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人教版英语 ENGLISH 人教PEP版六年级下册 人教PEP版六年级下册 五年级下册.

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1 人教版英语 ENGLISH 人教PEP版六年级下册 人教PEP版六年级下册 五年级下册

2 Unit 3 My school calendar
PartA 2017/9/12

3 What's your favourite season?
Warm-up 我是歌唱家 What's your favourite season? Summer,winter,spring and fall, spring and fall. 2017/9/12

4 Presentation 单词新朋友 meet 集会;开会 trip 旅行 few 一些 contest 比赛 thing 事情
Easter 复活节 2017/9/12

5 New Year' Day 新年 Tree Planting Day 植树节 May Day 劳动节 2017/9/12

6 January 一月 February 二月 March 三月 April 四月 May 五月 June 六月 2017/9/12

7 短语新朋友 sports meet 运动会 2017/9/12

8 singing contest 歌唱比赛 2017/9/12

9 school trip 学校郊游 2017/9/12

10 have a trip 去旅游 2017/9/12

11 a few 一些 2017/9/12

12 句型新朋友 We have a few fun things in spring. 句型结构:
主语+have/has+具体物品/具体活动+其他. 2017/9/12

13 拓展 there be 和 have 都可以表示“有”,have指某人有某物,there be 是指某地有某物。
There are five apples on the table. 2.have表示“有”时侧重于主观方面。如: Do you have a watch? 2017/9/12

14 3.有时候 there be 和 have 可以互换。 如:We have a lot of time.
=There is a lot of time. 4.有些情况下 there be 和 have 是不能互换的。 如:“我有两只手”只能说I have two hands. 2017/9/12

15 学以致用 She has three cars. 思考:“她有三辆车。”用英语怎么说?

16 ---When is Tree Planting Day? ---It's in March.

17 拓展 when 和 what time 都可以用了询问时间意味“什么时候”。但是二者也是有区别的。 1.询问做某事的具体时间时两者可以互换。
如:When/What time do you go to bed? 2.询问钟表上显示的具体时间时只能用what time,不能用when。 如:What time is it? 3.询问时间发生的年月日时只能用when。 如:When is your birthday? 2017/9/12

18 学以致用 When is New Year's Day? 思考:“什么时候是新年?”用英语怎么说?

19 Practice 同学之间相互采访,说一说你最喜欢的节日,在这个节日里你最喜欢做什么事情。 2017/9/12

20 Test 补全单词 r Jan__ary Feb__uary M__rch Apr__l M__y Jun__ u a i a e

21 连线 New Year's Day Tree Planting Day May Day Children's Day 2017/9/12

22 选择正确答案 1.Winter vocation is____February. B C.on
2____is the first month of a year. A.February B.December C.January 3.___is Children's Day? A.When B.What C.Why B C A 2017/9/12

23 Homework 了解一下每年的后半年都有什么节日,用英语怎么说? 2017/9/12

24 2017/9/12

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