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Welcome To Our Class! Unit 3 Autumn Festivals Lesson 11.

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2 Welcome To Our Class!

3 Unit 3 Autumn Festivals Lesson 11

4 young younger the youngest smallsmaller the smallest

5 Answer the questions: 1.Who is Mr Read? 2.Who is Kate? 3.Whose drawing is good? 4.Whose drawing is better? 5.Whose drawing is the best of all? (The man on the right.) (The girl on the left.) (David’s.) (Ann’s.) (Lucy’s.)

6 Compare 1. Mr Read is tall. Mr King is taller. Mr Green is the tallest of the three. 2. Jim is young. Lucy is younger than Jim. Kate is the youngest. 3. Whose drawing is good? Whose drawing is better? Whose drawing is the best of all?

7 Lily’s cake is big. Han Mei’s cake is ______ than Lily’s. Jim’s cake is the _______ of all. Li Lei’s box is heavy. Han Mei’s box is ______than Li Lei’s. Jim’s box is the _______ of all. Look at the pictures and fill in the blanks: bigger biggest heavierheaviest

8 highhigher the highest bigbigger the biggest shortshorter the shortest Compare the following pictures using the comparative and superlative forms:

9 fastfaster the fastest talltaller the tallest smallsmaller the smallest nicenicer the nicest

10 Thanksgiving Day 感恩节 每年十一月的第四个星期四是美国 的感恩节。 1620 年清教徒门乘坐的 “ 五月花 ” 号 轮船到达了现在的马萨诸塞州,他们 到这里是为了寻求宗教上的自由。他 们到达的第一个冬天是十分艰难的, 有一半人死于疾病、饥饿和严寒。是 当地的印第安人向他们伸出了援助之 手,印第安人手把手地教会他们种玉 米,打猎和钓鱼,使得他们得以在严 酷的环境中生存下来。第二年秋天, 他们的餐桌上有了丰盛的食物,他们 在宴会上表达了自己的感激之情。庆 祝感恩节的风俗由此传袭下来。

11 pumpkin big biggerthe biggest

12 What do people do on Thanksgiving Day? get together eat a big dinner

13 Thanksgiving dinner: turkey pumpkinpumpkin pie roast turkey

14 Listen and answer the questions: 1.Where are Lucy and Liu Fan? 2.What does Lucy want to buy? 3.What does she want to buy that for? 4.Which do they buy at last? They are at the store. She wants to buy a pumpkin. She wants to make a pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving dinner. The biggest and cheapest one.

15 Read and say: LUCY: I want to buy a pumpkin. LIU FAN: What do you want to buy that for? LUCY: To make a pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving dinner. LIU FAN: Look! The pumpkins are over there. What about this one? This one is cheap. LUCY: I think this one is bigger and cheaper than that one. LIU FAN: Look at that one.It’s the biggest and cheapest of all. LUCY: OK. Let’s take that one. ¥2.00¥ 1.85¥ 1.80

16 构成方法原级比较级最高级 一般在词尾加 -er 或 -est fast long tall cheap faster longer taller cheaper fastest longest tallest cheapest 以字母 e 结尾的形容词, 加 -r 或 -st nice safe late nicer safer later nicest safest latest 重读闭音节词只有一个 辅音字母时,应先双写 辅音字母,再加 -er 或 - est big hot thin bigger hotter thinner biggest hottest thinnest 以辅音字母 +y 结尾的双 音节词,先改 “y” 为 “i”, 再加 -er 或 -est easy happy heavy easier happier heavier easiest happiest heaviest 形容词的比较级 (Comparative) 和最高级 (Superlative) 不规则变法 goodbetterbest

17 1.Sam: My god!My old ____ are ____ than before. A.cloth… short B.clothes…shorter Multiple choice: 2.Tom’s box is ____than his mother’s. A. heavyier B.heavier 3.His father’s box is _____ of all. A. the heaviest B. heaviest

18 ( ) 1. My mother is _______ in our family. A.busiest B.the busiest C.busier D.busy ( ) 2. This apple is _______ of all. A.redder B.the redest C.the reddest D.reddest ( ) 3.Which pen is _______, this one or that one? A.dear B.dearest C.the dearest D. dearer ( ) 4. Kate is _______ than all the other girls. She is _______ of all. A.taller, tallest B. taller, the tallest C. the tallest, tallest D. tallest, the tallest ( ) 5. _______ of the two men is my uncle. A. The older B. Old C. The oldest D. Oldest ( ) 6. Do you know _______ of the three? A. the youngest B.youngest C. the younger D. younger Multiple Choice: B C D B A A

19 1. 格林先生是这四个人当中最高最胖的。 Mr Green is _______ _______ and _______ one _______ the four. 2. 小香蕉往往比大香蕉好。 Small bananas are often _______ _______ big ones. 3. 我的铅笔比你的短。 My pencil is ______ ______ yours. 4. 在中国,哪一条河流最长? Which river is _______ _______ in China? 5. 他的观点比我的新。 His idea is _______ than _______. Fill in the blanks: thetallestfattest of betterthan shorterthan thelongest newermine

20 Writing Write a short passage about your roommates in your dormitory by using the comparative and superlative forms of adjectives.

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