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Season01 E02 NEWS 法攻克雅思口语 Jessie Yu @Haikou.

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1 Season01 E02 NEWS 法攻克雅思口语 Jessie

2 关于我 大学没毕业,便在当地新**做老师,后来从北方转移到南方城市,希望可以在这个上市公司中成为管理者,有一番作为。然而那种没有硝烟的战争和没有生活的拼命,实在不是我所追求的。果断放弃后,决定做个闲人,真正把热情奉献给所有愿意理解和听我说的同学们。站在讲台上,能让我感受到无数的热情和感动。 从雅思托福到SAT,再到托业考试,我几乎教了各种考试的各个项目,最爱的还是留学口语项目。希望在尚友这个平台上,我能为大家奉献我五年的教学成果。 在首创了“NEWS法攻克雅思口语”之后,我希望能给大家的除了语言,更是一种思考方式和能力。 目前,就职于环球雅思教育集团。 主讲托福、雅思、SAT、托业。

3 part1 Do you like...? What is...? Tell me about the different type of...


5 Part 2 Describe a program on TV that you have seen. You should say:
What the program is called How often you watch it What the program is about And explain why you like this program

6 Part 3 Why it is successful? Differences Problems and solutions


8 Origin The Voice is a multinational singing competition television.

9 Format The show's format features three stages of competition.

10 Blind Audition The first is the blind audition, in which four coaches listen to contenders without seeing them, and turn their chairs to signify that they are interested in working with that artist. If more than one coach turns the chair, the artist chooses the coach he or she would like to work with.

11 Battle Phase The competition then enters into a battle phase, when the coaches picks two of their own team members against each other to sing the same song together in front of a studio audience. After the vocal(歌唱) face-off, the coach must choose which singers will advance.

12 Live Stage Shows In the final phase, the remaining contestants compete against each other in live broadcasts. The television audience and the coaches have equal say in deciding who moves on to the final 4 phase. With one team member remaining for each coach, the contestants compete against each other in the final with the outcome decided solely by public vote.

13 Trend Pet phrase Catch phrase

14 Why brand strategies of VOC
The rapid pace and surprising twists on The Voice keep viewers interested High Standards build up a figure with true story

15 Problems Lack of original songs decline of the Voice Fake story

16 Gangnam Style



19 origin  is a 2012 dance pop single written and performed by Korean pop singer  PSY anti-capitalist messages 

20 Big shot the music video has had more than 262m views on YouTube and made history as the most liked video ever.

21 Specific points The song's lyrics, for example, poke fun at soybean-paste girls who eat cheaply in private so that they can afford to drink mocha frappe lattes in public. 

22 Why there's the fact that Gangnam Style is ridiculously catchy.
The dance moves are simple enough to mimic.  Everyone has made their own version, which only adds to the success of the original. 

23 A website An advertisement A singer Interesting news A type of music A musical show Educational program

24 问卷调查地址: Jessie的尚友第一贴 雅思厨房所有讲座的汇总 口语示范音频 绮绮口语强帖,P123问题+答案! 美语正音贴 雅思口语大汇总

25 NEWS法攻克雅思考试 QQ群:54263805(二群)

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