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Tea Classification ——Other Categories of Tea

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1 Tea Classification ——Other Categories of Tea
Chapter 2 Unit 6 Tea Classification ——Other Categories of Tea

2 Other Categories of Tea
Do you know any other kinds of tea? Could you introduce for us?

3 Yellow tea is the partially fermented to make the leaves take on a yellow coloration.
E.g. The campus has taken on a new look. 校园换了新貌。

4 Coloration n. 着色;染色 E.g. It was this important part of the design process that conceived a very low coloration horn device. 正是这种设计构思过程,非常低的色彩喇叭装置的重要组成部分。

5 代表性:typical ;representative
Translation:这种茶在绿茶中是相当有代表性。 This kind of tea is quite representative of green tea.

6 White tea is the special local product of Fujian Province.
特产:special local product; speciality; native E.g. They say that each European town has its speciality. Banana is native to Taiwan.

7 White tea is mildly fermented tea.
轻微地:partially; mildly; slightly

8 Kudingcha is a kind of substituting tea, which is not in the category of Camellia plant.
Substituting n. 取代;代入 E.g. Substituting animal fats, such as butter or lard, or tropical oils such as palm or coconut oil may keep the taste, but they are super-high in saturated fat. 用动物脂肪,如黄油或猪油,或热带油脂,如棕榈油或椰子油替代可保持这种味道,但是,它们含有超高的饱和脂肪。

9 Camellia tea n.山茶属;茶花 camellia oil 茶油

10 Gynostemma tea rich ginsenoside , which has many health benefits.

11 Different teas mixed together in certain proportions can strengthen their benefits, and make the flavor better. mix together混合在一起 E.g. For the sauce, use tomato ketchup, mayonnaise, cream, white wine &basil mix together. 用番茄酱,蛋黄酱,奶油,白葡萄酒和紫苏叶丝做成沙司。

12 proportion n. 比例;部分;面积;均衡
do a sum in(或by) proportion按比例计算 in proportion to (as) a. 与…成比例;与…相称;根据… b. 与…比较起来 E.g. You can adjust the equilibration time in proportion to the gradient range. 你可以根据梯度范围等比的调整重新平衡时间。

13 Useful Expressions what are the benefits of drinking Gynostemma tea? Is it any good ……? what profit to have to the body? What does it profit us?

14 It has the function of anti-fatigue, and it may regulate fat metabolism.
fatigue n. 疲乏, 疲劳 e.g.It is a treat to have a drink after the fatigues of the day. regulate vt.调整, 校准, 管理, 控制 e.g.Please regulate the sound on that radio.

15 auxiliary adj. aided auxiliary machinery 表“缓解”的动词:help relieve; relieve;ease;release....

16 Role-play Three of you make a group: one speaks Chinese acting as boss, one speaks English as the foreigner, one acts as interpreter.

17 This is the first visit to China for the foreigner, and he /she would like to buy some speciality for his wife,parents and best friend. He is recommended by his interpreter to buy some teas. They go to a teashop and finish all of the gift-buying. According to the background, please do your best to finish the performance. (Attention: Please Imagine you are really making a business deal!)

18 Thank You!

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