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Unit 5 Why do you like pandas?

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1 Unit 5 Why do you like pandas?
Self check

2 Look at the animals and write about them.
1. This is Koko. She can play with a ball. She can stand up and “walk” on water! She is very friendly to people. She is the most interesting animal in the zoo. I like to see her playing in a pool. I think she likes water very much. dolphin

3 tiger 2. This is Peter. He’s smart. He’s from
Africa. He can run fast. He catches and eats small animals. Now he’s in a zoo. He eats a lot of meat. My good friends Lily and Lucy like to see him. tiger

4 kangaroo 3. It has very strong legs. It is grey. It can jump
high. It is very good at looking after her baby. A mother has a pouch in front. There, the babies are warm and safe. It lives in Australia. kangaroo

5 1. Add more words in the chart
1. Add more words in the chart. Then write at least five sentences using the words. Animals Description words tiger really,kind of scary I don’t like tigers because they’re really scary.

6 2. Match the questions and answers to make a conversation.
What animals do you like? They’re from Africa. Why do you like lions? I like lions. Where are they from? Because they’re big and beautiful.

7 I. 选择填空。 A 1. _____ pandas from China? A. Are B. Is C. Do
2.--Why do you like koala bears? --_____ they are cute and smart. A. And B. For C. Because 3. ______ is the biggest animal on the earth. A. An elephant B. A koala bear C. A giraffe C A

8 B C C 4. Students ______ nine hours a day.
A. sleeps B. sleep C. are sleep 5. People usually think lions are _____ scary. A. kinds of B. kind C. kind of 6.--Which kind of animals have long legs and neck? --_______. A. Pandas B. Penguins C. Giraffes B C C

9 7. Tigers like _____ meat. A. eat B. eats C. eating 8. Koala bears sleep _____. A. at night B. during the day C. at noon 9. Do you ever play _____ pandas? A. with B. to C. and 10. Foxes can count numbers. So people think they are _____. A. scary B. interesting C. clever C B A C

10 favorite do are does animals let let’s come
Ⅱ. Fill in the blanks. favorite do are does animals let let’s come What kind of ________ do you think are the biggest on the earth? -- Elephants. animals

11 2. Why ______ Maria like small animals?
3. Is your ________ pet panda? 4. Where do lions ______ from? 5. ______ go to see the new teacher in our school. does favorite come Let’s

12 Ⅲ.句型转换。 1. I want to see the lions.(对划线部分提问)
_____ _____ you want _____ _____? What do to do 解析: 对“动作”提问用“”, want to do sth.表示“想要干某事”。

13 2. Can you tell me how I can get to the airport?
(同义句转换) Can you tell me _____ _____ _____ the airport? the way to 解析: the way to表示“去……的路”, 这是复合句与简单句的转换。

14 3. Mary wants to go to the zoo with her friends.
(同义句转换) Mary _______ _____ to go to the zoo with her friends. would like 解析: want to do sth.其同义词为would like to do sth. “想要干某事”; want有人称和数 的变化, 而would则没有。

15 4. His brother likes dolphins. (对划线部分提问)
What animals does like 解析: 对动物提问用What animals或 What animal, 句中dolphins为复数形式。

16 5. Let’s see the pandas first. (同义句转换)
______ _______ seeing the pandas first? What about 解析: Let’s...是表示建议的句型, 此句型还有 What/How about doing sth? Shall we do sth? Would you like to do sth?

17 IV. 用所给单词的适当形式填空。 1.The animal usually ______ (sleep) and _______ (relax) 20 hours every day. sleeps relaxes 解析: usually为一般现在时的标志词, 主语 the animal为单数形式, 故动词应该用 第三人称单数形式。

18 2. Koalas like to eat _______. (leaf)
3. Why not _____ (take) a taxi to go home? leaves 解析: 按常理“树袋熊要吃很多叶子”, 故用leaf的复数形式leaves。 take 解析: 固定句型Why not do sth?

19 4. The dolphins are very _______ to us.
They are our _______. (friend) friendly friends 解析: be friendly to sb. 对某人友好; 主语“the dolphins”为复数形式。

20 5. What other ________ (animal) ______ Tom
______ (like)? animals does like 解析: what other animals意思为“其他的 动物”; 主语Tom为单数形式。

21 Homework Make a survey and write an article.
1. What animals are very rare(稀少)? 2. Where do they live? 3. What can we do for them?

22 Thank You!

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