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Warm-up 归心似箭 快马加鞭 大吵大闹 得意洋洋 巴结 Very anxious to return home Speed up Raise the roof Walk on the air Lick sb’ s boots.

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Presentation on theme: "Warm-up 归心似箭 快马加鞭 大吵大闹 得意洋洋 巴结 Very anxious to return home Speed up Raise the roof Walk on the air Lick sb’ s boots."— Presentation transcript:


2 Warm-up 归心似箭 快马加鞭 大吵大闹 得意洋洋 巴结 Very anxious to return home Speed up Raise the roof Walk on the air Lick sb’ s boots

3 everything but 除了... 其 余都.... Anything but 根本不, 决不 ; 除 … 以外任何事 绝对不 Nothing but 只有;只不 过 My dog does everything but speak. I will do anything but go there. Nothing counts but love

4 must & have to must 表示主观 “ 必 须 …… ,得 …… , 要 ……” We must help each other. 表示肯定的猜测,意 思为 “ 一定是, 必然 ……” Your sister must be a doctor in this hospital. have to 表示客观 “ 不得 不 ” My sister is ill, my mother has to look after her have to 的否定形式是 don’t have to, 相当于 needn’t

5 Revise & review n. 校订, 修正, 再校稿 v. 校订, 修正, 校正 校订 Revise (BrE ): to study facts again, in order to learn them before an exam. ( 考前 ) 温习,复习 n. 检讨, 复习, 回顾, 评审 v. 温习, 检讨, 评论 review ( AmE ): to look again at something you have studied, such as notes, reports, etc.. 复习、 温习(笔记,报告等)

6 Resume

7 Contents ﻓIntroduction ﻓMain parts of a resume ﻓTranslation of Identification Data ﻓPractice

8 Objectives Knowledge aims 1.Master the main parts of a resume; 2.Master the main expressions of a resume; 3.Master the translation skills in dealing with a resume. Ability aims 1.Be able to read & understand available resumes; 2.Be able to organize and translate a resume in pairs; 3.Be able to translate the available resume with proper translation skills.

9 Introduction Resume (Am.) summary 来自法语,多 用于申请企事业单位 的专业性工作和申请 白领职位等。 Curriculum vitae (Br.) —the course of one’s life 来自拉丁语,简称 C.V. 。 多用于申请研究所和 高等学府的研究生计 划、教授职位等。 A resume or a curriculum vitae (C.V) is a short written account of the main events of one’s life. How can we express “ 简历 ” in English?

10 When do you usually make and use a resume? Find a job Go further study

11 Project 1 Suppose you are a job-seeker who is urgent to find a job to support yourself. We Want You Position: Secretary Requirements: Chinese, the preferred ages are 20-28 yrs A stable personality and high sense of responsibility are desirable College degree or above Proficient in English and Mandarin Working experience in field of Human Resources is preferable Please send us your resume in both English and Chinese TEL: 023-666888 CONTACT : Miss Zhang Now you are 1.translating the two resumes for the HR manager 2.going to send them your resume. What elements must be considered in organizing a resume?

12 Main parts of a resume Identification Data Job Objectives Educational Background Employment History Special Skills Rewards & Certificates Personal Interests References

13 The style? What should you pay attention to when you translate a resume? New words & expressions Grammar rules?

14 Name Gender Date of birth Phone numbers Address Fax Email addressMarital status Nationality Health Condition Fixed & mobile Present & permanent Identification data

15 Examples Lee Kuan Yew Yao Chen The 1 st Prime Minister of Singapore 1959-1990

16 Name (C—E) C—E :姓 + 名 音译法 以该姓名所在国语言 的发音为准 单姓: Zhang Jiajia 复姓: Ouyang Hongli “ 贾平凹 ” ??? 名中字数≧ 2 其他音节 + a. e. o 开头的音节 音节界限混淆  连字符 & 分隔符  Jia Ping’ao

17 Name (E—C) E—C: 教名 + 自取名 + 姓 George Walker Bush  音译(根据我国普通话发音)  各成分间用小圆点间隔  乔治. 沃克. 布什 查阅工具书 采用我国出版物沿用已久的名字

18 Practice Write down your name with the proper translation method. Gender Sex Sexuality Boy & Girl? Man & Woman Male & Female

19 Date of birth 1994 年 3 月 3 日 3 rd March, 1990 3 March, 1990 March 3 rd, 1990 March 3,1990  英式:日月,年  美式:月日,年 月份: January , February , March , April , May , June , July , August , September , October , November , December 缩写: Jan., Feb., Mar., Apr., May, June, July, Aug., Sep., Oct., Nov., Dec.

20 Address 行政区划 + 街区名 + 楼 房号 国 + 省市 + 区 + 路 + 号 大 小 中文 英文

21 X室 X号 X单元 X号楼 X街 X路 X区 X县 X镇 X市 X省 ** 市 ** 市(县级市)? 1 st municipality, 2 nd city 行政区划名称≧ 2 字 专名:拼音; 通名:意译 Quzhou City 单字 专名 & 通名:音译 + 意 译通名 Zhouzhuang Village 以 i. a. o. e 开头的音节连在其他音节后面的时候: + 隔音符。 e.g. Xi’an

22 Practice Write down your present address. Present Address Quzhou College of Technology 18 Jiangyuan Road Quzhou, Zhejiang China Applied English, Class 13(1/2), School of Economics and Management, Quzhou College of Technology, Quzhou, Zhejiang Province. 英式:门牌号 美式: No. + 门牌号

23  Email address Avoid QQ email address (junk mail)  Nationality Chinese/ China/ Han  Health Condition Excellent/ Very good/ Strong  Marital status Married/ Single/ Divorced I am of Chinese nationality. Nationality: Chinese





28 Turn to your textbook Page 2, Section B, Part I.

29 Homework Group A-C: finish the left parts of Section B, Part 1; Group D-F: finish the left parts of Section B, Part 2;

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