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Leading permanent magnet Manufacturer

2 公司简介/ Brief Introduction
欧科磁业技术有限公司是国内主要磁铁生产厂家之一。主要生产钕铁硼与钐钴磁铁与铁氧体磁钢。工厂引进日本先进设备,掌握烧结与粘结技术。为客户提供烧结钕铁硼与粘结钕铁磁硼磁铁,烧结钐钴。产品广泛应用于汽车、办公设备、IT产业零部件、电动工具、家电设备等行业配套的永磁电机。我厂培养出一支优秀的研发队伍不断完善磁铁的设计、开发新应用。 近5年内,年磁铁成品生产量250吨到320吨不等。 EUKE MagTech Limited is recognized as one of leading manufacturers of Permanent Magnet in China. The major products include sintered NdFeB Magnet, Bonded NdFeB Magnet and sintered SmCo Magnets which are greatly utilized in the motors of automobile cars, IT parts, electric tools and home appliance. Euke have cultivated an excellent R & D team continuously improve magnet design and development of new applications and have introduced advanced equipment from Japan. In recent 5 years, the annual production capacity is tons .

3 发展历史/ Brief History 1995 工厂正式成立 Factory was establised 1999
从日本引进生产铁氧体的设备 Introduced equipments for Ferrite from Japan 2003 生产钕铁硼磁铁工厂建成 NdFeB magnet production plant completed 2005 为满足生产需要,从日本引进烧结炉 In order to meet production needs, imported sintering furnace from Japan 2006 正式成立研发队伍,开发新材料与应用,配合客户需要参加设计 Formally established R & D team to develop new materials and applications, participate in the design with customer design 2008 获得ISO/TS16949 认证,并开始提供产品SGS报告 Obtained ISO/TS16949 certification, and begin to offer SGS report for magnet 购买SmCo 工厂,开始生产SmCo Bought SmCo factory , started production SmCo 2012 获得广东优秀民营企业 2014 新股东加入,增加两条钕铁硼磁铁生产线 Adding new shareholders, increasing two NdFeB production line

4 一工厂 二工厂 生产调控部门 - 包装部门 销售部 财务部 –报关部门 采购部 品质保证部 研发部 -工程部 人力资源部 仓库
部门与人员/Department & Human Resource 一工厂 二工厂 生产调控部门 - 包装部门 销售部 财务部 –报关部门 采购部 品质保证部 研发部 -工程部 人力资源部 仓库 全公司合计人员:215个 其中研发人员:9个 技术人员: 20个 品质管理人员: 18个 Total staff : 215 R&D : 9 Engineer: 20 QC: 18 Factory 1 Factory 2 Production control Department – Package Department Finance Department - Customs declaration Dep. Purchasing Department Quality Assurance Department R&D Center – Engineer Department Human Resource

5 产品介绍 Products introduction
烧结钕铁硼磁铁 Sintered ndfeb magnets 主要应用于风力发电机、计算机、移动电话、空调压缩机、石油开采、风力发电机、办公自动化、hi-fi音响、汽车等 Application, wind driving generator, computer, air condition compressor ,oil exploitation, office facilities, hi-fi acoustics ,car , sensor ,Speakers

6 产品介绍 Products introduction
粘结钕铁磁铁 Bonded NdFeB Magnet 主要应用于汽车微电机, 电动工具及自动化。 例如汽车座椅电机,油泵电机; 汽车尾气处理装置; 有压制与各向异性注射成型。 提供多极径向充磁磁体及粘结磁体组件; Application in micro motor for automobile: seat motor, oil pump motor, Automotive exhaust treatment device ; Power tools and automation device. With press and anisotropic injection technology , supply multi-poles diameter magnetization direction bonded NdFeB Magnet.

7 产品介绍 Products introduction
烧结钐钴磁铁 Sintered SmCo Magnet 主要应用于高科技产品,如航空航天、国防军工、微波器件、医疗设备等; 具有高磁能积、极低的温度系数,最高工作温度可达350℃,负温不限,在工作温度180℃以上时,其最大磁能积及温度稳定性和化学稳定性均超过钕铁硼永磁材料。 Mainly used in high-tech products, such as aerospace, defense industry, microwave devices, medical equipment, etc.; Featured with high BH energy , low temperature coefficient, the maximum operating temperature up to 350 ℃, the negative temperature limitation, when the operating temperature is above 180 ℃, the maximum high BH energy , the temperature and chemical stability are more than NdFeB permanent magnet.

8 产品介绍 Products introduction
铁氧体磁铁 Dry-type Anisotropic Ferrite Magnets 应用于微电机、家用电器、办公 自动化设备、电动工具,喇叭等 提供瓦片,圆环。 Application in micro motor, household appliance, office facilities and electric tools . We supply arc, ring shape.

9 车间展示 workshop show

10 生产设备与检验设备 Production and test equipment

11 Ending Thanks for Reading
介绍结束 感谢浏览 Ending Thanks for Reading

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