 AUD. The dearest (U: a well and water pump) costs 1,350 AUD. skimming:

8 广州市教育局教学研究室英语科 3. Where is the list of gifts? On the bottom left side of the page. 4. Where is the gift card? On the right side of the page over the picture with a lot of children in it.

9 广州市教育局教学研究室英语科 Background information 1. Who owns this website? In which country? It is owned by an Australian organization, that is, TEAR Australia. 2. What does AUD mean? Australian dollar.

10 广州市教育局教学研究室英语科 The suggested answers to exercises 2 on Page 35. 1. N 2. G 3. A 4. J 5. F 6. I

11 广州市教育局教学研究室英语科 Discussion: Add to the gift list on the Internet page three more gifts that you think might be important for those in need in another country. Share your choice with another group and give at least two reasons for your choice.

12 广州市教育局教学研究室英语科 Suggested answer: We would like to add to the gifts: a wireless radio, a TV set, a computer. With these three, they can know more about the world and learn more about science and technology. They can even get distance education, or got to school in the air.

13 广州市教育局教学研究室英语科 1. Match the words in list A with those in list B with a similar meaning (Ex.2, P71) donate=give distribute = hand out remote = distant purchase = buy security = safety catalogue = list participate = take part tailor = dressmaker voluntary = done willingly assistance = support trunk = large suitcase operate = work Language points

14 广州市教育局教学研究室英语科 2....bring hope for a better future to a community in need. 患难见真情。 A friend in need is a friend indeed. 没必要着急。 There is no need to hurry. 我们需要水。 We are in need of water. 许多家庭处于贫困的情况。 Many families are in great need.

15 广州市教育局教学研究室英语科 3. When you purchase an item, we will … 1) v. buy sth. 购买某物 常用以下结构: purchase sth. with sth; purchase sth. for sb. 购买股票 purchase shares

16 广州市教育局教学研究室英语科 2) n. [C] 常作复数, 指 “ 购买之物 ” Are you satisfied with your purchases? [U] action of buying sth. They announced the purchase of such a large house.

17 广州市教育局教学研究室英语科 4. Water supply for one person. 1) n. a) 指 “ 供给 ; 供应 ” 等 supply and demand 供与求 be in short supply 供应缺乏, 供应不足 food supply 食物供应 water supply 供水 a good supply of meat (fish, fruit) 肉类 ( 鱼, 水果 ) 大量供应

18 广州市教育局教学研究室英语科 b) 当 “ 供应品 ; 生活用品 ; 补给品 ” 等, 常用复 数 supplies 。 military supplies 军需品 家庭用品 household supplies 医用品 medical supplies

19 广州市教育局教学研究室英语科 2) 用作动词时, 指 “ 供给, 提供, 备办 ” 等, 常用于词组 supply sb. with sth. 或 supply sth. to/for sb. 。其同义词为 offer, provide, present, give, furnish 等。 eg. They supplied food to/for them. 他们供给他 食物。 * offer sb sth / offer sth to sb give sb sth / give sth to sb provide sb with sth / provide sth for sb furnish sb/sth with sth / furnish sth to sb/sth

20 广州市教育局教学研究室英语科 5. A trunk library 一个箱式图书馆

21 广州市教育局教学研究室英语科 Trunk library, also called blue trunk library has been developed by the library of the World Health Organization in Africa as a means of compensating( 补偿 ) for the lack of up-to-date medical and health information. The collection, which is organized according to major subjects, contains more than one hundred books on medicine and public health.

22 广州市教育局教学研究室英语科 Those families that do not have a man or a woman as its head but a child (both parents might have died) 6. families headed by children What does “families going hungry and families providing for themselves” mean? = families which go hungry and families which provide for themselves 挨饿的家庭和自足的家庭

23 广州市教育局教学研究室英语科 7. This gift covers the cost of production and distribution of seedlings, as well as training in tree care for the local villagers who are working hard to prevent their land from turning into desert. 译文:这份礼物包含了幼树苗的培育和销售费用, 也包含了当地村民参加护树培训的 费用, 这些村 民正努力工作以阻止他们的田地沙漠化。

24 广州市教育局教学研究室英语科 1) as well as 可连接并列的单词或短语。 It is unpleasant in summer as well as in winter. 2) as well as 连接两个谓语动词时, 它们的 时态应保持一致。

25 广州市教育局教学研究室英语科 as well as 位于句首时, 此时相当于 in addition to 。 As well as going to the movies, I spend a lot of time with my pets.

26 广州市教育局教学研究室英语科 3) You cannot expect her to do the homework as well as look after the baby. 4) Helen as well as I is eager to see the performance.

27 广州市教育局教学研究室英语科 5) Mr. Li hasn’t gone abroad as well as his brother. 李先生并没有和他兄弟一样出国去 Mr. Li, as well as his brother, hasn’t gone abroad. 李先生和他兄弟都没有出国。 6) as well as 在意义上通常强调前者, 而 not only …but also 在意义上则强调后者。 他不但有一房子, 而且有一辆小汽车 (as well as) He’s got a car as well as a house.

28 广州市教育局教学研究室英语科 6. Nobody can assure financial __________ in front of economic crisis. 7. We plan to do some _____________ community work this summer. 8. ______ the icon and you will get more information. 9. 这位候选人一直积极地参加各种社会,经济和政治活 动。 This candidate has been participating in various social, economic and political activities. More words: Click security voluntary

29 广州市教育局教学研究室英语科 从方框中选择适当的单词或短语填空。 1. All the students in the class are expected to __________ in the discussion. 2. Some activities will be organized to collect money for children ______. in need; operate; participate; purchase; donate participate in need

30 广州市教育局教学研究室英语科 3. The old couple were thinking of ___________ a house in the country after they retired. 4. Everyone was asked to ______ a day ’ s pay for the miners killed in the accident. 5. They had ________ on him six times before he was a year old. in need; operate; participate; purchase; donate operated donate purchasing

31 广州市教育局教学研究室英语科 Homework 1. Best English: P85-88(choose three readings from the four) 2. two cloze texts (in the given material).

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