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唯有基督 In Christ Alone CCLI 1133585.

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1 唯有基督 In Christ Alone CCLI

2 唯有基督,是我盼望 是我亮光,力量,詩歌 是房角石,穩固根基 乾旱,風暴,無可畏懼
In Christ alone my hope is found 是我亮光,力量,詩歌 He is my light, my strength, my song 是房角石,穩固根基 This cornerstone, this solid ground 乾旱,風暴,無可畏懼 Firm through the fiercest drought and storm

3 哦,愛何高!平安何深 懼怕消除,爭競平息 是我安慰,是我一切 基督愛裡,我今站立
What heights of love, what depths of peace 懼怕消除,爭競平息 When fears are stilled, when strivings cease 是我安慰,是我一切 My comforter, my all in all 基督愛裡,我今站立 Here in the love of Christ I stand

4 在基督裡,榮耀的神 道成肉身,降卑為人 忍受罪人,辱罵頂撞 十字架上,捨命流血
In Christ alone – who took on flesh 道成肉身,降卑為人 Fullness of God in helpless babe 忍受罪人,辱罵頂撞 This gift of love and righteousness 十字架上,捨命流血 Scorned by the ones He came to save

5 滿足父神,公義要求 眾人罪孽,都歸祂身 蒙愛,稱義,白白恩典 因基督死,我今活著
Till on that cross, as Jesus died 眾人罪孽,都歸祂身 The wrath of God was satisfied 蒙愛,稱義,白白恩典 For every sin on Him was laid 因基督死,我今活著 Here by the death of Christ I live

6 在墳墓裡,我主靜臥 黑暗掩藏,世人之光 榮耀大日,光芒四射 從墳墓裡,我主起來
There in the ground His body lay 黑暗掩藏,世人之光 Light of the world by darkness slain 榮耀大日,光芒四射 Then bursting forth in glorious day 從墳墓裡,我主起來 Up from the grave He rose again

7 祂已復活,全然得勝 罪惡咒詛,失去權勢 寶血重價,贖我歸祂 基督屬我,我今屬祂 And as He stands in victory
Sin’s curse has lost its grip on me 寶血重價,贖我歸祂 For I am His and He is mine 基督屬我,我今屬祂 Bought with the precious blood of Christ

8 基督能力,我身彰顯 不再定罪,死亡失勢 生命氣息,從祂而得 從生到死,在祂手中
No guilt in life, no fear in death 不再定罪,死亡失勢 This is the power of Christ in me 生命氣息,從祂而得 From life’s first cry to final breath 從生到死,在祂手中 Jesus commands my destiny

9 哦,何穩妥!地獄權勢 世人惡謀,無能加害 直至祂來,歡見主面 祂權能裡,我今穩立
No power of hell, no scheme of man 世人惡謀,無能加害 Can ever pluck me from His hand 直至祂來,歡見主面 Till He returns or calls me home 祂權能裡,我今穩立 Here in the power of Christ I’ll stand End

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