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What do you think of game shows?

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1 What do you think of game shows?
Unit 11 What do you think of game shows?

2 Look Match and Talk Tell it like it is CCTV News 中国饮食 新闻联播
English Today Healthy Living Chinese Cooking Sports news Animal World Culture China 中国饮食 新闻联播 今日英语 实话实说 健康生活 动物世界 中国文化 体育新闻

3 Read and try to know... 1.What can you say at the beginning of the show if you are the host? 2.What can we ask others if we want to know their likes or dislikes?

4 Welcome to “Tell it like it is”.
Welcome to the show, Alan. Do you like …? What do you think of ...? How about …? What about …? And …?

5 five-month-old baby 5. a thirteen-year-old boy 一个十三岁的男孩 类似的结构还有:
五个月大的婴儿 试比较: He is a student. He is thirteen years old. He is a thirteen-year-old student. five-month-old baby

6 --My brother likes to play soccer?
I do, too. --My brother doesn’t like to play soccer? I don’t, either.

7 belt key ring sunglasses wallet watch ring scarf

8 A: What does …think of the … ?
B: He / She … it/them.

9 2a 2b Listening Thing Carol Paul watch loves doesn’t mind sunglasses likes likes scarf can’t stand doesn’t like wallet loves likes

10 What did Maria ask the students about?
2. How many things did she show to the students? She asked students about fashion. Six things. 3. Did all the students agree with each other? 4. Why did Maria think the coolest thing was the belt? No, they didn’t. Because everyone loved it.

11 Read 3a and fill in names of student in the chart:
Things Loves Likes Doesn’t mind Doesn’t like Can’t stand watch key ring sunglasses scarf wallet belt Gina Ann Judy Jack Ann Jerry Jeff William everyone

12 1. 每个学生都有一台新电脑。 ______________________ a new computer. 2. 谁是你们班最高的男孩? Who is ____________ in your class? Each / Every student has the tallest boy

13 3. 我喜欢听音乐。你呢? I _______________ music. What about you? 4. 他总是问我有关她的事情。 He always _____________ her. 5. 他刚才给我看他的新手表。 He _______________________________ __________________ just now. enjoy listening to asks me about showed me his new watch / showed his new watch to me

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