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library (n.)(C)圖書館libraries

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1 library (n.)(C)圖書館libraries
soon (adv.)很快地 若要強調很快,可用very soon , so soon Ex: Why did you come back so soon?

2 until (prep.) (conj.)直到 補充: not…….until…….(直到….才….) Ex: I plan to study at the library until 10 p.m. (我打算要在圖書館讀到晚上10點) Ex: Susan didn’t come back until 10 p.m. (Susan 直到晚上10點才回來)

3 noon (n.)正中午 片語: at noon 在中午 hospital (n.)醫院 補充: clinic (n.)診所 Ex: Can you take me to the hospital?

4 stomach (n.)胃 stomachache (n.)胃痛 ache (n.)疼痛 head + ache = headache (n.)頭痛 tooth +ache = toothache (n.)牙痛 skip (v.)略過 skip – skipped Ex: Let’s skip the introducing part.

5 important (adj.) 重要的 Ex: Eating breakfast is very important. take the medicine 吃藥 medicine (n.)(U.)藥 Ex: Take the medicine three times a day. 補充: pill (n.)(C.)藥丸

6 hurt (v.)疼痛 ; 傷害 hurt-hurt-hurting
Ex: He hurt his knee when he was playing basketball. 用法2: 身體部位 + hurt Ex: My knee hurts when I try to move my leg. 用法3 : 人 get / be hurt 受傷的 Ex: Fortunately, no one was hurt in the accident.

7 terrible (adj.)可怕的;糟糕的
Ex: Staying in this hotel is a terrible experience. sick (adj.)生病的 Ex: Judy didn’t come to school because she was sick. rest (n.)(v.)休息 Ex: The doctor told me to rest. = The doctor told me to take a rest.

8 late (adj.)(adv.)晚的 / 晚地 Ex: Don’t be late for the party. tomorrow (adv.)明天 the day after tomorrow 後天

9 感冒症狀 have / catch a cold 感冒 have a (high) fever 發(高)燒 fever(n.)發燒 have a cough 咳嗽 cough (n.)咳嗽 have a sore throat 喉嚨痛 sore (adj.)痠痛的 throat (n.)喉嚨 have a headache 頭痛 have a stomachache 胃痛

10 補充: have a running nose 流鼻水 sneeze (v.)打噴嚏 feel dizzy 頭暈 feel nauseous 想吐的 throw up 吐

11 diary (n.)日記 片語: keep a diary 寫日記 stay (v.)待在;停留 Ex: Stay here. I will be back soon. Ex: We plan to stay in this hotel for three days.

12 eating habit (n.)飲食習慣 habit (n.)(C.)習慣 junk food (n.)垃圾食物 Ex: Don’t eat too much junk food worried (adj.)擔心的 用法: be worried about 原形動詞: worry

13 tell (v.)告訴;講; 要求 tell-told
Ex: Let me tell you the story. ex: Jason told a joke in English class. Ex: The doctor told me to drink more water.

14 regular (adj.)規律的 Ex: Having regular meals and exercise is important. healthy (adj.)健康的 health (n.)健康 Ex: My grandpa is 92, but he is still healthy. Ex: Eating more vegetables is good for your health.

15 decide (v.)決定 decide-decided
ex: Judy decides to have a party on Christmas. take one’s advice 採取某人的建議 advice (n.)(U.)建議 一則建議 a piece of advice

16 way (n.)路途;路線;方法 片語: on one’s way to 地方 Ex: I bumped into Mary on my way home. Ex: There are many ways to solve this math problem. from now on 從現在開始 Ex: From now on, I will study hard.

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