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Module 4 Healthy food.

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1 Module 4 Healthy food

2 Unit 3 Language in use

3 Talk about the picture.

4 Fruit

5 Meat

6 beef chicken fish

7 coffee milk tea water cola Drinks

8 juice

9 bread hamburger fish

10 rice noodles

11 chocolate candy

12 Talk about the things in the fridge.
— Have we got any meat in the fridge? — Yes, we have. — Have we got any…? —Yes, we have. / No, we haven’t.

13 Now write about the food in
the fridge. We’ve got some meat. We haven’t got any fish. 1. ________________ vegetables. 2. _________________ orange. 3. _________________ apples. We have got some We haven’t got any We haven’t got any

14 4. _________________ eggs.
5. _________________ bananas. 6. _________________ orange juice. 7. _________________ milk. We have got some We have got some We have got some We haven’t got any

15 Look at the picture and talk about it.
apple hamburger orange potato tomato apples hamburgers oranges potatoes tomatoes fish meat rice milk juice chicken water

16 He has got some a(n)… He hasn’t got any… She has got some a(n)… She hasn’t got any… The have got some a(n)… They haven’t got any…

17 名词的复数 A. 构成方法及读音规则 一般情况加 –s: e.g. map-maps boy-boys girl-girls
pen-pens    bag-bags   car-cars 清辅音后读 浊辅音和元音后读

18 2) 以s, sh, ch, x等结尾加 –es e.g. bus-buses   watch-watches    box-boxes   brush-brushes  

19 3) 以辅音字母+y结尾, 变 y 为 I 再加 es, e.g. baby---babies   city-cities    country-countries 但以y结尾的专有名词,或元音字母+y 结尾的名词变复数时,直接加s变复数。 e.g. monkey---monkeys     holiday---holidays

20 4) 以o结尾的名词,变复数时: 加s, (无生命) e.g. photo— photos piano—pianos radio—radios  zoo—zoos b. 加es, (有生命) e.g. potato— potatoes tomato—tomatoes   

21 5)以 f 或 fe 结尾的名词变复数时:改 f, fe 加 -ves,
e.g. half—halves  knife—knives  leaf—leaves       wolf—wolves wife—wives  life—lives         

22 B. 名词复数的不规则变化 1) child — children foot — feet tooth — teeth mouse — mice    woman—women   man—-men

23 注意: 由一个词加 man 或 woman构成的合成词, 其复数形式也是 -men 和-women, 如an Englishman, two Englishmen。但German不是合成词, 故复数形式为Germans;Bowman是姓,其复数是the Bowmans。

24 2) 单复同形 e.g. deer, sheep, fish, Chinese, Japanese, li, jin, yuan, two li, three mu, four jin 但除人民币的元、角、分外, 美元、英镑、法郎等都有复数形式。 e.g. a dollar two dollars a meter two meters

25 3) 集体名词, 以单数形式出现, 但实为 复数。 people, police 等本身就是复数, 不能说 a people, a police, 但可以 说a person, a policeman.

26 4)以s结尾,仍为单数的名词 maths, politics, physics等学科名词, 一般是不可数名词,为单数。 b. news 为不可数名词。

27 c. the United States, the United Nations
应视为单数。 e.g. The United Nations was organized in 1945. 联合国是1945年组建起来的。 d. 以复数形式出现的书名,剧名,报 纸,杂志名,也可视为单数。

28 A.写出下列名词的复数形式: 1. apple – orange – 3. potato – carrot – 5. banana – egg – 7. hamburger – 8. noodle – onion – 10. vegetable – 11. tomato – 12. melon – apples oranges potatoes carrots eggs bananas hamburgers noodles onions vegetables tomatoes melons

29 Complete the word map. healthy food healthy drink fruit food drink
chicken beef tomatoes fish carrots potatoes meat water vegetables milk juice oranges healthy food healthy drink fruit apples food drink bananas favourite food favourite drink carrots beef juice milk

30 Complete the sentences with the correct form of the words from the box.
1. _________ to buy some fruit. 2. It’s _________ to eat healthy food. 3. Eat well and ____ healthy. 4. Orange juice is ________. Let’s buy some. 5. I am a ___ tired. bit delicious important remember stay Remember important stay delicious bit

31 Around the world A Western breakfast
In the West, for breakfast, people usually eat bread and eggs and drink coffee or tea, milk and fruit juice.

32 Exercises any any some some some any
Fill in the blanks with some and any. 1. Have you got ____ fruit? Yes, we have. 2. Have we got ___ meat? No, we haven’t. 3. We’ve got _____ oranges and _____ apples. 4. We have got _____ melons. 5. We haven’t got ____ tomatoes. any any some some some any

33 Complete the sentences.
1. 我们有一些猪肉吗? 没有。 _____ we ____________? No, __________. 2. 你们有一些土豆吗? 有。 ____ you ___________? Yes, _______. 3. 我们的冰箱里没有胡萝卜。 We ____________________ in the fridge. Have got any pork we haven’t Have got any pork we have haven’t got any carrots

34 4. 鱼和蔬菜是健康的食品,但汉堡包不 是。 Fish and vegetables _______________, ____________________ healthy food. 5. 吃些水果,不要吃糖果和冰激淋。 ___ some fruit, ___ candy __ ice cream. are healthy food but hamburgers aren’t Eat not or

35 根据短文内容及首字母提示,在空格处填入正确的词,使短文意思完整。
My name is Tom. I’m from A______. I’m fourteen y____ old. I’m in China with my p_______ now. I like China. I like C_____ food, too. I eat rice and v_________ everyday. They are h______ food. merica ears arents hinese egetables ealthy

36 My favorite vegetables are carrots and t________. I like drinking tea
My favorite vegetables are carrots and t________. I like drinking tea. My father and mother also like d_______ tea, too. I don’t like Coke. Coke is u_______ drink. I also eat noodles, fish and meat. I don’t like candy. Candy isn’t healthy food. I like fruit. Apples are my favorite f___. omatoes rinking nhealthy ruit

37 Make a poster about a healthy lunch.


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