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Unit 5 Nelson Mandela--a modern hero The First Period Reading.

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1 Unit 5 Nelson Mandela--a modern hero The First Period Reading





6 Words of quality warm-hearted, determined, active, generous, easy-going, reliable, selfless, devoted, ….

7 歌曲:光辉岁月 曲 : 黄家驹词 : 黄家驹编 : beyond 钟声响起归家的讯号 在他生命里仿佛带点唏嘘 黑色肌肤给他的意义 是一生奉献肤色斗争中 年月把拥有变做失去 疲倦的双眼带着期望 今天只有残留的驱壳 迎接光辉岁月 风雨中抱紧自由 一生经过傍徨的挣扎 自信可改变未来 问谁又能做到

8 Nelson Mandela

9 Task1 True or false? Why? 1.Elias went to see Nelson Mandela when he was in trouble. 2.Elias left school because the school was too far from his home. 3.Nelson Mandela helped him keep his job. 4.Elias trusted Nelson Mandela and he joined the ANC Youth League. 5.Elias was willing to blow up government buildings. 6.Nelson Mandela thought violence was a good way to help black people. T F T T F F

10 Task2 Answer the questions 1.What did Mandela do to help black people? 2.What was Elias’s problem when he first met Mandela? 3.Why did Elias become more hopeful after he met Mandela? 4.What was the unfair situation black people faced? 5.Why did Mandela say that they decided to answer violence with violence? He offered guidance to poor black people on their legal problems. He didn’t have a passbook, and he worried about whether he would be out of work. Mandela told him how to get the correct papers so he could stay in Johannesburg. They couldn’t choose their leaders, their jobs or their living places. Because he felt there was no other way of changing the unfair situation.

11 Task3 Make a timeline of Elias’ life 1940:__________________________ 1942:__________________________ 1946:__________________________ 1948:__________________________ 1952:__________________________ 1963:__________________________ He was born. He was two years old. He began school. He left school. He went to Mandela for advice. He helped Mandela blow up some government buildings.

12 Part1 Part2 Paragraphs 1—2 Paragraphs 3—5 Elias’ life before he met Nelson Mandela. The change of Elias’ life after he met Mandela. Task4 Discussion How many parts the text can be divided into? Read the passage and find the general idea of each part. -----------------------------------------

13 Homework Use the title “He/She is my hero.” to write about a person you admire.

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