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Unit 12 What did you do last weekend? Section A. badminton beachlake camp.

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1 Unit 12 What did you do last weekend? Section A

2 badminton beachlake camp

3 butterfly butterflies sheep

4 visitor visitors mouse mice babies baby

5 A: What’s wrong with you? You look kind of ___ B: I ________last night. A: What _____you do? B: I __________late _________________________. tired stay up watch the soccer game did stayed up to watch the soccer game stayed up tired

6 feed some sheep feed some cows A: Did you ______________? B: No, I_________________. A: Where ____you go last Sunday? B: I_____________. fed some cows feed some sheep did went to a farm go to a farm

7 natural museum nature A: Where ____they ____on Saturday morning? B: They ______to a farm. A: ____they _____________on Sunday morning? B: No, they__________________________. didgo went go to the beachDid went to the natural museum

8 visite (one’s) grandma visite (one’s )aunt A: What ____Becky ___last Saturday morning? B: She_______ her grandma. A: ____she _____her aunt on Sunday afternoon ? B:___,________. A: Who ______her grandma? B: Becky______. diddo visited Did visit No she didn’t visited did

9 What …? 3a+5b=? A: Where ____she ____on Sunday morning? B: She _________home. A: Did she_______________________. B:____,________________________. study for the English test study for the math test didgo stayed at study for the English test Noshe studied for the math test

10 did (one’s) homework do sports A: What ____he _____last Saturday? B: He ___________on Saturday morning. A: Did he _______________ ? B: ____ , he_____. In the afternoon he_________________. diddo did sports do his homework Yesdid did his homework

11 play badminton A: What____ you ____last weekend? on Saturday morning go to the beach on Saturday afternoon go to the cinema at night B: On… I … I…on… diddo

12 camp by the lake go camping go boating do one’s homework on Sunday morning on Sunday afternoon at night 主语 +v + 时间. (-ed) 记录一天的活动

13 Match the activities with the pictures [a-f]. 1. did my homework __ 2. went to the cinema __ 3. went boating __ 4. camped by the lake __ 5. went to the beach __ 6. played badminton __ f a e b d c 1a

14 Sunday night Saturday afternoon Sunday afternoon Saturday morning Sunday morning Saturday night Listen and write the day, morning, afternoon or night below each picture. 1b

15 1. I visited my (aunt / grandma). 2. I did my (homework / sports). 3. I studied for the (English / math) test. 4. I went to a (farm / beach). 5. I fed some (sheep / cows). ________ _________ _______ Listen and underline the words you hear. _____ 2a

16 1. ___ I visited my grandma. 2. ___ I did my homework. 3. ___ I studied for the English test. 4. ___ I went to a farm. 5. ___ I fed some cows. B J J B C Listen again. Write C for Carol, J for Jack or B for Becky next to the statements in 2a. 2b

17 1.How was Lisa’s weekend? ______________________ 2. Where did Lisa work as a guide? _____________________________ Read the conversation and answer the questions. It was great. At the Natural History Museum. 2d 3. What did she do there? _____________________________ 4. Why is Paul tired now? _____________________________ She told the visitors about the butterflies and their living habits. Because he stayed up late to watch the soccer game.

18 Paul: Hi, Lisa. How was your weekend? Lisa: Great. Thanks. Paul: What did you do? Lisa: I worked as a guide at the Natural History Museum. Role-play the conversation. 2d Paul: Really? How interesting! Lisa: Yeah, it was fun. They have a butterfly house with over 200 kinds of butterflies! I told the visitors about them and their living habits. Did you have a good weekend? Paul: Yeah, it was good, but I’m kind of tired now. I stayed up late to watch the soccer game.

19 1. I worked as a guide at the Natural History Museum. 我在自然历史博物馆里做导游的工作。 “work as + 职业 ” 意为 “ 做某工作 ” 。 eg : 埃里克在那家俱乐部里做音乐老师的工作。 Eric ___________a music teacher in the club. 2. How interesting! 多么有趣啊! 感叹句结构: 1) How + 形容词或副词 + (主语 + 谓语)! 2) What +(a/an)+ adj.+ (主语 + 谓语)! ________interesting the book is! 那本书太有趣了! _______an interesting book it is! Language Points works as How What

20 3. I told the visitors about them and their living habits. 我把这些蝴蝶以及它们的生活习性告诉给参观者。 Eg: (1) He is an English___________. (2) I _________my aunt last weekend. visit +sb. 看望某人 visit +sp. 游览 / 参观某地 1) visit v.  visitor n. tell sb. sth. 告诉某人某事 =>tell sth. to sb. 把某事告诉某人 tell sb.(not) to do sth. 告诉某人(不要)做某事 2) tell v. tell sb. about sth. 告诉某人关于某事 4. Did you have a good weekend? 你周末过得愉快吗 ? have a good 周末过得愉快 have a good time 玩得高兴 have a good trip 旅途愉快 visitor visited

21 stay up 意为 “ 熬夜;深夜不眠 ” 。 不要熬夜,这对你的健康不好。 Don’t ________late. It’s bad for your health. 咱们别睡觉,迎接新年的到来吧。 Let’s __________to see the New Year. 5.I stayed up late to watch the soccer game. 为了看足球我熬到了深夜。 stay up

22 1. 上个周末你做什么了? ___________________________ 2. 我做了我的家庭作业。 __________________ 阅读 Grammar Focus 部分,完成下列句子。 I did my homework. What did you do last weekend? 3. 我们去划船了。 _______________ We went boating.

23 5. 是蓓基? _________ 6. 上个周末她去了哪里? ___________________________ Who visited her grandma? Where did she go last weekend? Becky did. 4. 谁去探望了她的奶奶? _______________________ 7. 她去了农场。 ____________________________ 8. 她和谁一起去的? ____________________________ 9. 她和她的同学们一起去的。 ____________________________ She went to the farm. Who did she go with? She went with her classmates.

24 1. I got up at nine yesterday morning. ______ ___ you get up yesterday morning? 2. We did our homework last night. _____ ____ you ___ last night? What did do When did 对下列句子中的划线部分提问。

25 3. They were in the supermarket last Sunday. _______ _____ they last Sunday? 4. My last weekend was kind of boring. _____ _____ your last weekend? 5. Linda took a walk with her parents after dinner. _____ ____ Linda take a walk with after dinner? How was Where were Who did

26 1.A: ______ did you do last weekend? B: I played badminton on Saturday. A: Sounds fun! _____ did you play with? B: I played with my father. He’s really good! What Who Fill in the blanks with who, what, where or how. 3a

27 2. A: _____ was your weekend? B: It was great! I had so much fun! A: _______ did you go? B: The weather was beautiful, so I went to the beach with my parents. How Where

28 3. A: ______ did Jim lose? B: He lost his keys. He often loses things. A: That’s too bad. ______ did he lose them? B: I heard it was yesterday. What When

29 A family of mice were in the kitchen on Saturday morning when they ____ a big cat. Baby Mouse _____ afraid and _______ onto his father’s back. were saw climbed Complete the passage with the correct forms of the words in the box. 3b say be climb see run away

30 Father Mouse shouted at the cat, “Woof, woof!” The cat quickly _________. “Wow, Dad, you’re good!” ____ Baby Mouse. “Well, son, that’s why it’s important to learn a second language, ” answered Father Mouse. said ran away

31 1. mouse 意为 “ 老鼠 ” ,复数形式为 “mice” 。 They saw two_____. 他们看到了两只老鼠。 mice 2. language 意为 “ 语言 ” ,是可数名词。 English, Chinese and French are three different ________. 英语、汉语、法语是三种不同的语言。 3. shout at 大声喊叫;后面要跟人或事物 Don’t _______the children. 不要朝孩子们大声喊叫。 languages shout at

32 — Hi, Li Lei. _____ ____ your weekend? — Not bad. I _____ ___ the farm, and ____ a big ______. How was saw sheep went to 看图补全对话。

33 — Really? Sounds ___________. — What did you do, Wu Lin? — Well. I _____ ________ with my friends in the afternoon. And I _______ ___ late to do my __________ last night. interesting went boating homework stayed up

34 A: How ____ your last weekend? B: It was great. was 1. Look at the pictures, and read the conversation then fill in the blanks.

35 A: _______ did you go? B: I went to the _____. A: _____ did you go _____? B: I went with my classmates. A: ______ did you do there? B: We _____ ________ and _____ some photos. Where Who with park What went boating took

36 1. 复习一般过去式的构成方式,并 总结其变化规律。 2. 回顾所学的周末 / 业余活动的词 组;并用它们来造几个句子。

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