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IFY Parents Meeting 25 February 2012 2012 年 2 月 25 日家长会 Sheldon Smith, Centre Principal 校长.

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1 IFY Parents Meeting 25 February 2012 2012 年 2 月 25 日家长会 Sheldon Smith, Centre Principal 校长

2 Today 今天 10.30- 12.00 Individual parent-teacher appointments 第一轮老师家长面谈 12.00- 12.45 Presentation on the IFY end of semester exam results, predicted grades, and university applications 学术校长给所有 学生家长总结第一学期期末考试成绩、 学生预估成绩以及介绍大学申请 12.45- 13.30 Presentation on university and course choices, and on visa materials. 学生服 务部介绍大学选报、专业课程选择和 签证材料准备 13.30- 14.30 Individual parent-teacher appointments 第二轮老师家长面谈

3 Now 现在 1.Academic Report 学术报告 2.End of Semester 1 Exam results 第一学期期末考试 3.Predicted Grades 预估成绩 4.University Applications 大学申请

4 1. Academic Report 学术报告  University Predicted Grades summary 大学预测成绩概况  Discipline record & Principal’s comment 考勤记录和校长评语  Semester 1 Subject Coursework Grades (count towards final grade) 第一学期各科作业成绩(记入最后成绩)  End of Semester 1 Subject Examination Grades 第一学期期末考试成绩  University Subject Predicted Grade 大学各科预估成绩

5 Academic Coursework Grades 学术作业成绩  Grades from A* – U (A*, A, B, C, D, E, U) 等级从 A* – U (A*, A, B, C, D, E, U)  Each subject has assessed coursework throughout the year 每科作业在全年都有考核  The coursework marks form part of the final grade in that subject 作业成绩在总成绩中占一定比例  Coursework is very important (especially EAP) 作业成绩非常重要(特别是学术英语)

6 2. End of Semester 1 Exam results 第一学期期末考试  Grades from A* – U 等级从 A* – U  Maths: 数学 30%  EAP Notetaking: 学术英语听写 5 %  Other exams: 其它成绩 10 % Affect final grade to universities 影响递交给大 学的成绩

7 2. End of Semester 1 Exam results 第一学期期末考试  ALL students need to continue to work hard and improve their weaknesses 所有学生需要继续努力,改进不足  Additional out of class practice needed 另外需要课后做大量的练习  We expect improvement – but it is up to YOU 我们希望你们有所提高, 但是一切取决于你们自己

8 3. Predicted grades 预测成绩 What are predicted grades? 什么是预测成绩 ?  The grade we think you can get at the end of the course based on the following: 我们认为你在学期末所能取得的最后 成绩(预测成绩)基于以下几个方面

9 What are predicted grades? 什么是预测成绩  Assessed work (assignments and examinations) 作业考核(阶段测验和考试)  Formative assessment (homework, classwork etc) 作业(课堂和课后作业 )  End semester 1 examination results 第一学期考试成绩  Plus a % that we think you can improve by the end of semester two. 加上我们认为你在第二学期末所能提高的百 分比

10 IMPORTANT 重要的 The Predicted Grade is NOT the Final Grade 预测成绩不是最终成绩

11 Final Grades vs Predicted Grades 2010 2010 年学术最终等级和预测等级比较

12 Final EAP Grades vs Predicted Grades 2011 2011 年学术英语最终等级和预测等级比较

13 EAP split grades (A*/A, A/B, B/C, C/D) 学术英语预测可能获得的成绩等级

14 IMPORTANT 重要的 The Predicted Grade is NOT the Final Grade 预测成绩不是最终成绩

15 4. University Applications 大学申请  Now have End of Semester 1 exam results and predicted grades 有第一学期考试及 预测成绩  Choose courses and universities according to your predicted grades as well as your interests 根据预测成绩和自己的兴趣选择大学和 专业  Deadline for complete UCAS form: 30 March UCAS 填写最后期限: 3 月 30 日

16 Once you apply 一旦申请  If a university is interested in you, they will make you an offer 大学对你感兴趣,会发出录取通知书  If you get the grades/points, you go to that university 如果达到大学要求成绩,即可进入大学  If a university does not want you, no offer 大学对你不感兴趣,将不会给你录取通 知书

17 Making the choice 作决定  Choose the subject you want to study 选择你感兴趣的课程  Don’t just follow the ‘League Tables’ 不要只看排名表  Course details (e.g. Sandwich? ACCA?) 课程细节(例如:三明治课程?注册会计师 ?)  Support for international students 对国际学生学习、生活的帮助  Accommodation 住宿  Do you want to live in that city? 是否希望住在那座城市

18 Universities Counselling Mission 大学咨询代表团  Thursday 1st March 3 月 1 日(星期 四)  Students can speak to the university representatives 你可以和大学的代表交谈  Ask questions about courses, universities and offers 咨询有关课程,大学和录取的相关信息  Make a good impression 留下好印象  Help make final course choice decisions 帮助做出最终课程选择

19 Making the choice 做选择  Choose three courses 选择 3 门课程  BE REALISTIC! 现实一些  “Safety choice” 保险的选择

20 After the final exam results 得到考试结果后  Universities accept the students with required grades/points 大学录取达到录取要求的学生  Students who are not accepted go into ‘clearing’ 没有被录取的学生将进入调配系统

21 “ Clearing ” 调配  Universities still have places 大学仍有录取空缺  There are still students with no place 还有一些未被录取的学生  Clearing brings them together 未被录取的学生全部进入调配系统  However, little choice 然而,你的选择很少

22 Guarantee 承诺  Provided you get 240 points (3 C grades) AND  You pass your listening/ speaking/ reading/ writing (grade D or better) NCUK guarantees to find you a place 若学生能通过学术英语(四项技能)外加三 门科目将保证能被学校录取 But every year some students DO FAIL the IFY! 但是每年仍有很个别的学生考试不 合格 !

23 Semester 2 第二学期  Lots more work! 更多功课  Much longer – 19 weeks, compared to 13  Do you need to improve your study attitude or effort? 你是否需要改进学习 态度和提高努力程度 ?  Do you need additional help? 是否需要其它帮助?  There is still time to improve 仍有时间去提高和改进  Assignments 阶段考试  Final Exams 期末考试

24 Summary 总结  Be realistic in your university choices 从实际出 发,选择适合自己的大学  Make a safety choice 作出保底的选择  Consider the reasons for your exam results & predicted grades 考虑考试成绩和预测成绩的因素  Work hard and pass your assignments and exams with the best possible marks 努力学习以最好的成绩通过阶段和期末考试  Remember: a predicted grade does NOT mean you have achieved that grade 切记:预测成绩不等于说你已达到那个级别

25 Future Parents Meetings 13 April (4 月 13 日 ) Progress report 18 May (5 月 18 日 ) University offer choices & Preparation for exams 大学录取 的选择和考试准备

26 THANK YOU 谢谢!

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