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学练优英语教学课件 八年级(上) it! for Go

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1 学练优英语教学课件 八年级(上) it! for Go

2 Unit 9 Can you come to my party? Section B (2a-2e) 学练优八年级英语上(RJ) 教学课件

3 invitation,reply,forward,delete,print …
学习目标 Key words & phrases:   invitation,reply,forward,delete,print … turn down,take a trip,at the end of, have a surprise party for sb…. Key sentences: 1.I'm sad to see her go,and this party is the best way to say “Thank you and goodbye.”   2.To show how much we're going to miss her,let's have a surprise party for her next Friday the 28th! Learn to make,accept and turn down an invitation.

4 Boys and girls : What’s the date today? It’s …. What day is it today?
Lead in Boys and girls : What’s the date today? It’s …. What day is it today? What’s today?

5 Make a list of the kinds of parties people have. 2a
Pre-reading Make a list of the kinds of parties people have. 2a birthday party, __________________________ ________________________________________

6 Birthday Party

7 Garden Party

8 Classmates’ Party

9 Tea Party

10 Farewell Party (欢送会)

11 Surprise Party (惊喜聚会)

12 Housewarming Party (乔迁聚会)

13 While-reading Read the message quickly. Why did the people write them? Match the reason with each message. 2b 1. accept an invitation make an invitation 3. turn down an invitation Top message: 1 Middle message: 3 Bottom message: 2

14 Read the message and answer the questions. 2c
1. What kind of party is it? _______________________________________ 2. Who is the party for? It is a surprise party. The party is for Ms. Steen.

15 3. When is the party? ________________________________________ 4. Who did David invite to the party? 5. What can people do at the party? Next Friday the 28th. He invited his classmates to the party. Have food, drinks and play games at the party.

16 Complete the invitation with words and phrases from the messages on Page 69.
party We are planning a housewarming _______ at our new house this Saturday. Can you ______? Our house is at 2 London Road. We are serving _______ and _______ from 7:30 p.m. Please ________ your friends and family. A party is more ________ with more people! Please let us ________ by Wednesday _________ you can come to the party. Hope you can make it! come food drinks bring fun know if

17 Post-reading Imagine one of your favorite teachers is leaving. Plan a party for him / her. Answer the questions with a partner. 2e 1. Why is he/she one of your favorite teachers? 2. What do you want to say to him/her? 3. When is the best time to have the party? 4. Where can you have the party? 5. What kind of food will there be?

18 6. What kind of drinks would you like to serve?
7. Who will come to the party? 8. What activities will there be at the party? 9. How can you make the party a surprise for your teacher?

19 Language points 1. bring v. 带来 Can you bring me an English dictionary?
你能给我带来一本英语字典吗? bring 与take 的区别: Bring your homework here, and take the book away.把你的作业拿过来,把这本书带走。 bring 指带到说话者这来,通常与here搭配,而take则指从说话者这带走,通常与away 连用。两者方向相反。

20 Her husband is preparing the food. 她丈夫正在准备食物。
2. prepare v. 准备 My mother is preparing dinner when I get home every day.每天我回家的时候我妈妈总是在准备晚饭。 Her husband is preparing the food. 她丈夫正在准备食物。 Students are preparing for the test. 学生们正在为考试做准备。 They are busy preparing to go on holiday. 他们正在忙着准备休假。

21 3. surprised adj. 惊奇的;感觉意外的
Are you surprised to see him alive? 你看到他还活着很惊奇吗? 与surprised 有关的用法: ①I’m surprised at the surprising news. 我对这个令人惊讶的消息感到很吃惊。 ②To my surprise, he left without leaving a word.令我惊奇的是,他一声不响地离开了。 ③He looked at me in surprise.他惊奇地看着我。

22 4. so that 以便于;目的是 He turned up the radio, so that everyone could hear the news. 他调大收音机的音量,以便所有人能听到这个消息。

23 Summary Make an invitation Accept an invitation
Turn down an invitation

24 Homework Homework 1.Review the messages on Page 69 to see how to make,accept and turn down an invitation in a polite way. 2.Do the exercises in students' book.

25 Thank you,everyone!Bye-Bye

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