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寻找适合您的工业4.0 Dell/曾峰.

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1 寻找适合您的工业4.0 Dell/曾峰

2 目录 工业4.0概述 中国工业4.0现状 戴尔的4.0 中小企业的工业4.0 3 6 7 Confidential

3 工业4.0概述 Industry 4.0——-德国高科技战略计划 两大主题: 1. 智慧工厂 重点研究智能化生产系统及过程,以及
网络化分布式生产设施的实现 2. 智能生产 主要涉及整个企业的生产物流管理、人机互 动、3D打印以及增材制造等技术在工业生 产过程中的应用等

4 工业4.0从智能工厂—智慧生产 智慧工厂的架构 --- 基于物联网和服务互联网 第四次工业革命下的多模式交互




8 戴尔1.0―戴尔4.0

9 戴尔4.0为自己代言 戴尔成都工厂实施的云计算整体机构,主要包括前端的云客户端计算(Cloud Client Computing,以下简称CCC)解决方案,以及后端的戴尔PowerEdge服务器、戴尔Compellent 存储和戴尔网络交换机、戴尔软件共同支持的端到端方案。 Wyse 3010-T10和Wyse 5290-D90D7瘦客户机来支撑这些生产线。由戴尔PowerEdge R620 服务器、戴尔 Compellent SC40存储、戴尔网络E600i、C300和S55交换机提供支持,构成了戴尔云计算整体解决方案高可用、灵活、和可扩展的优势。

10 中小企业工业4.0的组成-虚拟桌面

11 中小企业工业4.0的组成― PowerEdge730服务器
优势 提供经过优化的IO,从而可使VDI应用具备最出色的可扩展性 提供超乎想象的密度和极高的可靠性 可以借助直观的管理工具,轻松地进行生命周期管理 PowerEdge R730 最新英特尔至强处理器E5-2600V4产品系列,最高可配22内核 最高可配24个DIMM的高容量DDR4内存 最高可配7个PCle3.0扩展槽 最高可配4个内部GPU加速器



14 中小企业工业4.0的组成― Compellent SCV20

15 中小企业工业4.0的组成―N4000交换机 主要特性和创新 高达1.2Tbps交换架构容量
每个交换机支持多达64个线速10GbE端口,用12单元堆叠可提供 支持多达672个10GbE端口,其中用户端口堆叠可达160Gbps * 提供可支持QSFP+ (8 x 10GbE)、Quad 10GBaseT和Quad SFP+ 的热插拔扩展模块 采用Dell EqualLogic™可支持即插即用配置,且经 Dell Compellent™ iSCSI存储阵列验证 提供双80PLUS认证热插拔电源 高效能以太网 (EEE) 和低功耗PHY能降低闲置端口和闲置链路的 功耗 支持无工具安装的rails技术可大幅缩短机架安装时间 USB 快速部署,加快交换机配置

16 戴尔高效稳定的平台 简便的系统管理 节约的运营成本 有力的售后支持 内嵌智能管理软件 服务器硬件监控 运行环境监控 便于操作管理 简易的部署
低功耗的硬件部署 远程/上门的安装部署 企业级产品的维护 产品的一站式销售与服务 咨询服务 IT咨询 远程咨询 前瞻性维护 硬件支持 硬件保修 ProSupport 多供应商支持 关键任务 While our complete portfolio is detailed on the slide, we know you are not buying one of these line items per say, rather you are buying an approach to help you solve your issues of the day. So it is important to note our unique, agile and flexible approach to services -- unlike many of our competitors Dell doesn’t require you to follow a serial process. We meet you where you are today and go on a journey with you to get you where you want to get to tomorrow. That means two very specific things for you: We optimize existing investments to help you seize competitive advantages by making what you already have work better for your organization. We can come in for a quick consulting project or we can become a long term partner, helping to manage your entire IT infrastructure. This approach enables you to easily evolve your IT strategy as your business needs change to ensure you are not locked into last year’s agenda. _____________ Applications: Help customers to administer, maintain, enhance and modernize their applications using industry leading frameworks. Business Process: Help customers improve performance, streamline operations, increase productivity, and achieve compliance through transaction processing services. IT Consulting Help customers operate their business more efficiently through targeted engagements with measurable outcomes . Business Consulting Help customers achieve successful ERP implementations, M&A consolidations, BI and reporting upgrades, and other change initiatives. Infrastructure Managed Services Help customers save money, reduce resource challenges and focus on core strengths. Cloud Services Provide customers with cloud delivered solutions for virtualization – client PCs and data centers – and management and security of their IT environment Configuration Services Provide customers with resources and expertise to speed and simplify system deployment and configuration. Support Services Help our customers minimize disruptions and maintain a high level of productivity, customized to align with an organization’s entire IT landscape.

17 Q & A 曾峰 Cage Zeng 戴尔资深高级客户经理 直线:0592-8187446 手机:150-7088-8677
戴尔资深高级客户经理    直线:         手机: Confidential

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