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Unit2 School life Reading 2.

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1 Unit2 School life Reading 2

2 Phrases词组互译 1.一个混合学校 2.八年级 3.在这周里 4.学习外国语言 5.从…借更多的书 6.从家带杂志来
7.和某人讨论某事 8.在课上 9.时间好像过得更快 10.在每堂课接近结束时 a mixed school in Year 8/in the 8th grade during the week learning foreign language borrow more books from bring in magazines from home discuss sth with sb in class Time seems to go faster near the end of each class

3 listen carefully to my problems
Phrases词组互译 11.同伴俱乐部 12.仔细地听我的问题 13.为我提供帮助 14.比往常更早 15.一起做运动 16.打棒球 17.训练刻苦 18.一周两次 the Buddy Club listen carefully to my problems offer me help earlier than usual do sports together play baseball practice hard twice a week

4 课堂导学与互动: Nancy was in __________ at Woodland School near London. It’s a __________ school. Her favourite subject is ______________. His school has a __________ Week every year. She and her classmates can borrow any books from the school library. And they can even__________ in books and __________from home. Year 8 mixed French Reading bring magazines

5 Discuss and complete school when What to do
Life in a British school (Nancy): Life in an American school (John): Subject / activities when What to do in Year 8 at Woodland School near London in 8th grade at Rocky Mountain High School near Denver French Reading Week buddy club baseball twice a week every Monday every year help me learn more and listen carefully to my problems Borrow some books from the school library Practice hard

6 Learning foreign languages is fun.
动词作主语时,要将其改为doing的形式,当成单数。这句就等于It is fun to learn foreign languages. 打棒球是我的爱好。 ______ _____ ___ my hobby.

7 seem v. 似乎,看起来 seem+adj.=look+adj. 看起来怎么样 seem+to do 似乎去做某事
It seems that…似乎… Linda seems ______(happy). Do you know what is wrong with her? 灯光似乎比之前更暗了。 The light _____ ______ ______ than before. It _____ that the light ____ ____ than before.

8 offer v. 主动提供,自愿给予 offer sb. sth. = offer sth. to sb.主动提供某人某物
offer to do sth. 主动提出去做某事 在英语考试中,我的同桌主动提供给我一只钢笔。 In the English exam, my deskmate ____ ___ a pen. In the English exam, my deskmate ____ a pen __ me.

9 写出下列形容词的副词形式。 clear ----- free ----- clearly lucky ----- quick -----
Study skills 写出下列形容词的副词形式。 clear free lucky ----- quick ----- possible ----- happy ----- clearly freely luckily quickly possibly happily

10 We can add -ly to some adjectives to form adverbs.
Consolidation Adjective Adverb real really bad badly usual usually

11 写出下列词的形容词形式。 live love kind part lively lovely kindly partly

12 We can add -ly to some nouns to form adjectives.
Consolidation Nouns Adjectives friend friendly day daily week weekly

13 Read aloud these new words and phrases.
daily 每日的,日常的 weekly 每周的 quick 快的 through 自始至终, 从头到尾 look through 浏览,快速看看 at first 起初,首先 real 真实的 keep (on) doing sth. 继续,重复做某事

14 Add -ly to each of the words in the box on the left
Add -ly to each of the words in the box on the left. Then put them in different groups. Exercises Adjectives -- Adverb Noun -- Adjective careful day easy love month quick slow usual week year careful-carefully day - daily easy - easily love - lovely quick - quickly month-monthly slow - slowly week - weekly year - yearly usual - usually

15 Today we had an English test. We have a
Millie is writing in her diary. Complete her entry with the correct forms of the words in brackets. Today we had an English test. We have a _______ (month) test on each subject. I looked through the questions ______ (quick). I could _____ (easy) answer all of them. To me, learning foreign language is _____ (real) fun. I read English newspapers and magazines every day. monthly quickly easily really

16 I read very ______ (slow) at first, but I am doing better now
I read very ______ (slow) at first, but I am doing better now. I also keep writing in English about my ____ (day) life. I learn to use English better this way. ______ (usual) I watch English videos at weekends. I always have a _____ (love) time! slowly daily Usually lovely

17 Language points 1. have an English test 进行一次英语测验 have a test 测验 e.g. have a monthly test on each subject 每门科目都有月考 2. look through 浏览,快速查看 e.g. 他快速的查看了这篇文章。   He looked through the article quickly. 3. learn foreign languages 学习外语

18 4. at first 首先,起初 = in the beginning
5. keep writing in English 坚持用英语写作 keep (on) doing sth. 表继续,重复做某事 e.g. 继续尝试,你会成功的。 Keep trying, you will be successful.

19 6. learn to use English this way
通过这种方式学习使用英语 learn to do sth. 学习做某事 e.g. 我妹妹正在学习弹钢琴。 My sister is learning to play the piano. way 途径,方式,方法 in this way 用这种方法,通过这种途径

20 Exercises 1. I keep _______ (write) in English to improve my English. 2. I will have a _______ (month) test this week. 3. _____ (day) English is a useful book. 4. English is one of her favourite _______ (subject). 5. The old man learnt _____ (use) the computer from his grandson. writing monthly Daily subjects to use


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