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Unit 4 food Vocabulary Grammar (countable and uncountable nouns, there be) Reading (important phrases and sentences) Grammar (Adverbs of frequency) Main.

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1 Unit 4 food Vocabulary Grammar (countable and uncountable nouns, there be) Reading (important phrases and sentences) Grammar (Adverbs of frequency) Main task

2 单元复习要点 1. 复习并扩展有关食物和生活方式的词汇, 学习饮食结构 / 运动和身体健康之间的 关系 2. 复习并使用频度副词 3. 复习并使用可数名词和不可数名词, 能 将可数名词变成正确的复数形式, 正确 使用量词修饰不可数名词 4. 能熟练掌握 there be 句型 5. 能写一篇描述自己日常饮食的文章

3 我家离学校大约 5 公里远,所以我通常乘公交车去上学 How far is it from your home to your school? It’s about five kilometers(from my home to my school ) How do you usually go to school? I usually go to school by bus.

4 例一 要点: 11. 饮食 Diet 1. 为了更加健康, 我已经改变了我的饮食; 2. 以前, 我很少吃水果, 蔬菜, 喜欢糕点, 糖果 和可乐 ; 3. 现在早餐时我总是吃一根香蕉, 一些面包 和一些牛奶. 午餐时, 通常吃鱼和蔬菜. 4. 我现在正变的越来越健康, 学习情况也因 此而大大改善了.

5 11.Diet I have changed my diet because I want to be healthier. Before I seldom ate fruit and vegetables. I liked cakes, sweets and cola. Now, I always have a banana, some bread and a glass of milk for breakfast. I usually eat fish and vegetables for lunch. I’m now becoming healthier and healthier. Because of this, my studies have greatly improved.

6 例二 要点: 11. 饮食 Diet 1. 以前, 汤姆爱吃薯条和汉堡包, 吃很多 甜的 零食, 但很少吃水果和蔬菜 ; 2. 现在, 因为要更健康, 他已经改变了饮食饮 食 ; 早餐时, 通常喝点牛奶和吃点面包, 正餐 时通常吃米饭, 鱼和蔬菜 ; 饭后常吃些水果. 3. 汤姆现在健康多了, 他知道改变不健康的 饮食是很重要的.

7 11.Diet Before, Tom loved chips and hamburgers and ate a lot of sweet snacks, but he seldom ate fruit and vegetables. Now he has changed his diet because he wants to be healthier. For breakfast, he usually has some milk and bread. He usually has rice, fish and vegetables for dinner. After meals he often eats some fruit. Tom is much healthier now. He knows it’s important to change an unhealthy diet.

8 Some phrases 感到饥饿 / 累 感觉好些了 变胖 保持健康 需要许多能量 讨厌做某事 不喜欢做某事 一天很多次 一个健康的人 我最喜欢的食物 feel hungry/tired feel better get fat keep fit/ stay healthy need lots of energy hate to do / hate doing dislike doing sth a healthy person my favourite food many times a day

9 想要成为舞蹈家 需要能量来跳舞 在两餐之间 想要苗条 一名尖子生 改变我的饮食 计划做某事 制定 ( 学习 ) 计划 午餐吃汉堡 对 … 小心,谨慎 Some phrases want to be a dancer need energy to dance between meals want to be slim a top student change my diet plan to do sth make a (study) plan have a hamburger for lunch be careful with

10 Some phrases 去遛旱冰 花费空余时间看电视 喝水而不变胖 在这些架子上 对某人有好处 6 盒牛奶 4 公斤牛肉 少于 / 多于 5 小时 go roller skating spend free time watching TV drink water without getting fat on these shelves be good for sb. 6 cartons of milk 4 kilos of beef less than/ more than 5 hours

11 To be healthy, what should we eat every day? Vegetables, fruit, meat, staple food( 主食 ), healthy drinks Healthy eating

12 Vegetables carrots tomatoescabbages potatoes

13 fruit lemons mangoes oranges apples bananas grapes

14 meat beef pork fish chicken

15 stable food rice noodles bread dumplings

16 healthy drinks juicemilkgreen tea water

17 Others eggs peanuts

18 To be healthy, what food should we eat less? Sweet snacks cakebiscuitssweets/candies chocolate

19 Others hamburgers Coke coffee

20 Food Vegetables: Meat: Staple food: Drinks: Sweet snacks: Others: carrots, cabbages, tomatoes,potatoes pork,beef,fish,chicken rice,bread,noodles,dumplings milk, juice,water,green tea,coffee, coke candies/sweets, chocolate,cake, biscuits peanuts,eggs,hamburgers,sugar, salt Vegetables:carrots, cabbages, tomatoes, potatoes noodles,dumplings Drinks: Sweet snacks: candies/sweets, biscuits peanuts, eggs, hamburgers, Food Meat:pork,beef, fish, chicken Staple food:rice,bread, milk, juice,water,green tea,coffee, coke chocolate,cake, sugar, salt

21 可数名词的用法: 单数前加 a/an 1. There is 'h' and 's' in the word ‘fish’. 2. Do you have pen? 3. I want to eat orange. 4. It takes Daniel ______ hour to make _____ model plane. 5. This is _____ new watch. It is ______ expensive watch. 6.______ elephant is ______ animal. It is ______ large animal. 7.Does your father have useful book ? 8.He is unusual person. He scored 33 goals in 30 matches. an An an a a a a a 单词 / 字母开头如果是元音音素 用 ” an ”, 如果是辅音音素用 ” a ”

22 名词以 “o” 结尾大部分 +s , 特殊的 +es 如: potato, mango, tomato 复数加 “s” 1. tomato- 2. watch- 3. wish- 4. baby- 5. mango- 6. knife- 7. tooth- 8. sheep- 9. photo- 10. shelf- 11. fish- 12. child- 13. story- 14. foot- 辅音字母以 “y” 结尾去 y +ies tomatoes watches wishes babies mangoes knives teeth sheep photos shelves fish children stories feet 名词以 “ f/fe ” 结尾去 f/fe +ves 名词以 s, sh, ch, or x 结尾 +es

23 不可数名词的用法 three pieces of bread a bowl of rice five glasses of juice two cups of coffee two packets of saltfive cartons of milk

24 不可数名词/可数名词前的修饰词 可数名词复数 不可数名词 few, a few, some, many, too many, a lot of/lots of little, a little,some, much, too much, a lot of/lots of

25 Millie will have a birthday party this Sunday evening. She goes to the supermarket with her mother for some fruit, meat, sweet snacks and drinks. There be

26 What does she buy? Let’s guess. Is there/Are there any ……. in the basket? Yes, there is./No, there isn’t. Yes, there are./ No, there aren’t.

27 There is ______________________ in the basket. There are ______________________in the basket.

28 1. _________ two English books on the desk. 2. ________ an American girl in your class? 3. ________ a football and some toys on the bed. 4. __________ (not) any water in the river. 5. ____________ 100 dollars in the purse. 6. _________ many cakes and an apple in the box? there be 的 be 遵循就近原则. There are Is there There is There isn’t There are Are there

29 用 there be 或 have / has 填空 Look ! ___________some cats in the tree. He ______a new bike. My brother and I______ four new stamps. __________a car on the hill. I _______a new pen, but _________no ink in it. Do you ____any sisters ? Yes, I _____only one. ____________ some bananas on the table. __________ any kites in the sky ? There are has have There is have There is have There are Are there There be 表示在某地 有..,have / has 表示属 于有

30 不可数名词/可数名词 /there be 考题链接 ( ) I don’t have ________ time to watch TV at home. A 、 much B 、 manyC 、 some D 、 a ( )2. –Is there any _____ in the bottle? --No, there isn’t. A. mangoes B. potatoes C. bread D. milk ( )3. I want to buy_____. A. kilo of meat B. a kilo of meats C. two kilos of meat D. two kilos of meats ( )4. –Can I help you? --______, please. I want something to drink. A. Two oranges B. Two glasses C. Two bottles of orange juice D. Two cups ( )5. Do you have ___ every day? A. many homeworks to do B. much homework to do C. much homework doing D. many homeworks to doing A D C C B

31 用所给词的适当形式填空 1.How many _______ (tomato) do we need for the soup? tomatoes 2. Food can give us a lot of _______. (energy) 3. I like _________(vegetable) and _______ (fruit). vegetables fruit 4. There ________ (be not) any milk in the glass. isn’t 5. He has two _______(bowl) of rice every day. bowls energy

32 6. There _____(be) something wrong with my eyes. I can’t see anything. is 7. I sometimes wash the ______(dish) after meals. dishes 8. There are some books on their ______ (shelf). shelves 9. There ____(be) too much _____(salt) is salt

33 改错 1.There are two baskets of potato in the kitchen. 2. Amy likes eating noodle for breakfast. 3. Can I have a cup coffee? 4. There are some fruit and vegetables. 5. How many water do you drink every day? 6. Are there any knifes on the table? potatoes noodles a cup of coffee is much knives

34 Kitty wants to be a d______, and she knows a healthy d____ is very i______ to her. It’s easy for her to get t_____ when she dances, so she needs a lot of e_______. But she s______ eats sweet s_______, because there is too much s______ in it. She always has an apple, some m____ and b_____ for breakfast. She eats lunch every day. For dinner, she usually eats meat and v_________. After dinner, she sometimes has some f_______. ancer iet mportant ired nergy eldomnacks ugar ilk read egetables ruit Daniel and Kitty’s diets and lifestyles Kitty --healthy diet and lifestyle

35 Daniel likes s______ and he is a t___ student at school. He likes playing c________ games and c______ with his friends o__ the Internet. he loved f____ food, especially h___________. But he can not run fast, then he starts to e______ every day and swim t____ a week. He has some j____, bread, f___ and vegetables for d_____. He thinks it is important to change his diet and l______. tudying op omputer hatting n ast xercisewice uiceish inner ifestyle Daniel --unhealthy diet and lifestyle umburgers

36 healthy, health 1.They never exercise, they are not ________. 2.I want to be a _________ person from now on. 3.Eating a lot of vegetables and fruit is good for our _______. 4.Be careful and keep ________. healthy health healthy adj. 健康的 放在系动词 (be) 后, 名词前 healthy health n. 健康

37 It’s very easy for me to get tired. It’s also important to drink lots of water. It’s +adj. for sb. to do sth. 1. it’s very hard for everyone _______(work) out the maths problem. 2. ( )_______is very healthy for us ________ a lot of vegetables and fruit. A. This, for eating B. It, to eat C. This, to eat D. It, for eating to work B

38 1. 保持健康对于一个舞者来说是重要的。 __________________________________________ 2. 一周游泳两次对于我们的健康来说是有利的。 __________________________________________ It is important for a dancer to keep healthy. It is good for our health to swim twice a week.

39 I always eat hamburgers for lunch. eat/have……… for + 三餐 1. 早饭我通常吃一杯牛奶加几片面包. ______________________________________ _____________________________________ 2. 午饭 Daniel 计划吃什么 ? ______________________________________ I usually drink a glass of milk and some pieces of bread for breakfast. What does Daniel plan to have for lunch?

40 I never do any exercise. He exercises twice a week. ( )1. Marry never takes ________. She hates__________. A. exercises, exercising B. exercise, exercising C. exercise, exercises D. exercising, to exercise Exercise 作为名词 ” 锻炼 ” 讲为不可数 (take exercise/do exercise), ” 练习 ” 讲可数.Exercise 也可做动词 ” 锻炼 ” 讲 B

41 not……at all/not…..any more 1. 他根本不是一个好学生因为他经常迟到. ____________________________because he is often late for school. 2. Kitty 不再喜欢走路上学了。 Kitty________________ walking to school______________. Kitty ______________ walking to school. He is not a good student at all. doesn’t like any more not…..any more/no more 不再 not……at all 一点也不 no more likes

42 too much, too many 1.There is ___________ sugar in them. 2.We eat _________ apples today. too much too many too much/too many 太多 too much+ 不可数名词 too many + 可数名词的复数

43 without You can drink it without getting fat. 1.Without ______(say) goodbye to us, he went out angrily. 2.He was too tired, He went to bed _______(with) cleaning his teeth. 3. 他经常不吃早饭就来上学。 _____________________________________he often goes to school. Without breakfast/Without having breakfast, without saying Without 不, 没有, 介词, 后 面接名词或动名词 (Ving)

44 Let’s see Daniel’s diet and lifestyles again. Diet lifestyle Breakfast: Coke, bread Lunch: Coke, rice(2), hamburgers(5), vegetables(1), beef(3), Supper: Coke,, rice (4), hamburgers(2), vegetables(1), meat(5) After supper: sweet snacks(7), fruit(3) Go to school by bus(5) Do exercise(1) Play computer games(7) Chat with friends on the Internet(5) Watch TV for 4 hours(2) Sleep for 6 hours every day :(2)means twice a week 1.Daniel ____________ has Coke for meals. always 2.Daniel ____________ watches TV every week. sometimes 3.Daniel ____________ eats hamburgers for lunch. usually 4.Daniel ____________ walks to school. never 5.Daniel ____________ does exercise every week. seldom 6.Daniel ____________ eats fruit after supper. often Adverbs of frequency

45 always usually sometimes often seldom never Adverbs of frequency 频度副词 :

46 频度副词链接考题 1.He never exercises. ______ ______ ______ he exercise? 2. The baby drinks always milk every day. 3. Jack always is tired after the football match. 4. He seldom have dinner at school. How often does always drinks is always has 对程度副词提问用 How often, 程度副词摆放 位置 :be 动词之后, 行为动词之前.

47 Main Task: 假设你也是 Get Fit Club 的一员, 以 “My diet” 为题写一篇你的日常饮食和生活习惯, 字数 80- 100 词左右.

48 Pa 1: Introduce yourself and your hobby Pa 2: Food you eat for breakfast and the reason Pa 3: Food you eat for lunch and the reason Pa 4: Food you eat for supper and the reason Pa 5: Conclusion

49 Write an article about your diet (choose II) Pa 1: My name is … I like … Pa 2: For breakfast, I often have …because…. Pa 3: For lunch, I usually have…because…. Pa 4: I sometimes/always have …for supper because …. Pa 5: I think/ hope …

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