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院公共选修课 Leisure English 黄瑛瑛.

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1 院公共选修课 Leisure English 黄瑛瑛

2 Unit 4 Ask For an Offer of Marriage 1. Will you marry me?
你愿意嫁给(娶)我吗? 2.  Would you be my wife/husband? (BMW ?)    你愿意当我的妻子/丈夫吗? 3. I think it's time we took some vows.     我想是我们该许下誓言的时候了。 4. I think it's time we settled down...     我想是我们该稳定下来的时候了......

3 5. I want to spend my life with you.    
我要与你共度一生。 6. I want to be with you forever.     我要永远与你相守。 7. Let's get hitched!    我们成为比翼鸟吧! 8. Let's tie the knot!    我们结为连理枝吧!

4 The Reasons for Loving you
因为爱你 所以爱你    Because I love you,so I love you.     2. 因为你爱我 所以我爱你    Because you love me,so I love you. 3. 因为世界上没有人比我更爱你    Because no one in the world love you more than me. 4. 因为我无时无刻想著你    Because I miss you every moment.   

5 5. 因为你的温柔体贴    Because of your
gentleness and considerate. 6. 因为你的坦白率真    Because of your frankness 因为你那可爱的笑容    Because of your lovely smile. 8. 因为你那迷人的眼睛    Because of your charming eyes. 9. 因为你的一举一动都让我著迷    Because your every action make me fascinated 因为你所散发出来的高贵气质    Because of your noble disposition. 

6 11. 因为抱著你的感觉是这麽温暖 Because of
the warmth when I hold you in my arms 12. 因为一个人寂寞的时候只有你陪著我    Because only you accompany me when I am lonely 因为爱你让我充满自信    Because of loving you makes me confident 因为你的任性     Because of your willfulness 因为照顾你是我的责任     Because it is my responsibility to look after you. Content Layouts

7 Implore Your Lover 1. Don’t leave me, please.  求你不要离开我。 2. Can we give it one more try?      我们可不可以再试试看? 3. I can’t live without you.    没有你我活不下去。 4. I can’t stand losing you.    我不能失去你。 5. I’ll change, I promise.  我会改的,我保证。

8 6. I won’t hurt you anymore.    
7. My life would be miserable without you. 没有你我的生活会很凄惨的。   8. Please give me one more chance.    9. Don’t you know how much I love you?   10.I know it’s all my fault. I’ll never break your heart again. Please forgive me.     

9 Correct the mistakes and Improve the Letter. Keys:
A Love Letter    Correct the mistakes and Improve the Letter. Keys: family type marry sb monk (和尚)

10 Words on Valentine This valentine is for the girl who stole my heart.这情人节礼物,是送给那位偷去… 2. Thank you for comforting me when I'm sad. 3. My thoughts are deep into you from the moment that I wake up,  and to the whole day Through.我深深地想念著你,   从我每天早上起来 的那一刻起,每一分每一秒直到一天结束。 4. Happy Valentine's Day 情人节快乐!

11 The one you share the joys and hardships with,
A poem  I love to be the one you always think of, The one you share the joys and hardships with, I'll always love to be the one you love. 我多想做你时刻思念的人, 与你同甘共苦的人, 我总想做你所爱的人。

12 Appointment 1.When are you free? 2. Are you free this Thursday afternoon? 3. What time will you be in? 4. What time will you be able to see me? 您什么时候可以见我? 5. Would Wednesday morning be all right? 周三上午可以吗?

13 6. Shall I call for you or will you come for
me? 我去找您还是您来找我? 7. I'll call on you if you like. 如果您愿意,我想拜访一下您。 8. I shall be free this afternoon. 9. I shall be here at half past six. 10. I'll be very pleased to see you. 11. I'll be so glad if you can come.

14 12. I'm not quite sure if I'm free.
我不肯定是否有空。 13. Monday would be better for me. 星期一会好一点。 14. Well, I'm engaged at that time. 哦,那时我有个约会。 15. I can't keep the appointment because I am sick. 因为生病,所以我不能赴约。  

15 Thank You.

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