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(adj.) (adv.) 形容词和副词 By Chen Wenchun. The New Year’s evening party He is _______. He can make us ______. He is a ______ person. His magic is very _____________.

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Presentation on theme: "(adj.) (adv.) 形容词和副词 By Chen Wenchun. The New Year’s evening party He is _______. He can make us ______. He is a ______ person. His magic is very _____________."— Presentation transcript:

1 (adj.) (adv.) 形容词和副词 By Chen Wenchun

2 The New Year’s evening party He is _______. He can make us ______. He is a ______ person. His magic is very _____________. He played magic quite _____________. (adj.) funny happy wonderful (adj.) wonderfully (adv.)

3 How are Adjectives and Adverbs used? 形容词和副词的用法

4 He is funny (adj.). He can make us happy (adj.). He is a funny person (n.). 1. 形容词放在连系动词后作表语 be, seem, look, feel, sound, taste, smell, become, get, turn, grow, go, keep, stay… 2. 形容词放在名词前作定语 3. 形容词放在某些使役动词后作宾语补足语 make, let, leave, keep…

5 His magic is really wonderful. He played magic quite wonderfully. 2. 副词修饰动词作状语 3. 副词修饰另一个副词 1. 副词修饰形容词作状语 (adv.) (adj.) (v.) (adv.)

6 quick careful slow lucky happy easy adj.adv. quickly carefully slowly luckily happily easily rules 1. 直接加 ly 2. 辅音字母加 y 结尾 的, 改 y 为 i 再加 ly 2. fast, early, enough, hard, late… 1. friendly, lovely, lonely Attention adj. adj./adv.


8 1.This time I want to do something _________. (different/differently) ( 八上 Unit3-P17) 2. It’s _____ (true/truly) that some ads can be very useful. ( 九 Unit13-P106) 3. Finally, _______ (tired/tiring) but happy, they took the bus back to school. ( 八上 Unit8- P49) Choose the right one for the sentences. √ adj. √ √ They felt tired. It is a tiring trip. something, anything, nothing, somebody…+adj.

9 4. Many ads are aimed ____ (special/specially) at teenagers. ( 九 Unit13-P106) 5. I’d like to stay _______(health/healthy) but to be honest, I only eat food that tastes ____ (good/well). (九 Unit6-P50) Choose the right one for the sentence. adv. √ √ √ adj.

10 Who is funnier?

11 Zhao is funnier than Xiao. Xiao is not as/so funny as Zhao. Zhao is the funniest of the three. …….+than… 两者比较 as………….as not so/as………as 比较级 三者及三者以上比较 原级 ………in/of + 范围 最高级

12 The Positive Degree ( 原级 ) The Comparative Degree ( 比较级 ) The Superlative Degrees ( 最高级 ) 形容词 / 副词的比较级和最高级变化

13 形容词和副词的比较级和最高级变化规律 1. 规则变化 1.tall--- 2.large--- 3.thin--- 4.heavy--- 5.popular--- 1. 直接加 er 或 est 2. 以 e 结尾直接加 r 或 st taller---tallest larger---largest thinner---thinnest 3. 重读闭音节词词尾只有一个辅音字母时,先双写 辅音字母再加 er 或 est heavier---heaviest 4. 以辅音字母 +y 结尾的双音节词,先把 ”y” 改为 ”i”, 再加 er 或 est 。 more ~---most ~ 5. 多音节词和部分双音节词在词前加 more 或 most

14 good/well--- little--- many/much--- bad/badly/ill--- far--- old--- 形容词和副词的比较级和最高级变化规律 2. 不规则变化 better/best less/least more/most worse/worst farther/farthest further/furthest older/oldest elder/eldest


16 1. ---Of the three girls, who do you think is _____. ---I think Tina is. A.tall B. taller C. tallest D. the tallest 2. Mike runs _______ in his class because he is on the school sports team. B. faster C. fastest D. the slowest 3. Showtime Cinema is one of _____ movie theaters in town. A. good B. better C. best D. the best D C D one of + 最高级+名词复数 最高级 +in/of + 范围 三者及三者以上比较 副词最高级可省略 the 形容词最高级必须加 the

17 4. ---The dish is delicious! ---Well, at least it’s ______ the one I cooked yesterday. (08 杭州中考 ) A. as good as B. worse than C. as well as D. as bad as 5. ---How are you today, Francisco ? ---Much _______, but my doctor says I’ll still have to rest for another few days. (07 杭州中考) A. Well B. good C. better D. best A C much, a lot, a little, even, far, still… He is two years older than me.

18 6. ---This digital camera is really cheap! ---Yes, I think the ______ the better. I’m short of money, you see. (05 杭州中考) A. cheap B. cheaper C. expensive D. more expensive 7. When spring comes, it gets ________. A. more and more warm B. more and more warmer C. warmer and warmer D. cooler and cooler B the + 比较级, the + 比较级 : 越、、、就越、、、 比较级 +and + 比较级 : 越来越、、、 C I’m sure Hangzhou will become _______(beautiful) more and more beautiful

19 8. Yellow River is the second _____ river in China. A.long B. longer C. longest D. shortest C 序数词 + 最高级 10. It is much colder in Beijing than _________. A. Hainan B. that Hainan C. it in Hainan D. that in hainan weather D 比较内容应保持一致 9. Tom is taller than ____________ in his class. A. other students B. any other student C. any student D. the other students B 比较级形式最高级含义


21 Different weather makes people feel different. It influences health, intelligence and feelings. In August, it is very hot and wet in the________ part of the United States. People there have heart trouble and _____ kinds of health problems during this month. In the Northeast and the Middle West, it is very hot at some time and very ____ at other times. 用所给词的适当形式填空. 每词仅用一次. hard cold usual also thin by people many tire other good south low come southern X other X cold X adj.

22 People in these states have ______ heart trouble after the weather changes in February or March. The weather can ______ influence intelligence. For example, in 1983 a report ____ scientists, the IQ of a group of students was very high when a very strong wind ______, but after the strong wind, their IQ was 10% ______. Students in many schools of the United States often do less _____ on exams in the hot months of the year( July and August). hard cold usual also thin by people many tire other good south low come XX X more X also X by X came X lower X well X 上下文语境 前后呼应 被动语态 谓语 两者比较 adv.

23 Weather also has a strong influence on _________ feelings. Winter may be a bad time for ______ people. They _____ feel cold during these months. They might feel unhappy during cold weather. But big people may have a ______ time in hot summer. Are you feeling sad, _____, forgetful or unhappy today? It may be because of the weather. hard cold usual also thin by people many tire other good south low come XXXXXX XX X people’s X thin X usually X hard X tired X adv. adj. 根据常理推论 adj. 对比

24 Describe what you see on your paper. You are asked to use as many Adjectives and Adverbs as possible. ?

25 It is a normal washing machine that almost every family has in the city. It’s big, like a box. It can be operated easily but it can’t work without electricity or water. My father bought it for my mother a few years ago. I think it’s expensive but very helpful because it can help my mother wash many clothes. So she can have more time to relax and be with us especially on weekends.

26 Person: tall, long, short, strong, curly, cool, straight, shy, beautiful, outgoing, heavy, successful, ugly, friendly, careful, energetic, happy, funny, smart, lovely, clever, talented, creative, thin, interesting… Animal: long, short, strong, big, enormous, small, shy, fast, lazy, ugly, beautiful, gentle, friendly, high, slow, funny, smart, clever, lovely, cute, furry, aggressive, spotted, playful, endangered… Object: long, short, round, square, big/huge, small, hard, soft, heavy, light, thick, thin, helpful, useful, expensive, cheap, difficult, colorful, interesting, convenient, comfortable, warm, cold, easy…

27 Homework 1.Read and learn the materials after class. 2.Finish the writing in the exercise book.

28 See you next time!

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