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感谢神 Thanks to God.

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1 感谢神 Thanks to God

2 感谢神,赐我救赎主 Thanks to God for my Redeemer 感谢神,丰富预备 Thanks for all Thou dost provide! 感谢神,过去的同在 Thanks for times now but a mem’ry 感谢神,主常荫庇 Thanks for Jesus by my side

3 感谢神,赐温暖春天 Thanks fro pleasant balmy springtime 感谢神,萧瑟秋景 Thanks fro dark and dreary fall 感谢神,抹干我眼泪 Thanks for tears by now forgotten 感谢神,赐我安宁 Thanks for peace within my soul

4 感谢神,祷告蒙应允 Thanks for prayer that Thou hast answered 感谢神,未蒙垂听 Thanks for what Thou dost deny 感谢神,渡过了风暴 Thanks for storms that I have weathered 感谢神,丰富供应 Thanks for all Thou dost supply

5 感谢神,赐我苦也乐 Thanks for pain and thanks for pleasure 感谢神,绝望得慰 Thanks for comfort in despair 感谢神,无比的慈爱 Thanks fro grace that none can measure 感谢神,无限恩惠 Thanks for love beyond compare

6 感谢神,赐路旁玫瑰 Thanks fro roses by the wayside 感谢神,玫瑰有刺 Thanks for thorns their stems contain 感谢神,赐家庭温暖 Thanks for home and thanks for fire side 感谢神,盼望福祉 Thanks for hope that sweet refrain

7 感谢神,赐喜乐忧愁 Thanks for joy and thanks for sorrow 感谢神,属天安慰 Thanks for heav’nly peace with Thee 感谢神,赐明天盼望 Thanks for hope in the tomorrow 感谢神,永远不停 Thanks thro’all eternity!

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