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Nursing English Conversation

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1 Nursing English Conversation

2 如何学好口语? 1 大胆开口说 口语比较随意性,书面语讲究文字表达与语法规则。 2 要有猜测的能力
1 大胆开口说 口语比较随意性,书面语讲究文字表达与语法规则。  2 要有猜测的能力 为什么同一国家的人交流很少产生歧义,就是因为他们之间能“猜测”。 3 要训练How to explain things in different ways (用不同的方式解释同一事物) I love you. I want to kiss you,I want to hug you,I will show my heart to you.

3 Receiving the patient 接待患者

4 1. How do you do? / Good morning! 您好!(初次见面时使用)/早上好!
2. What can I do for you? Can I help you? 您需要我帮助吗? 3. The toilet is over there. 卫生间在那边 . 4. We supply hot water. 我们供应热水.

5 Please wait a moment. 请等一会儿.
6. Please let us know if you need any help. 您需要帮助时,请告诉我们. 7. Smoking is not allowed here.   这里不允许吸烟.

6 information collection 收集信息
Do you mind if I ask you a few questions? 您介意我问您几个问题吗?

7 2. I am going to take your temperature. 我要测一下您的体温.
temperature [‘tempəritʃə]n.体温 3. Let me feel your pulse. 让我测一下您的脉搏. pulse[pʌls]n.脉搏 4. I’ll test/take your blood pressure. 我要测量您的血压.

8 输液室 Infusion Room infusion [infju:ʒən]n.注入

9 1 Are you allergic to any medication?/penicillin?
您对什么药物/青霉素过敏吗? allergic [ə‘lə:dʒik]adj.患过敏症的penicillin[‘peni’silin]n.青霉素 2 I’m going to do a skin test of penicillin for you. 我要给您做青霉素皮试。 If you feel itchy or short of breath, please let me know at once. itchy[’itʃi]adj.使人发痒 如果您感到痒或气短,请立刻告诉我./我十五分钟后看结果。 I’ll see the result in fifteen minutes. 我十五分钟后看结果。

10 intramuscular[,intrə’mʌskjulə]adj. 肌肉的
I’m going to give you an 我要给您做一个 intramuscular injection.肌肉注射 intramuscular[,intrə’mʌskjulə]adj. 肌肉的 intravenous infusion.静脉注射 intravenous[,ɪntrə’vi:nəs]adj. 进入静脉的 infusion[in‘fju:ʒən]n. 注入 

11 medication 药物 Take two tablets three times a day after/before food.
tablet[’tæblit]n.  药片  饭前/饭后服,每日三次,每次两粒. Take the medicine with a lot of water. 服用此药,要多饮水. I’ll give you an injection twice a day. 我要给您注射,每日两次.

12 comforting 安慰 Never mind/It doesn’t matter . 没关系 。 Don’t worry . 不要担心 。 Don’t be nervous.  不要紧张。   You will recover soon. 您很快就会康复的。

13 护士:早上好! Nurse: Good morning. 病人:你好! Patient: Good morning
护士:早上好! Nurse: Good morning. 病人:你好! Patient: Good morning. 护士:请问哪里不舒服? Nurse: What seems to be the problem? 病人:高烧,感觉糟透了。 Patient: I’m running a high fever and feeling terribly bad. 护士:这种情况出现有多久了? Nurse: How long have you had the problem? 病人:从昨晚开始的。 Patient: Since last night. 护士:您以前来过咱们医院吗? Nurse: Well, have you ever been here before? 病人:事实上,我也是刚刚到这个城市。 Patient: As a matter of fact, I have just moved to this city. 护士: 好的,那么您得先填写这张挂号表。比如您的年龄,挂号,住址等等。 Nurse: O. K. In that case, you have to fill in this registration card. Your age, gender, address and things like that. 对话

14 病人: 没问题。 请问我应该挂哪科? Patient: No problem
病人: 没问题。 请问我应该挂哪科? Patient: No problem. Which department should I register with, madam? 护士:您最好挂内科。 Nurse: You’d better go to the medical department. 病人:表填好,给你。 Patient: Here is my registration card. 护士:谢谢。挂号费是一元。 Nurse: Thank you. The registration fee is one yuan. 病人:好的。请问我该怎么走? Patient: Fine. But can you tell me how to get to the medical department, please? 护士:坐电梯到三楼,左拐。沿着走道走。您会看到一块牌子在您的右手边。 Nurse: Take the lift to the third floor and then make a left turn. Go along the corridor until you see the sign on your right. 病人:多谢了。 Patient: Thanks a lot. 护士:不客气。 Nurse: You’re welcome.

15 单词  registration   n. 挂号 address   n. 住址 department   n. 科,系,部门 register   vi挂号 fee   n. 费 lift   n. 电梯 corridor   n. 走道 短语  run a high fever  发高烧 as a matter of fact  事实上 in that case   如果那样 fill in   填写 and things like that  等等 register with   挂(某科)的号 had better   最好 take a lif  t坐电梯 make a left turn  向左拐

16 Thank you!

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